Gravity Defied Classic APK
Gravity Defied Classic"Gravity Defied Classic"- the iconic race is now on Android devices, the developer Alischek put his hand to porting. This is one of those games that needs no introduction. But still, we present to your attention the most wonderful arcade game that did not give and does not rest to this day Probably many immediately remembered how fingers and numbers were erased in their blood on their (still push-button) phones sometimes confiscated by teachers when they were playing lessons. This game is considered to be one of the most popular applications of the time. Now everyone has the opportunity to install this immortal masterpiece on their brand new smartphone or tablet and try not to break it after half an hour of gameplay.

This is not the first port of the famous race, but specifically this application "Gravity Defied Classic", differs in that it, as the name implies, is absolutely classic. In other words, it has not undergone any changes or absolutely ad-libbing of anything. The developers even recreated the atmosphere of the game on push-button phones by placing virtual buttons at the bottom of the screen. consisting of simple drawn lines creating a winding road that we need to overcome. Difficult areas and the lack of conservation, besides checkpoints, probably attracted players. Everyone wanted to go as far as possible and to stand in front of others.

The game attracted and terribly infuriated at the same time, but every time we came back and tried again and again. Will you risk to try your hand again on the passage of this game? Be careful, there is a big risk of losing a couple of three hundred hours and nerve cells. On our site you can download "Gravity Defied Classic"on Android OS completely free.

Version APK: 1.1.1
File Size: 1.44Mb
Developer: ALISCHEK
Android Version: 2.3 and higher
Type of License: Free

Download Gravity Defied Classic (1.1.1) .APK Free

Gravity Defied Classic Download for Free APK File (1,44 Mb)

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