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Chinese Outlandish for the Province: a review of the Great Wave Hover with a run
Great Wave Hover, in general, choose motorists from the outback, where the patency of the car plays a significant role. And this is not just the choice of a car for entertainment on weekends, but an urgent need, since the quality of roads leaves much to be desired. If the budget is limited, then the choice among off-road vehicles of foreign production is not older than five years, is not so great. And in this component, the Hover is perhaps the most interesting option, but here are the disadvantages of this inexpensive SUV, now we will try to find out.

A bit of history:
Great Wave Hover copied from a Japanese SUV Isuzu Axiom, which was not widely spread in the CIS countries. Production of "Hover H3"Began in 2005, the car almost immediately became popular due to its modern design, good dynamic performance, as well as an affordable price. Since 2006, Great Wave Hover began to collect in Russia. It is worth noting that Hover is the first Chinese SUV with all EU certificates. Four years later, from the beginning of production of the car, restyling was carried out, and in 2010 the debut of the new generation Great Wave Hover took place. In 2011, the car received the designation H5.

Great Wave Hover
Paintwork is very thin and for a couple of years it appears a lot of scratches and chips. Body iron does not like reagents, which we sprinkle in winter roads. Under their influence, the machine is quickly covered with rust, so anti-corrosion treatment will not be superfluous. The chips that appear should be immediately treated with a rust converter and painted over. When inspecting the body of the car for corrosion, pay special attention to the trunk lid (under the license plate), the wheel arches, the edges of the doors, the elements around the headlights, and should be looked under the door trim.
During the operation, body parts were revealed, which have a number of disadvantages:
  1. During the freezing process on many machines, the wiper drive breaks down to avoid wreckage, do not use the windshield wipers until the machine warms up.
  2. In rainy weather, water enters the lock of the fuel tank cover, it starts to rust under the influence of moisture, and eventually ceases to work, the water repellent liquid WD-40 will cope with the problem.
  3. The boot lid sealant eventually begins to flow through the water to prevent lubrication of the seal with silicone.
The overwhelming majority of Hoverers in the secondary market are cars with petrol power units 2.4 (130 hp), a little less frequently there are cars with diesel engines 2.0 (150 hp) and 2.8 (95 hp), but cars with a gasoline engine 2.0 (122 hp) - a great rarity. Both gas engines Great Wave Hover are licensed copies of power units developed by the Japanese company "Mitsubisi"(Installed on the" Pajero "and" Outlander "). Motor 2.4 is equipped with a timing belt drive to avoid belt rupture and damage to the valves, change the belt every 60,000 km. Hoverov assembled in Russia, very often meets the factory marriage - loose bolts cylinder head, and if you do not pay attention to it in time, you will need to replace the cylinder head gasket. Also, early enough (up to 70,000 km) can break down - pump, idler, crankshaft sensors and lambda probes. These problems arise when the AI-92 gasoline is misused and used. Diesel engines are very reliable, and in order for them to work like an hour, it is enough to change the oil and fuel filter every 8000 km. Candles of incandescence have a resource of 70000 km, injectors 100-120 thousand km. If the mileage is 90-110 thousand km, the oil consumption increases, pay attention to the gasket of the intake manifold. The Great Hover kit is equipped with a five-speed manual gearbox and automatic (only for H5 and diesel engines). Unfortunately, mechanics can not be called an absolutely reliable unit. Most often, the owners are called performance: noisy transmission and fuzzy gear changes. Also, there are comments and to its reliability, on the run of 70-90 thousand km, the bearings of the shafts begin to crumble. And if you have to repair the box, then most likely, you will need to change the bearings of the primary, secondary and intermediate shafts, such repairs will cost 300-500 USD. Also, before buying a Hover with a mileage of more than 70,000 km, check the shaft seals. The clutch of this car lives a long time, under normal operation it will serve 100-120 thousand km (replacement cost in the service will cost 60-100 cu). Machines with an automatic gearbox are quite small, and to date, there have been no special shortcomings and breakages.

Great Wave Hover
The quality of finishing materials is budgetary, as a result: the leather braiding of the steering wheel and the upholstery of seats lose their presentation to 50-60 thousand km. Crickets - not a rare phenomenon in the cabin of the Great Wave Hover, which are amplified in the cold season. Especially often creak upholstery doors, as well as fastening the rear seat backs. It was pleasantly surprising quality of sounding of regular acoustics, in this component Hover wins even at more expensive competitors. Also, there are no complaints about the reliability of the electronic equipment of the car. Special comfort is the Great Wave Hover never was famous, but for patency and unpretentiousness, this car is very close to real SUVs. Passage is at a very high level - low-boosted engines, a strong running gear, a plug-in front axle, and most importantly - a downshift allows you to safely drive into heavy off-road.

With a run of 70,000 km, many owners recommend doing a broach for the entire suspension.
The first repair of the suspension will be needed closer to 60,000 km of run, on this run, replacement of shock absorbers, bearing bearings, ball bearings and silent blocks of levers will be required. Stands and bushings of the stabilizer, hub bearings, tips of steering rods are sufficiently hardy and capable of serving up to 100,000 km. Silentblok rear suspension, on average, nursing a little more than 80,000 km (to replace them will have to remove the fuel tank). The front brake pads run 20000 km, the rear ones - 40000 km, (when replacing, always lubricate the support, otherwise they will start jamming). The steering rack breaks extremely rarely, but the power steering pump has received quite a lot of criticism, since it has to be changed every 100,000 km (the replacement costs 150 cu). Some craftsmen, in order to save money, only change the bearing, which costs only $ 10.
Great Wave Hover
Owners Hover pleases with reliability, pleasant design, well-designed design, decent roadability (which can not boast more expensive crossovers) and affordable price for maintenance and repair. For Great Wave Hover in the secondary market ask from 7000 USD, you see, it's not so much for a reliable and unpretentious SUV.
  • Good equipment.
  • Affordable prices for maintenance and repair.
  • Passage.
  • Appearance of the car.

  • Paintwork.
  • Resistance of the metal to corrosion.
  • Engine power.
  • Unreliable transmission.

After our review, you know about the problems with Great Wave Hover
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