Gumball Racing APK
Gumball racingStudio GlobalFun Games decided to slightly diversify the racing genre, so she released the project "Gumball racing"Designed for Android OS. This mobile game is unique, because the developers did not use classic cars, but toy.

By running "Gumball racing", Before the user appears the choice of modes (there are 5 of them). Each of them has its own peculiarities, nuances, which you will have to get used to. The first is classic. In it, you will drive your own car and try to arrive at the finishing tape first. There are several rivals who will impose decent competition. The second mode is Tournament. In it, the user is waiting for a series of races. Only constantly taking prizes, you can reach the final stage and win the main cup. The third section is called - Trial. It is great for beginners in this genre. Turning to the test drive, you can quickly get used to the management, and mechanics. The fourth mode is 1 to 1. In it, you have the opportunity to try your hand at competing against another player. The last mode is the arena. He borrowed a little from another genre. Turning to the presented section of the menu, the user is in the real arena. The main goal is to destroy other cars and remain the only survivor. For winning in all the modes presented, the user receives the money needed to purchase new vehicles..

Developers used children's cartoon style. You will control not real, but toy cars, and the main characters are characters from various animated series. Therefore, this project is more suitable for a children's audience. Management is based on two arrows. Graphics can not be called quality, because the detailing is not done at the highest level. But the overall picture was very bright, saturated. There are many visual effects. Install a free racing game "Gumball racing"For Android OS, control toy cars, try all five modes.

Version APK: 1.0.11
File Size: 75.09Mb
Android Version: 4.0 and higher
Type of License: Free

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