Heavy Truck Simulator APK
Heavy Truck Simulator"Heavy Truck Simulator"- one of the best prototypes of the beloved project" Truckers "for the android platform, which is not inferior to the original either in the number of gaming opportunities or in graphic design, which in our case turned out to be high.

Since this free project from Dynamic Games Entretenimento Ltda, is a derivative of the computer game Truckers, this in itself tells us that the storyline in it is built on the creation of its own company, tied to freight. That is, your task in the game "Heavy Truck Simulator»Will consist in starting a career path with a simple, ordinary trucker, to make start-up capital on the basis of their own business. Well, then how will.

After you start this project, you will be offered to choose one of the many trucks presented to you, after which you will place it on the game card exactly next to the transshipment base, where you will need to find the order that suits you. By the way, about orders, before you subscribe for anything, first carefully think about whether you have enough money to complete it (for gasoline, for possible fines, for repairing a truck, and so on). In addition, do not forget that the game map in this project is of enormous size, which means that in order to get from one extreme point of the map to another, it can take you more than three hours, and this is at best if you will exceed the speed, and violate all the rules of the road.

Positive moments of the game:
1. Incredibly huge in its scope gaming world, comparable to the size of a small European state (the number of cities exceeds two dozen);
2. Super-realistic graphics with excellent animation of the environment, traffic, and the trucks themselves (at least 15 pieces);
3. The ability to not only change the camera view (currently there are more than seven of them), but also to customize each of them;
4. Ergonomic control with a lot of fine-tuning (accelerometer, on-screen steering wheel with buttons, or cursors);
5. Completely adequate file sizes for installation, and cache to be placed in the memory of the smartphone..

As you can see, the android game "Heavy Truck Simulator"There is not a single minus, there are only some pluses, which means that if you are a fan of" Truckers ", then you will not be able to pass by this project.

Version APK: 1.971
File Size: 26.27Mb
Android Version: 2.3 and higher
Type of License: Free

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