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Underestimated Korean: disadvantages Henday Matrix with a run
Henday Matrix - convenient and compact city car for the whole family. Family minivans, at present, are very popular, as many car enthusiasts begin to appreciate the spaciousness and practicality of this type of car. When creating Matrix, in the company Hyundai, first of all, tried to create a reliable car, which will be nice, convenient and comfortable. But what happened as a result, and what shortcomings were revealed during the operation, now and try to figure it out.

A bit of history:
The car debut took place in Asia in 2000, and in 2001 a presentation was held in Europe. For the Asian and European markets, cars were distinguished by the name (in Asia it is sold under the name "Lavita") and modifications. The body design was developed by the famous Italian design studio "Pininfarina ". At creation of a body of the given model of the car developers, first of all, attention was paid to creation of comfortable conditions not only to the driver, but also to passengers. Thanks to this, the interior turned out to be quite roomy, despite the fact that the car has compact dimensions. Henday Matrix twice it was subjected to modernization. The first restyling was carried out in 2005, as a result, slightly changed the grille and front optics, and in the range of power units a new diesel engine appeared. AT 2008 light facelift was carried out.

Henday Matrix
Paints and anticorrosion coating of a body of low quality, as a result after 4-5 years of operation, the car body starts to become covered with rust. Most often, corrosion affects the thresholds, wheel arches, rear wings and edges of body elements. Hyundai Matrix is ​​equipped with the following power units: petrol - 1.6 (103 hp) and 1.8 (122 hp); diesel - 1.5 (82 hp, after restyling in 2005, the power increased to 102 hp). As the domestic operating experience has shown, on the whole all engines are reliable enough, but nevertheless, some shortcomings in them have been revealed. The main problem with gasoline engines is a difficult start. Looking ahead, it is worth noting that spark plugs and throttle are rarely to blame for this behavior of the car. In most cases, the fuel filter needs to be replaced. Due to problems with the fuel filter, the following symptoms may appear: after start-up, the engine does not operate for more than one minute, after which it may die or work with severe vibrations, and the motor does not respond to the depressing of the gas pedal. The complexity of this problem is that it can not be detected using computer diagnostics.On vehicles with a run of more than 100,000 km, it is often necessary to deform the valve coverpart replacement required), Due to the fact that the car is not very common in the CIS, the new original valve cover is very expensive, so many owners buy it from other, more common, Hyundai models. Not famous for its great resource and the engine cooling radiator (lines of service does not exceed 5 years), and, if in your region the road is abundantly sprinkled with reagents, the radiator can flow in a couple of years. Despite the large volume of engines, fuel consumption is unpleasantly surprising (in the city cycle, on average, the car spends 11-14 liters of gasoline per hundred). One of the features of all motors is the fact that they are warmed up for a long time, and not only in winter. The diesel engines are also reliable enough and have fewer drawbacks than gasoline versions, but are very sensitive to the quality of diesel fuel and lubricants. If refueled low-quality diesel fuel, in due course repair of system of injection is required. In the pre-style version the motor was equipped with a belt drive Timing (replacement is required every 60,000 km), after, the manufacturer made a refinement of the power unit and installed a more durable metal chain (its resource is 200,000 km). Periodically diesel engines need to clean the throttle and the valve EGR.Henday Matrix is equipped with a five-speed mechanics and a four-speed automatic transmission. Automatic transmission though not the most modern, but reliable enough. But mechanics can present a lot of unpleasant surprises. After 100,000 km of run, it can begin to beat the transmissions and, in due course, start to turn on badly. To eliminate the lack of adjustment and lubrication of the mechanism and the gearshift drive. In addition, during the movement from the box, a strong enough rumble constantly comes. On most instances, the rear gear is switched on with a certain crunch, this is due to the fact that it is not equipped with synchronizers, and with the increase in mileage it can even turn on at once. Very often the simple oil change in the box helps to solve the problem. Also, many owners note the fact that in severe frost the clutch ceases to work. To eliminate the drawback, it is necessary to pump the entire system out of the air.
Henday Matrix is equipped with independent suspension of both axles, due to this the car has a good level of comfort, but it negatively affects the handling. Suspension on the Matrix, like on many other Korean machines, has the property of knocking, especially with the onset of cold weather. The source of extraneous sounds can be any small details of the running (shock absorbers, silent blocks, etc.). Despite the multiple design, the suspension is easy to maintain, which has a positive effect on the cost of repair work. If we talk about the reliability of running, then we can safely say that it does not have a great resource. Traditionally for most cars of this class, the struts and bush of the stabilizer live no more than 30000 km. Original shock absorbers, with active operation, start to flow after 30-40 thousand km, therefore, many owners establish quality analogues, after which, shock absorbers are nursed 60-80 thousand km. Hub bearings are out of order quite early, by 35-40 thousand km. Slightly longer go silentblocks, supporting bearings and steering tips 50-60 thousand km. The brake system has a number of drawbacks: quick wear of pads and knocking of calipers, cases and failure of brakes are frequent (the reason is not revealed), Also, there is a complaint and the correctness of the operation of the systems Abs. When choosing a car, carefully check the steering rack, as it is not very reliable (drips and knocking), and its replacement is not cheap. Also, you need to constantly monitor the condition of the hydraulic hose, over time, it will crack, which can result in fluid leakage GUR and failure of the pump. Salon Henday Matrix does not possess any delights and is made of cheap materials. The torpedo is made of hard plastic and over the years increasingly bumps and crashes the driver and passengers. Do not count on a high level of noise insulation. The only thing that can be praised for developers Henday Matrix, so this is for a large number of convenient niches and pockets for small things. There are also claims to the reliability of electrical equipment. On some copies, there are malfunctions in the operation of the air conditioner, immobilizer, window regulators and rear wiper.
Henday Matrix
At first glance, it may seem that Henday Matrix has more flaws than merits, in fact it is not, and most problems arise as a result of careless operation of the car and untimely maintenance. Therefore, if the budget for car purchase is limited, then this car will be a good option.
  • Low cost in the secondary market.
  • Spacious salon.
  • Original design.

  • Body's tendency to corrosion.
  • Poor quality of finishing materials.
  • A small resource of suspension parts.

Photo by: Makhmutov Rustam
After our review, you know about the problems with Henday Matrix
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