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Why it's all praised: the disadvantages of Honda Accord 8 with a run
Honda Accord 8 - The car is not only with a sporty appearance, but also a character, which is why many motorists often call it a Japanese BMW. Aggressive appearance, accentuated sports interior, excellent driving characteristics - all this gives the feeling that you are driving an expensive and respectable car. Honda cars are famous not only for beauty, but also for time-proven reliability, but what about the Accord's eighth generation of things today, and try to find out.

A bit of history:  
Honda Accord has a rich history, but in the CIS the car got only in the early 90's. At that time, the most popular among Honda cars was the crossover CR-V, which did not cause any association with the Honda brand. Really popular in the CIS, this brand became in the early 2000s, thanks to updated models Chord and Civic. The history of our hero began in the twentieth century, the first Honda Accord came off the assembly line in 1976, and was introduced only in the hatchback body. The start of sales of the second generation fell on the middle of 1982, and it was the first Japanese car that was going to the USA. Three years later, the third generation Honda Accord appeared on the market, and already in 1989 the fourth generation of the car, which was produced until 1993, was released. On this model, for the first time for a front-wheel drive car, a two-link suspension was used, as well as the well-known 4WS rear wheel steering system.
The fifth generation was produced from 1993 to 1998, despite this, in 1997, the sixth-generation Accord appeared on the market. In 2002, the debut of the seventh generation of Honda Accord took place. Due to the fact that the car combined not only sporting features, but also the practicality of a family sedan, the seventh generation caused an unprecedented stir. Honda Accord eighth generation was introduced in 2008. Since this version, all models have been equipped with electric power steering (before - only models for the Japanese market). The ninth generation of the car was introduced in 2012 at the Detroit auto show and is being manufactured to this day.

Honda Accord 8
After the appearance of the seventh generation of Honda Accord, only the lazy did not talk about problems with the corrosion resistance of the metal and the quality of the paintwork. In the development of the eighth generation, the manufacturer has eliminated all the miscalculations, as a result, the quality of the body does not cause any complaints, and problems that are called typical, can be listed on the fingers. The most common are: the fragility of fog lamps, fog lights, a weak windshield. Honda Accord 8 is completed with petrol and diesel power units - petrol 2.0 (156 hp), 2.4 (201 hp); diesel 2.2 (150 hp). As the domestic experience of operation has shown, all motors are reliable and have a sufficiently large service life, but there were some minor shortcomings. The timing gear is equipped with a metal chain, which has a small service life - up to 170,000 km, and if the owner did not have time to replace it in time, the chain slipped, and this led to a fatal meeting of pistons with valves. After 150000 km of run, the engines have an increased oil consumption (up to 500 grams per hundred), especially when driving at higher speeds (oil sump caps need to be replaced). It is necessary to monitor the oil level, as in the case of engine oil starvation its resource will decrease several times.After 100,000 km, most of the cars have a leak of oil through the crankshaft oil seals. Many owners of the forums discuss the quick failure of the VTS coupler (up to 100 thousand km), which is responsible for the phases of the gas distribution. The first signs of its malfunction will be: unstable operation of the engine and crashing when starting the power unit. In most cases, this defect has been eliminated under warranty. For many owners of Accord with the motor 2.4 consumption of 25 liters per hundred became a real shock. The true reason for the sharp increase in fuel consumption is not known, but a method has been found to eliminate this drawback - it is necessary to detach the terminals from the battery for a few minutes. There is a claim for the battery - because of its small capacity, during the cold season it often fails to start the car engine . All motors are sensitive to oil quality, therefore, to avoid possible problems, try to use only the recommended lubricants. A set of iridium candles, on average, is sufficient for 45,000 km, on the same run, it is recommended to adjust the gaps in the valves. If fuel in your region is not of perfect quality, then the injector will have to be washed every 60,000 km. Closer to 200,000 km, replacement of the starter relay is required. Also, in order to avoid overheating of the engine, many owners recommend once a year to clean the radiator, especially for cars that are operated in the metropolis. Diesel engines for our market are very rare, so there is practically no statistics about their reliability.
Honda Accord 8

Honda Accord 8 is equipped with two types of gearboxes - five- and six-speed mechanics and automatic transmission with the same number of gears. There is no claim to reliability of mechanics, the only thing that can cause inconvenience is a plastic sleeve on the axis of rotation of the clutch (symptoms: rumbling at speed and knocking when the clutch pedal is pressed). The clutch here lives for a long time - 120-150 thousand km. Automatic transmission of reliability is not much less than mechanics, the only thing that the owners complain about is the jolts and hum when switching from 2nd to 3rd gear and starting from the place (the reason is the play of the bearing seat of the input shaft in the cover of the box) . If the car has such a defect, then it's worth to call in for the service, of course, but as a rule this sore does not progress, and before the repair of the box it does not come. The Honda Accord is made of medium-quality materials, as a result, crickets in the cabin appear on the second year of operation of the car. To eliminate the distracting sounds, many owners tighten the bolts of the interior elements, and also handle the plastic joints with a special penetrating lubricant. With regard to the reliability of electrical equipment, then closer to 100,000 km, the engine of the stove starts to hum, and the driver's seat heating system is out of order, occasionally the front parking sensors are buggy. Fans of loud music after 3 years of operation require replacement of the regular speakers of the audio system.   
Honda Accord 8Due to the complicated design of the suspension - the two-link front and the multi-link rear, the Honda Accord has excellent comfort and excellent driving qualities. The same design of the suspension is equipped and German cars, but in contrast to the Germans, which on average the running resource does not exceed 100,000 km, the Japanese made the suspension phenomenally tenacious. If you do not count inexpensive bushings and pillars of stabilizers (an average of 30,000 km run), then the suspension will need to be repaired after 120-150 thousand km, neat drivers can run without repair and 200,000 km. If the machine is constantly overloaded, it will lead to rapid wear of the levers and the subsidence of the rear springs, which in turn causes rapid wear of the rubber from the inside. If, during acceleration, you feel alien vibrations, most likely, you need to replace the internal SHRUS (its resource is up to 120,000 km). The steering rack, unfortunately, can not boast the same reliability as the suspension, the "knocking rack syndrome" appears early enough, after 50,000 km. And the problem here is not only in the development of the bushing, but because of the corrosion of the shaft and backlash in meshing. The new rake is not cheap, about 2000 USD, but it will not last more than 70000 km, repair costs 300-500 USD, depending on the chosen service. The restored rake is able to pass up to 40,000 km, so it's up to you to change or repair. At run more than 100000 km there can be a knock at a steering column at turn of a wheel, at the reference in service, dealers change all knot in gathering. Unpleasant episodes with a bite of a rudder meet seldom and carry floating character. To avoid souring the calipers of brake pads, they must be lubricated at each maintenance.  
Honda Accord 8
Despite the fact that the Honda Accord 8 has certain problems with the engines and automatic transmission, and frequent failure of the steering rack very much beats on the pocket, the owners form ode about the reliability of the car. Most of the problems are unimportant, and for their elimination, no significant capital investment is required.
  • Attractive interior and exterior.
  • Reliable and comfortable running.
  • Corrosion resistance of the body.

  • Unreliable steering rack.
  • High fuel consumption (12-15 liters).
  • Noisy salon.
  • Quick wear of seat upholstery.

After our review, you know about the problems with Honda Accord 8
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