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Review of Honda Civic 5d with a run
When the eighth generation appeared Honda Civic, he was compared to a spaceship from films about starry warriors, and everything, because the car with its futuristic design and exterior resembles a spacecraft from the future roads. Interesting, what surprises can present such a space vehicle, behind the stern of which is not one ten thousand kilometers of run, and how the bright appearance affects reliability, let's try to figure it out.
Honda Civic
As the domestic experience of exploitation has shown, in principle there are no special remarks to the corrosion resistance of the car, but if in winter, when the roads are abundantly sprinkled with reagents, it is bad to take care of the body (it is rare to wash), then it will bloom after two three winters. Also there are remarks to the state of the body parts, in particular wheel arches of the car are covered with decorative plastic overlays, because of their small ride height, their owners are often torn off, while the lashing eyes break off. The electronic unit of the folding mechanism of the exterior mirrors is not very reliable, at the most inopportune moment the mirror can remain in the folded state.
Honda Civic
Most cars on the secondary market are equipped with a 1.8-liter gasoline engine, there are less frequent two-liter engines and a 2.2-liter diesel engine, and this model also has a 1.3-liter hybrid version. As domestic experience of operation has shown, engines do not have special problems, one of the few problems that occurs on all types of engines is the breakdown of the tension bolt mounting bolt, the attachment belt, the belt buckles as a result of the breakage of this bolt, and wipes the engine cover. 100 000 kilometers begins to pass oil valve cover, and the engine cushion is damaged, on the run of 150000 km, you need to change the camshaft seal, as well as the front and rear crankshaft oil seals. Honda Civic engines are quite demanding in maintenance, every 45 thousand km of run it is necessary to regulate the thermal gaps of valves, if the previous owner did not do it, then you can get to expensive repairs. At the same time, and the spark plugs, it is worth noting that in the engine DSI installed two candles per cylinder, and this replacement will not cost cheap. Due to the high heat load of the motor it is recommended to wash the radiator every 50 to 70 thousand km. There is a wide choice of gearboxes, five and six speed mechanics, a six-stage robot, a variator and a five-speed automatic transmission. The most reliable ones have proven themselves to be mechanical gearboxes, they nursed up to 400 kilometers without causing trouble to their owners, also the automatic transmission works well. Most of all the criticism received an automaton, cars with such a transmission are bought by those who want to arrange a fun life and unforgettable negative emotions about the car. On this type of transmission, the clutch lives no more than 70,000 kilometers, and the mechatronic is up to 100,000 kilometers.
The most common shortcomings of the robot:
  1. It is not sharpened for sporty driving (slow shifting, poor responsiveness when you press the gas pedal).
  2. Often electronics do not recognize neutral transmission, because of this the car does not start.
  3. Often there is overheating of the clutch, as a result of errors, the transmission does not behave correctly, the machine starts to twitch.

The repair of the robotic transmission will cost a decent amount, so it's better to choose the mechanics and the automatic. Thanks to the special settings and low-profile rubber, the Honda Civic suspension is quite stiff, because of this, when entering the pit, many owners do not often bend pillows of the front pillars, supporting cups, shock absorbers.
Consumers of the suspension have not a great resource of robots:
  • The tips of the steering rods are 60 - 70 thousand km.
  • The steering rack is up to 70 thousand km.
  • Support bearings are 40 thousand kilometers, many owners dismantle and lubricate them, thereby increasing their resource to 120,000 kilometers.
  • Stabilizer bushings up to 60,000 kilometers.
  • Stabilizer legs are 80000 km.
  • Front levers with silentblocks 100 - 120 thousand km.
  • Shock absorbers 150 - 200 thousand km.
Despite the fact that the rear suspension is quite simple, the rigidity settings affect its durability, on average on our roads the security blocks of the beams will serve 120-150 thousand kilometers.

Honda Civic
Salon Honda Civic little like a standard car, getting behind the wheel feel like in a plane. At the same time everything looks modern and stylish, there are also no mistakes in ergonomics, even the double console is made as informative for the driver as possible, all the necessary information is displayed on the top, and the technical parameters (tachometer, fuel level, engine temperature) are displayed on the main display. The car seats have a very comfortable fit. The car is well equipped with electronic salon equipment starting with the basic equipment, which very rarely worries the owners of this brand of cars. But with the acoustic comfort, not everything is as good as it would be desirable, noise insulation in the car we can say that no, at the speed of extraneous sounds from the street will constantly bother, and after three thousand turns significantly worsens the acoustic comfort of the sound of the motor, in addition to external noise is added and creaking hard plastic torpedo.Pri purchase Honda Civic with a run necessarily visit the service and check that the valve cover and the glands are not leaking. Also check the error codes especially on the robotic transmission. In the suspension, pay attention to the rail, it should not have any backlashes and support bearings, when turning the rudder there should not be the slightest squeak or crunch. When buying a Honda Civic with a hybrid motor, pay special attention to how the battery discharges, it should discharge smoothly one step at a time, if this does not happen and the charge goes off two or three times at once, this indicates a battery malfunction, which means there is reason to bargain. On the battery, the manufacturer gives a guarantee of 10 years or 500 thousand km. If there is a problem with the battery, you should know that its full replacement is not required, since it can be changed in parts (replacement of faulty battery sections is performed), which significantly reduces the repair cost.
  • Bright design and exterior.
  • Good controllability, does not heel in turns, and holds well the specified trajectory.
  • Reliable and tiring engines.
  • Great service life of mechanical transmission and automatic transmission.

  • Robotic transmission (often not honest sellers give it out for automatic transmission).
  • Rigid suspension.
  • Poor sound insulation.
If you are or have owned this car brand, please share your experience, indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the car. Perhaps your feedback will help others to choose the right one choose used car.
After our review, you know about the problems with Honda Civic
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