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Hyundai i30
The car about which I want to tell you was one of the first among the models of the Hyundai campaign, from which the cardinal improvements of this brand began, with the advent of this model, the finesse and recognizable Korean design remained in the past, in addition the car turned out to be quite reliable. Hyundai i30 is chosen by practical motorists, as this car is not intended to impress with its dynamism or its design. Its task is to be comfortable and reliable, but does this car cope with its tasks? Let's talk about this.
Hyundai i30
Hyundai i30 is available in two types of body hatchback and station wagon. This model has not bad passive safety, it has five stars according to the results of the crash test Euro NCAP. As experience has shown, in principle, there are no significant problems with the corrosion resistance of the car body, but there are still a couple of weak points. When choosing a used Hyundai i30, you should carefully inspect the trunk lid, and rust under the glass and around the brake light is not uncommon. It should be noted that the paint and varnish coating of the car is very weak, so the chips quickly appear on it.
Hyundai i30

Hyundai i30 has a wide range of engines, three petrol and the same diesel.
  • Gasoline engines: 1.4 (105hp), 1.6 (115 hp or 126 hp).
  • Diesel: 1.6 (90 hp or 115 hp), 2.0 (140 hp).
Engines are considered the strongest side of this car, if properly operated and maintained, they are capable of passing hundreds of thousands of kilometers without causing any trouble. The only nuance in comparison with cars of this class, such that the petrol versions have an increased fuel consumption in the average 9-11 liters per hundred. Still, owners often complain about a problematic engine start in the cold season. Specialists of the company's service station does not recommend installing HBO for gasoline engines, since working on gas significantly reduces the life of the engine. The most interesting is a diesel engine with a capacity of 2 liters, thanks to a high torque of 304 Hm, it outperforms even the most powerful gasoline version, 0 to 100 in 10.3 seconds, while the ego consumption in the urban cycle does not exceed seven liters per hundred, plus diesel engines are well tolerated by the quality of our solar oil. Automatic and manual gearboxes, as well as Ak and power units are rarely presented with unpleasant surprises to their owners. The only thing that can disturb this grip of the mechanical transmission (weakening the petals of the basket), the problem manifests itself as a characteristic metallic squeak when driving with a load on the rear gear. Automatic is quite difficult to call a modern transmission, since it has only four gears, but mechanics can be five or six speeds. Both boxes have their operational shortcomings, which do not affect reliability in any way, for example, in mechanics there are not enough clear switching, and the automatic transmission is too slow. Hyundai i30 has a fairly common problem with the brake system, in particular, the separation of the inner part of the brake pipes going from the main brake cylinder to the ABS block. This problem significantly worsens the car's rolling, which is noticeable when driving from a hill.
Hyundai i30 is equipped with front MacPherson and multi-link rear suspension. In general, the suspension i30 is harsh and sufficiently detailed to transmit the defects of the road surface, but it does not provide a poor stability of the car. As the experience of operation has shown, the rear suspension most of all delivers the problems, most often it will be necessary to change the floating salyblocks of the rear wishbones, their lifespan does not exceed 50 thousand kilometers, and also the thrust rods every 60 thousand km, and also with 40 thousand km of run can begin knocking the rear shock absorbers, the rest of the consumables are nursing more than 150,000 km. The front suspension was a bit sturdier, the stabilizer posts are 40 thousand km, the stabilizer bush is 60-80 thousand km, the silent blocks are 100,000 km, the ball bearings are 120 thousand km. The electric power steering is considered to be the weak spot on the cars of the first years of production, , it is also possible that the rudder angle sensor is malfunctioning. On later versions, the manufacturer has eliminated these drawbacks. As with most budget cars in Hyundai i30, not expensive finishing materials are used to trim the interior, which eventually start to rattle and creak. At a run of more than 150,000 kilometers, the front seats can begin to creak. Occasionally, the audio system fails, during the trip, it can shut down, and will turn on only during the next trip. Also can cause trouble and equipment of the cabin, so in particular can break off the cables of the inner door handles, usually on the front doors, often shoot the pixels of the screen of the on-board computer. It is enough to quickly wash off the paint from the braid helm and the gear lever. The cargo compartment Hyundai i30 is not the largest in the class, in addition the car has a narrowed loading port, which significantly reduces its practicality.
Hyundai i30
In general, Hyundai i30 turned out to be quite reliable and not whimsical car, which has a pretty appearance, good equipment, reliable engines and gearboxes. Troubles can cause minor problems in salon equipment and consumables of the rear suspension. Also, when buying Hyundai i30 with a run, you should carefully inspect the car body, for chipping and corrosion.If you are or have owned this car brand, please share your experience, indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the car. Perhaps your feedback will help others choose choose used car.
After our review, you know about the problems with Hyundai i30
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