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Weak points and shortcomings Hyundai ix35 (Toussaint / Tucson) with a run
Hyundai ix35 (Toussaint / Tucson) - compact crossover Korean company Hyundai. The popularity of crossovers in the modern world is just off scale, and this model is not only one of the brightest representatives of this class, but for a long time it was one of the three most popular crossovers of the CIS, Europe and Asia. To date, as well as 7 years ago, there are a lot of people willing to buy Hyundai ix35, however, it is unlikely to be able to buy this car (it's out of production), but the head goes round the secondary market from offers. Therefore, today I decided to talk about the most common sores of this popular model and what to look for when choosing a used Hyundai ix35 (Toussaint).

A bit of history:Hyundai ix35 made its debut in 2009 at the Frankfurt auto show, serial production of the model was established in 2010 at the plants of South Korea, Slovakia, Czech Republic and China. By and large, it was not a new model, but the second generation of popular in the CIS crossover Hyundai Tussan, which premiered in 2004. This was confirmed by the fact that the novelty in the American and Korean markets retained its original name (Toussaint). In comparison with its predecessor, the ix35 is equipped with more powerful and economical engines, the safety system has also been improved, but in terms of size, the novelty did not differ much from the first generation. Like Tussan, ix35 was designed on a common platform with the model of Kia Sporozhd. On the basis of Hyundai ix35, the Chinese company JAC Motors created the model JAC S5. In 2013, the car experienced the first restyling, which resulted in a modified design of the wheel disks and optics - ahead of the biksenon with diode daytime running lights, a new two-liter gasoline engine with direct fuel injection (for many CIS countries, distributed injection). Also, the changes were touched and the salon appeared: the system allows you to change the degree of effort on the steering wheel Ste Steer, heated steering wheel and electronic instrument panel with a diagonal of 4.2 inches. Crossover production Hyundai ix35 was completed in 2015. In March of the same year, the third generation of the car was presented at the Geneva auto show, which was returned to its former name - Hyundai Tussan. Sales of a new car in the CIS started in November 2015
Weak places ix35 (Toussaint) with a runThe paintwork coating of the body was not too resistant to external influences and is considered to be a frankly weak point of this model. Small chips and scratches arise even from a weak mechanical impact, so finding an excuse for a minimum bargaining will not be difficult. However, owners of almost all modern cars face similar problems. On copies operated in megacities - on the bonnet, the roof, the rear wheel arches, the boot lid and the windshield racks, the paint may start to swell. Fortunately, dealers recognize this defect by factory marriage (reluctantly) and eliminate it under warranty. As for the corrosion resistance of the body, there are not any remarks yet, which means that the car has protection against the redness of the disease. To the disadvantages is the unfortunate location of the tank of the washer fluid of the glass. The fact is that it is located very close to the front bumper (on the right side) and with a minor accident or a drift on a large snowdrift, in addition to restoring the bumper, you will have to change the tank (crack). Some owners say that it takes a lot of effort to close the doors. This drawback - the merit of people who are engaged in assembling the Korean crossover. In most cases, the problem is solved by adjusting the locks.
Hyundai ix35
Disadvantages of power unitsHyundai ix35 in the domestic market is presented with gasoline engines - 2.0 (150 hp from 2003, 164 hp) and 2.4 (177 hp) - was installed in Europe and on the top version of the Limited Edition, as well as diesel CRDi 2.0 (136 and 184 hp). In the European market were also available petrol 1.6 (138 hp) and diesel CRDi - 1.7 (116 hp). The two-liter gasoline engine G4KD is reliable enough, besides it can operate without problems and on 92nd gasoline. But in this case it is necessary to regulate the valve clearances more often (once in 90 thousand km), since it has no hydraulic compensators (only on dorestaylingovyh versions of cars). The necessity of carrying out this procedure will prompt the presence of characteristic noises. Common shortcomings of this motor include the failure of the chain tensioner, CVVT coupler and hydraulic compensators (by car from 2013). Anxiety with them can begin early enough (after 50,000 km of run), symptoms - increased noise. The most serious problem is the appearance of seizures in the cylinders (may appear after 70-80 thousand km), because of this, you have to change the piston. A signal about the need to visit the service will be a foreign tapping while the engine is running. If the warranty is over, then the cylinder block will have to be used - 1000-1500 USD. Therefore, before buying, listen carefully. In the cold season, the engine "diesel engine" while at least slightly warmed up, this is a common thing for a given engine, which dealers call it a feature. Also, a normal phenomenon is considered to be "chirr" - a feature of the fuel injectors. When the whistle appears, pay attention to the condition of the air conditioning compressor bearing, most likely it has worn out and needs replacement. If the spark plugs are malfunctioning, at a low engine speed (1000-1200) there is an increase in vibration. Although the motor itself is not the quietest, you need to be prepared for different sounds, for example, a gasoline pump may start to emit a variety of hissing sounds. In cars with a mileage of 100,000+ km, it is necessary to monitor the state of the catalyst, the fact is that when the its particles fall into the cylinders and form scuffs there. The resource of catalysts is 100-150 thousand km. In the gas distribution mechanism, the only weak point was the phase shifter on the intake shaft. The problem is rare, but unpleasant, since the replacement of the phase change clutch will not cost much. On the same run, there is a high probability of failure of the timing shafts of the timing. The disease is accompanied by increased vibration during engine operation. With proper maintenance, the engine will serve 250-300 thousand km without problems. The more powerful power unit G4KE / 4B12 - the volume of 2.4 liters. Structurally similar to the G4KD engine - it uses the same system of variable valve timing on both shafts, there are no hydraulic compensators, and has identical deficiencies. Solar engines attract consumers with their fuel economy, for example, the weakest unit paired with "mechanics" on average spends slightly less than 7 liters per 100 km and has a better rigidity. In diesel power units, the weak point is the crankshaft damper pulley, as a rule, it falls into disrepair on a run of 50-100 thousand km ("chirring" appears). Replacement will cost relatively inexpensive - about 100 bucks. Also, the relay of the glow plugs is considered problematic - if the engine fails, the engine of the turbocharger does not start up, and if there is a malfunction, the check engine error appears on the instrument panel and the power is lost. A bad start of the engine in the cold season may be caused by a bad contact, - oxidation of the wiring on the rod of the glow plugs at the crimping point. When using low-quality diesel fuel, the pre-filter is quickly clogged in the fuel tank (30-50 thousand km). The problem is accompanied by a worsening of the dynamics and twitching during the acceleration. After 150-200 thousand km you need to be ready to replace the turbocharger, fuel injectors and dual-mass flywheel. Any of these options will not be cheap. Of minor ailments, it can be noted the loss of tightness of the crankcase gasket. The remaining possible troubles can be attributed to the operational characteristics of all diesel engines - long warm-up, sensitivity to the quality of diesel fuel, etc.TransmissionHyundai ix35 (Tussan) was equipped with one of two types of gearboxes of its own production - 5 and 6-step mechanics, as well as a 6-speed automatic. Any of the transmissions, with proper maintenance (oil change every 60,000 km), will please with an impressive run and a small number of problems. One such is the noise of a manual transmission, which in most cases can be eliminated by replacing the oil. In the automatic transmission can bother minor jerks when changing gears. The problem is treated by flashing the transmission control unit. Rarely, but still, there are cases of failure of the transaxle switch position sensor. With this fault it is not possible to change the position of the switch box. On the auto of the first years of release, the oil supply pipe to the oil cooler may not hold well - it can fly off (is fraught with oil leakage).
Hyundai ix35
Four-wheel driveFor all-wheel drive versions, the rear wheels are connected by means of an electronic inter-axle clutch. A forced lock of the clutch is also provided with the "Lock" button located on the front panel - when the lock is activated, the moment will be distributed between the axes 50:50. If you move at a speed of more than 30 km per hour, the forced interlock is disabled and the clutch operates in automatic mode. As for the reliability of this system, there can be a couple of unpleasant surprises waiting for the owners. Over time, on the spline joints, corrosion centers appear, which significantly accelerate wear and tear - most of all, the connection of the right composite drive shaft suffers. As a result of which the slots collide - there is a backlash and hum. To solve the problem, it is necessary to replace the intermediate shaft and inner SHRUS (200-250 cu). If the disease is not eliminated in time, the bearing of the intermediate shaft may break off.
After 100-150 thousand km of run, corrosion can begin to hit the splines of the drive shaft in the transfer case and the differential cup. In this case, repairs cost $ 1000. To avoid the above troubles with the all-wheel drive transmission, it is recommended to carry out prophylaxis every 30-40 thousand km - lubrication of splined joints. In cars with diesel engines, because of the greater torque, under heavy loads, the differential basket over the weld seam may begin to collapse. The car used two types of couplings - JTEKT (Japan) was installed on the car until 2011, after Magna Steyr (Austria). Up to 100,000 km of serious complaints on their performance is not, later, failures may occur, due to damage to the insulation of the wiring and the wear of the electric motor brushes. Also, over time, the packing gland begins to leak, if for a long time ignore the problem it will be necessary to repair the coupling. For cars manufactured before 2011, a pendulum bearing of the PTO shaft is considered to be a vulnerable (it may need to be replaced after 50,000 km), in later instances, 120-150 thousand km. The problem is manifested by the rumble during the movement.Disadvantages of running Hyundai ix35 (Tussan) with a runHyundai ix35 has a moderately rigid and downed suspension, which provides the crossover a good level of handling at high speeds. But outside the flat roads, because of the short strokes of the suspension, in the passenger compartment is noticeably shaken, which reduces the comfort of driving. But this disadvantage can be forgiven, since the car is a typical "parketnikom" and is more designed for traffic on the road, and not beyond it. On both axles an independent suspension with stabilizers of lateral stability is applied: in front - McPherson, in the rear - multi-lever. Extraneous noise when passing bumps is a feature of the suspension and exacerbated with the arrival of cold weather. Often, the noise is caused by loose plastic inside the wheel arches and other elements. Another source of knocking can be anthers and shock absorbers - fly from the seat (relevant for cars manufactured before 2012). As for the disadvantages of the suspension, then, first of all I want to note a small resource of floating silent blocks of the rear wishbones, often it is necessary to change on run of 60-70 thousand in km. Slightly less stance stabilizer - 40-50 thousand km. Also, the rear springs are not famous for their large resource - they sink, and the shock absorbers go to 80-100 thousand km. Other elements of the rear suspension can serve up to 150,000 km. In the front suspension, before 100,000 km, only the pillars and bushings of the stabilizer need to be replaced - they go up to 60,000 km. Ball bearings and hub bearings on average serve 100-120 km, shock absorbers, supporting bearings and silent blocks are nursed to 150,000 km. In cars with a full drive to 100,000 km, the bracket of the rear lever, to which the stabilizer bar is attached, may begin to collapse. On vehicles equipped with a tire pressure sensor, tires must be replaced or repairs must be carried out very carefully, since often inexperienced workers break off the spoolit is equipped with a pressure sensor), because of what had to buy a new part, but it is not cheap. There are complaints about the reliability of the steering, equipped with an electric booster. As a rule, to 80-100 thousand km wear sleeves - if there is a problem there is a knock during the movement on a rough road. On some copies on the same run the gears of reiki were worn out. Steering ends run 70-100 thousand km, thrust up to 150,000 km. There are also possible problems with the braking system, some owners complain about the premature failure of the brake pedal end. If the car is equipped with a keyless start system, if there is such a problem, the engine will not start, and the automatic transmission will not work either.Salon and electronicsThe quality of the interior decoration materials is quite budgetary, because of this, one should not expect good wear resistance - the plastic elements of the panel are easily scratched, the deflectors of the air ducts, at times, break only from an inoffensive attempt to change the flow in a non-heated machine. Do not count on good acoustic comfort - first starts to disturb the whistle of the fan of the stove (cleaning and additional lubrication of the motor solves the problem). Then the symphony is connected with "crickets" from the armrest, and then the center console with glove compartment and trunk lid lining. The problem is solved by sizing the noise, but do not use excessive force in order not to break the plastic fastenings. You can not ignore the front seats, which, besides having a lot of defects in the upholstery (cracking leatherette), also lose their shape (crumbling filler pillow driver's seat). As for the reliability of electronics, then again here everything is not so smooth. After several winters, the rear view camera goes out of order. The reason is that the contacts (connectors) on the chip are oxidized. For the same reason, the regular parktronics also fail. Rarely, but still, there are failures in the operation of a regular radio. In some instances, during the first years of life, the control lamps ignited spontaneously, followed by a brief disconnection of the instrument panel. When contacting the dealer, the "dashboard" was changed under warranty.
Hyundai ix35. Salon
Despite the impressive list of possible problems, Henday ix35 (Toussaint) can not be called unreliable, since all these problems are unlikely to comprehend the same car en masse. But whether it is worth buying this car in the secondary market, it's up to you. But do not score that when choosing this model, you need to take into account many factors, especially if you want to purchase an all-wheel drive version, because, for example, a faulty coupling may result in very expensive repairs.
  • The presence of the full drive.
  • Original design.
  • Sufficiently comfortable landing.

  • Poor quality of finishing materials.
  • Weak paint and varnish coating.
  • Some elements of the all-wheel drive are prone to corrosion.
If you are the owner of this model of the car, please describe the problems that you had to face during the operation of the car. Perhaps, it is your feedback that will help readers of our site when choosing a car.
Yours faithfully, edition
After our review, you know about the problems with Hyundai ix35
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