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HYUNDAI Tucson (Hendayi Tussan (Tucson) 2004-2012 owner reviews
Good day! In this article you will find reviews about the car Hendai Tussan from 2004 to 2012, and also find out what kind of trouble you might encounter when buying boo car of this brand. In pre-crisis times, Hyundai Tussan bought up like hot cakes. The reason for such an active demand was a good combination of price quality and equipment of the car.

Advantages and disadvantages of Hyundai Tussan.Unlike many SUVs, Toussaint looks like a smaller copy of this SUV, especially underlined by a massive front bumper with fog lamps, protective pads along the perimeter of the body, which protect the paintwork from damage. As experience of operation shows, the body of this car quite well resists the onslaught of the red-eye disease, but there are also remarks to the body panels, the owners note that in the winter in case of contactless washing due to the excessive concentration of foam, paint can coalesce from the protective plastic linings.
Hyundai Toussaint
One of the practical features of this car, unlike its competitors, is a separately opening window in the boot lid, which allows you to load light cargos into the car without opening the massive trunk lid. Although in general it should be noted that the cargo compartment of Hyundai Tussan is not large compared to its competitors, its volume in the marching state is 325 liters, which is more typical for hatchbacks of the golf class. It should be canceled that this model is endowed with design features that significantly increase the practicality of the car, these are folding backrests of the rear seats and the front passenger's seat.
Hyundai Toussaint

Power units.Hyundai Tussan the following power units are available: two gasoline engines in volume of 2 liters and 2.7 liters and a pair of two-liter turbodiesels. It should be noted that one of the diesel engines is considered charged, its capacity is 140 horsepower (the version of VGT), which in dynamics outperforms even the gasoline version, the acceleration from 0 to 100 is 11.1 seconds, which is two seconds faster than the two-liter the petrol engine. According to the owners and masters of the service centers, all engines have a sufficiently large resource and do not cause trouble, most often the engine fails maintenance and operation of cars, in particular, if the oil in the petrol engines is not changed in time, the valve of the valve timing systems becomes clogged, while the engine will lose traction, and the Check Engine indicator lights up on the instrument panel. In turbodiesel, if you use non-quality fuel, the pumping pump, which is installed in the tank, can become unusable, at the same time the traction is reduced, and the car may not start at all. Owners of two-liter petrol versions often call that this unit spends a lot of fuel in 11-13 liters in urban mode, so to save money, many owners install a HBO, operating experience has shown that this motor works well for gas without serious consequences.

Suspension.Toussaint is equipped with an independent suspension, the front McPherson (McPherson), and the rear multi-lever. Owners of Hyundai Tucson note that the front suspension does not last very long, the characteristic weak points are the struts and stabilizer bushings on average they can depart 20-40 thousand kilometers, as well as the pillows of the front subframe may become unusable after 20,000 kilometers of run, another weak point is the ball The support of their resource is an average of 30-50 thousand kilometers, the rest of the consumables are much longer. The rear multi-lever system does not cause any special trouble, the cross-arms can serve up to 120,000 km, and the longitudinal ones 150,000 or more. In general, the suspension differs in quite good energy intensity and works well for minor unevennesses. But it was not without drawbacks, with active driving the suspension shows sufficient vitality, so it is desirable to pass through turns calmly.
In the car the hydraulic booster of a wheel is installed, in the responses owners of cars mark, that the given knot can present surprises. With a run of 70-80 thousand km, oil seals can cause leaks, but it should be noted that the rake is repairable and domestic craftsmen will be able to restore it.

Transmission and four-wheel drive.Hyundai Tussan was equipped with two types of gearboxes: a mechanic and an automaton. According to the owners, the automatic transmission serves without problems, but the mechanic can worry, since during the aggressive driving the synchronizers of the second and third gears are worn, which significantly complicates the inclusion of these transmissions, at large runs over 150,000 kilometers, the sleeves of the link are in disrepair. The cars in 2007 were equipped with non-reliable semi-axle seals, they can leak. Most Tussans in the CIS have a full drive, which is arranged as follows: the front wheels are leading, and the rear ones are connected via an electronically controlled interaxle coupling when the front wheels begin to slip. When overcoming difficult sections, the clutch can be forcibly blocked using a special button installed on the torpedo. It should be noted that the all-wheel drive Hyundai Tussan has not badly proved itself, the car quite confidently copes with overcoming a small snowy area, sandy soil or the decayed country road, in all cases the owners of Tussan recommend switching off the ESP system, which stifles the engine and prevents the car from passing through a complex area .
Hyundai Toussaint

Interior.In general, the salon produces not a bad impression. Remarks can be shown only to the front pillars, which worsen the visibility of lateral maneuvers, there are also comments on the quality of the finishing materials, the skin is of two types (leather and fabric), as experience has shown, the fabric sheathing is not entirely successful and attracts all the dirt to itself vacuum cleaner (down, thread, wool, etc.).
Hyundai Toussaint

The result.Hyundai Toussaint One of the best SUV cars in its class, it features good practicality, functionality, as well as a good price-to-equipment ratio. In addition, as shown by the experience of this car is quite reliable.If you are or have been the owner of this car brand, please share your experience, indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the car. Perhaps, it is your opinion that will help others to choose a used car Hyundai Tucson.

After our review, you know about the problems with Hyundai Toussaint
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