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Infiniti FH (from 2013 QX70) - a medium-sized business-class crossover manufactured by the Nissan concern under the INFINITI brand. In the mid-2000s, Infiniti FH was considered one of the most beautiful crossovers on the market. Since its debut, more than 15 years have passed, and, during this time, the situation has not changed much - the car still attracts the attention of drivers and passers-by. This car attracts many buyers not only with appearance, but also with its technical characteristics - powerful power units are combined with a platform on which such sport cars as Nissan 370Z and Nissan Skyline were built. To all, all this complements the availability of all-wheel drive and impressive ground clearance. And, here, whether such a car can boast of trouble-free operation, and whether it will not be expensive to pay for the possession of Infiniti FH with a mileage of more than 100,000 km, we'll talk about this today.

A bit of history:Infiniti is a division of Nissan, which specializes in the production of luxury cars. The history of the car Infiniti FH began in 2001, when its first prototype appeared. The second prototype was presented to the public in 2002, it was in his likeness that the serial version of the car was created. The official premiere of the production model Infiniti FH took place in 2003 at the auto show in Detroit. FH was built on the platform "FM", the same platform was used in the development of the legendary sports cars Nissan 370Z and Nissan Skyline. The sporting character of the model gives out a long hood, squint of narrow headlights and a sloping windshield. Initially, this model was designed for the markets of North America and the Middle East, three years later the car became available for the CIS markets (before that cars were imported by "gray" dealers). In 2006, a minor restyling was carried out, as a result of which FH received a more expressive radiator lattice and modified bumper, the color scale of the body color has also increased. The second generation of the crossover was officially presented at the Geneva auto show in 2008. In 2010, the manufacturer presented a modification with a 3.0-liter V6 diesel engine with 240 hp. In 2012, an updated model with a modified front grille came on sale. At the end of the same year, the top-end modification Infiniti FX50 "Vettel-Edition" with a 5.0 liter V8 32V VVEL engine with a power of 420 hp was officially introduced. Since 2013, the model is called the Infiniti QX70.

Infiniti FHWeaknesses and typical problems Infiniti FH with a runPaintwork, as on most modern cars is not the best quality, because of this, the body is quickly covered with scratches and even chips. Despite this, corrosion marks for this model are very rare. Nevertheless, to treat the diagnosis of the body carelessly not worth it, since most of the FH, represented in the secondary market, restored after an accident of varying severity. Also, when viewing, pay attention to the front optics (on many specimens misted up), this does not affect the performance, but, cause for a small bargain, will be. And, here, if there are cracks in the moldings of the side windows, you need to demand a solid discount, because they will change only together with the glass. Another weak point is the chromium on the body elements, eventually begins to swell and cloud. On many copies, suddenly the tailgate opening button (oxidize and dry contacts in the button). Due to problems with the contacts, the tailgate wiper and rear-view camera may not work correctly. On cars older than 5 years are not rare cases of sagging front doors, this is due to the weak fastening of the hinges to the door and the body.PowertrainsOfficially in the CIS were supplied Infiniti FH with gasoline atmospheric power units V6 VQ35DE 3.5 (280 hp) and V8 VK45DE 4.5 (320 hp). Both engines are very reliable, at one time they were among the ten most reliable engines in the world. With proper maintenance, the life of the engine before overhaul is 400-500 thousand km. Both motors are equipped with a chain drive timing, its life in most cases is 150-200 thousand km, after, replacement of the chain and tensioners is required. Stretching the chain often leads to incorrect engine operation - a difficult start, often stalls, errors appear on the camshafts, also, "diesel" may appear. If you ignore the problem, this can lead to a fatal meeting of pistons with valves (a major overhaul of the engine in the official service will cost $ 2,000-2,500). Often the camshaft error appears due to faulty sensors (the replacement of sensors will cost 50-100 USD) If the car is operated in the "sneaker to floor" mode, it becomes necessary to constantly check the oil level. If the oil level is often lowered to a minimum (the oil pressure indicator lights up on the panel), the engine life is significantly reduced. After 100,000 km, a gradual increase in oil consumption is observedcritical, is the consumption of more than 2 liters per 10,000 km). The reasons can be two, the first - the catalysts are worn out (a change of every 120-150 thousand km is required), most often the problem is faced by owners who are constantly refueled with low-quality fuel, the second - the wear of the piston group, occurs as a result of the entry of ceramic dust from destroyed catalysts on the walls of the cylinders. Eliminate the problem by overhauling or replacing the engine, plus buying four new catalysts. To avoid high costs, it is necessary to replace the top catalysts in a timely manner with flame arresters.
Infiniti FHAnother problem that is inherent in these motors is the tendency to overheat, as a result of which it can crush the valve cover and head (the problem is more often encountered by owners of cars with the power unit VK45DE). This ailment is complicated by an improperly working temperature sensor of the engine, there have been cases when steam has already come from under the hood, and the temperature indicator has just started to approach the high temperature mark. The main sign that the engine overheated is the presence of oil in the candle wells. Also, this may be a signal that there are problems with the piston group. The presence of oil in candle wells over time leads to problems with ignition. To avoid trouble, it is necessary to regularly check the cooling system for leaks of coolant and air plugs, and regularly monitor the cleanliness of honeycomb radiators. Often, owners of Infiniti FH with a motor 3.5 are called unstable idling speed. Most often, the reason lies in the caps of the exhaust camshafts, check and replace them. After restyling, the air intake valves on the intake manifolds were installed. In theory, this innovation helps to slightly reduce fuel consumption and improve the performance of the engine. However, in practice, things are not so rosy, for many owners of FH45, this improvement resulted in additional costs. The most common problem that the owners had to face was an arbitrary unscrewing of the bolts of the dampers, as a result of which they fell into the engine. In most cases, this trouble ended in an expensive repair of the power unit. To protect yourself from troubles, it is recommended to put the bolts on the sealant. Once in 120-150 thousand km the throttle valve needs to be cleaned. Symptoms: swim speed, at idle the engine can stall. After cleaning the dampers, calibration is required on the dealer scanner. Only the compressor clutch of the air conditioner, which is wedged from dirt and rust, can deliver troubles from the engine's attachments. On the cooling radiator there is a cap that regulates the pressure, this part tends to become sour, and if it does not follow its condition, the radiator can burst from an overabundance of pressure. Closer to 200,000 km, a radiator replacement is required (there are leaks), it is not necessary to tighten with a radiator replacement, since its performance affects not only the engine, but also the transmission. Over time, the fuel level indicator begins to give inaccurate information. The reason is contamination of tracks on the measurement board. To eliminate the drawback, the board must be cleaned.TransmissionInfiniti FH of the first generation is completed only with a five-speed automatic transmission from the well-known Japanese manufacturer "Jatco". The transmission is reliable enough and with the timely maintenance does not cause trouble. Even with an aggressive driving style, the box is capable of lasting up to 200,000 km without repairs, and of quiet drivers - up to 300,000 km. Due to the fact that there may be leaks in the cooling system (The cooling circuits of the engine and the "machine" pass through one radiator), the oil in the box is recommended to be changed every 40-60 thousand km, and also to check the condition of the oil hoses AKPP.Pri aggressive manner of driving more often the reason for the need to repair the transmission become burnt friction. When contacting the service, the officers sentence the box to a replacement (there are no original accessories for repair), but, this, the pleasure is not cheap - about 5000 cu. But, if you do not have such a sum, you can find a firm that will take up the repair of the box, which will cost in 2000-3000 USD. The first signs of the imminent exit of the box are jerks and slippage when switching. During the diagnostics of the car, try to get to the automatic transmission oil, if it is dark and smells like a scorched, the transmission repair is just around the corner. On the restaling copies, the faults of the automatic transmission control unit (TCM) are possible. Symptoms: error of solenoids appears (After replacing the solenoids, the error does not go away). The reason is bad contacts in the control unit. The box can be healed after soldering the contacts in the block.
Infiniti FH is equipped with a four-wheel drive (FH35 can only be equipped with a rear drive). As a rule, there are no serious problems with the all-wheel-drive system, the only thing that needs to be changed here is the crossings of the front propeller shaft, once in 150-200 thousand km. Rarely, but, nevertheless, happened (on cars with mileage more than 150000 km) the cases of failure of the electromagnetic clutch. On overseas versions often fail the distribution, refusing to connect the front axle at the most crucial moment.Running characteristics Infiniti FH with a runThe car is equipped with a fully independent suspension, in front - McPherson, rear - mnogorychazhka, despite this, to call the suspension comfortable - hard (hard). During the management of Infiniti FH at relatively low speeds (up to 100 km / h), it seems that this is a well-managed and stable car, however, this feeling is deceptive. Firstly, the machine is very sensitive to the rut. Secondly, due to the fact that the load during the movement mainly goes to the rear axle (The front is connected only in case of slippage), at a high speed (over 140 km / h), the car can easily be deployed and thrown out of the road, so when you sit behind the wheel of the FH you need to be extremely concentrated and concentrated, especially on roads with poor coverage. Traditionally, in the front suspension, struts and bushings of the stabilizer of lateral stability, depending on the operating conditions, their life is 40-70 thousand km. Because of the large size of the "rollers" (20-21 inches), the wheel bearings go no more than 60-80 thousand km (replacement will cost 150 dollars). Silent blocks can serve up to 150,000 km (The rubber bands can be re-pressed, so in most cases there is no need to replace the levers). The rear suspension is more durable and does not require attention to itself more often than once in 120-150 thousand km. If clicks are heard from behind the sharp acceleration from the rear, it means that it's time to change the rear CV joints.
Infiniti FHThe steering system is very reliable. If, over time, there is a knock in the steering rack, do not rush to get upset, this does not always lead to the replacement of this node. In most cases, the knock is not a defect, but a structural feature of the rack. At the same time, leakage of reiki does not appear before 170-200 thousand km (replacement of the rake will cost 400-500 USD, repair - about 300 USD). On the same run, you may need to replace the GUR, the original pump will cost 250-300 USD, but you can save money by taking a pump from Nissan Skyline with the same engine for $ 50. The steering tips serve 100-120 thousand km of traction - up to 150000 km. And, behold, the braking system is very weak, the small thickness and diameter of the brake discs do not correspond at all with the sporting character of the car. The brakes are not effective and quickly overheat, and then deform and require replacement. On the need to replace the drive will tell the beating when braking (for a couple of drives ask about 100 cu). Solving the problem is only one and not very cheap - installing reinforced disks or installing a brake system from the next generation of FH (about 1000 cu). With time, the front calipers start to knock, the reason is the wear of the guides.SalonDespite the premium status of the Infiiti FH, the trim of the interior is made of materials not of the highest quality and strongly spoils the impressions of the car, but, let's talk about everything in order. Among the shortcomings here, one can note the swelling of the plastic of the front panel, this occurs with a run of 120-150 thousand km. The sidewalls of the front seats and the armrest are made of leatherette, which is covered by cracks and strong scuffs (on the armrest) to 100,000 km. The center console is covered with aluminum sheets, which are very quickly covered with scratches, looks very ugly. The front seats are frayed over time (wear of gears of a basic design of seats) and, the more the driver's weight, the sooner there is the play, elimination of the defect is not a cheap pleasure (about 800 USD) .With regard to the reliability of electronics, which in the car is not small, no serious problems have been identified, but, trivialities, on a car with a mileage of more than 100,000 km, can spoil the nerves. Of the common troubles it can be noted - the failure of electric locks (the motor breaks down), the fuel tank lock actuator stem collapses (the fuel tank flap is no longer open). Over time, the audio system stops reading the discs. The control buttons of various systems fail.
Infiniti FH. SalonDespite the large number of comments, Infiniti FH is one of the most reliable cars in its class. And, most of the problems that are described in the article are the result of untimely maintenance and ruthless operation of the machine. Despite the reliability of the car and its low cost in the secondary market, from buying this car "for the last money" - it is better to refuse, because its content is quite expensive.
  • Bright design.
  • Reliability.
  • Low cost of repair running.

  • The big expense of fuel (in city it turns out nearby 20 liters on one hundred).
  • Low quality of interior decoration materials.
  • Weak brakes.
If you are the owner of this model of the car, please describe the problems that you had to face during the operation of the car. Perhaps, it is your feedback that will help readers of our site when choosing a car.
Yours faithfully, edition
After our review, you know about the problems with Infiniti FH-1
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