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What to expect from the "charged" Japanese: the disadvantages of the Infiniti G series with a run
Infiniti G series - a compact prestigious car, produced by Nissan Infiniti. Model G appeared at the dawn of Infinity's dawn and was designed to compete with market leaders - BMW, Lexus and Acura. Despite the original design, premium status and prestige of this car, in the CIS countries this model has never been in great demand. Despite this, there are a lot of offers on the secondary market for the second hand Infiniti G series, so today we decided to find out how things stand with the reliability of this car, and what should I look for when choosing a car.

A bit of history:Infiniti brand was created under the American market to compete on an equal footing with the leaders of the segment - BMW, Lexus, Audi, Akura, and is the property of the Japanese company Nissan. The debut of the Infiniti G series (sedan G20) was held at the New York Auto Show in the distant 1989. The first serial copy came off the assembly line in July 1990. In fact, this model is an upgraded version of the Nissan Primera first generation with a two-liter gasoline engine SR20DE (140 hp). The car was offered only with a front-wheel drive. In 1993, the model received the first improvements - instead of double airbags began to install seat belts, improved the quality of the audio system, there was no key access. A year later, a second restyling was carried out, after which a chrome grille and a package of options "Touring" appeared. The car was produced before 1996, during this time 92,599 copies were sold. The second generation of Infiniti G debuted on the market two years after the first generation was discontinued (in 1998), the pause was due to the small demand for this model. Like its predecessor, this car, in fact, was a modernized Nissan Primera, but, already the second generation. The main differences were: the replacement of the rear independent suspension on a semi-independent beam with the Scott-Russell mechanism. Also, the dimensions of the body, the appearance of the car and the equipment of the cabin, which has been significantly improved, have been changed. In the basic configuration, there are options such as: climate control, leather upholstery seats, Bose audio system, sunroof, side airbags. Two years later, a restyling was carried out, followed by an immobilizer and an anti-reflective coating on the rear-view mirrors. The third generation of the model (V35) was introduced in 2002, unlike its predecessors, the novelty was built on the basis of Nissan Skyline, which was based on a new platform Nissan FM ("Front Midship"). Beginning with this generation, Infiniti G was produced in two types of bodywork - a sedan and a coupe, also, there was an all-wheel drive version (the car with a full drive named Infiniti G35X). The first restyling was carried out in 2005, during which the interior of the car improved and the engine power slightly increased (from 286 to 302 hp). The second - in 2006, optics, a front bumper and some elements of a body have changed. The Infiniti G series of the fourth generation, in a body sedan (G35, body V36), has taken place on the New York motor show in 2006, in the end of the same year manufacture model. A year later (in 2007) the Infiniti G37 debut in the coupe and convertible (CV36) took place. Unlike the coupe, which is produced since 2007, the convertible became available to a wide range of buyers only in 2009. The restyling version of the Infiniti G series in the sedan was introduced in November 2009. Changes touched the grille and front bumper, it began to install fog lights. In July 2010, the updated coupe and cabriolet were presented. In 2010, at the auto show in Paris was introduced sedan Infiniti G25, equipped with a new petrol engine volume of 2.5 liters (222 hp). Production of the car began in 2011, but due to the fact that the model was not successful in the market, its production lasted a little more than a year. The next generation of Infiniti G was introduced in 2013, in addition to external and technical changes, the novelty received a new name - Q50 sedan and Q60 coupe and convertible.
Fourth generation weaknesses of the Infiniti G series with a runTraditionally for machines manufactured in Japan, the Infiniti G series has a weak paint finish, because of this, scratches and chips appear even from a slight mechanical impact. Despite this, there is no claim to corrosion resistance of the body iron - the metal does not rust for a long time in the places of the paint chips. Protective plastic front optics after 4-5 years of operation noticeably cloudy. With the arrival of strong frosts, door locks may freeze, because of this, for their opening it is necessary to exert an effort, which, as a rule, leads to the jumping of the lock cable. As a result, the door stops opening. After 100-120 thousand km in the front doors there is a gap, the reason - the door hinges are broken. From time to time, you need to check the performance of the tail lights, the fact is that the wiring harness, connecting the trunk lid and the body, is located in an unsuccessful place and eventually fades.
Infiniti G
PowertrainsInfiniti G series was equipped with only gasoline power units, depending on the engine volume, the car was assigned its own index: G25 (222 hp) - 2.5 l, G35 (306 hp) - 3.5 l, G37 (333 hp). ) - 3.7 l, G37 IPL (348 hp) - 3.7 hp. Power units of Japanese production have always been known for a high level of reliability and Infiniti is no exception. All engines are equipped with a reliable chain drive timing, as a rule, the resource of the chain is about 300 thousand km, but there were cases when its replacement was required on a run of 170-200 thousand km. On some specimens, after 100,000 km, the exhaust camshaft began to crumble. Also, single cases of cracking of the exhaust manifold were noted. On a car with a mileage of more than 150000 km through candle wells begins to drive oil (most often in 5-6 cylinders). The reason is that the cuffs in the candle wells are dying. All the motors are sensitive to the quality of the fuel and, if the engine is frequently fed with "bad" gasoline, the catalysts begin to deteriorate prematurely. The problem is dangerous because its particles enter the engine and destroy the walls of the cylinders. Consequences - the compression worsens, the consumption of oil and fuel increases, the motor starts to work unstably (can stall at idle). If at least one of the catalysts is destroyed, a major overhaul of the engine and the replacement of four catalysts will soon be required. To avoid serious problems, it is necessary to replace catalysts with flame arresters in a timely manner. Also, the reason for the increased oil consumption may be aggressive driving, in any case, the level of oil should be carefully monitored, as a result of oil starvation can crank the camshaft inserts. On cars produced from 2007 to 2008, in the engine VQ35HR, under the lid oil channel was installed poor-quality gasket, through which eventually began to drive oil. In this regard, the oil pressure drops on the camshaft solenoids - camshafts start to work incorrectly (errors P0011 and P0021 appear). The difficulty of this problem is that to remove it you have to remove the front bumper, cooling radiator, generator, air conditioning compressor, hydraulic booster, crankshaft pulley, front motor cover and GRM chain. The VQ35DE power unit is prone to overheating, as a rule, even from a slight overheating cranks the valve cover and drives the engine block head. To avoid trouble, you need to monitor the condition of the radiator (wash at least once a year), expansion tank (leaks) and coolant. Also, you should monitor the condition of the radiator sockets, and prevent the leakage of antifreeze. At the power unit VQ35HR the most common problem is an unstable idling. Most often, the reason lies in the electromagnets of the exhaust camshaft caps (During diagnostics, it displays error P0014 and P0024). To eliminate the ailment, replacement of the lids is required. Over time, the fuel level sensor starts to produce incorrect information, the problem is solved by replacing the sensor. With frequent use of low-quality gasoline, a fuel pump is delivered ahead of schedule.
TransmissionInfiniti G-series was equipped with 5 (was established until 2009) and 7-step automatic transmission of Jatco. The five-speed automatic is reliable, but it's a little sluggish (the gear shift takes place with a slight delay). The first problems with the box, as a rule, appear after 200,000 km of run-slip, jerk when shifting, the rear gear turns on once. If you have such symptoms, you need to prepare for a major overhaul of the transmission - about $ 2,000. (parts + work). The main reason for the premature failure of the transmission, is the overheating of the transmission fluid, as a result of which it loses its properties. The semi-automatic transmission is perhaps the most problematic part of the machine. The main signs of the poor performance of the automatic box: slip, jerks, jerks when driving. Quite often when contacting a service, owners are offered to do expensive repair of the box, which, as a rule, solves the problem for a short time. The main cause of all troubles is software malfunctions (errors appear). The Nissan campaign, knowing about the problem, released an advanced firmware, but, unfortunately, until the majority of CIS countries the new firmware did not reach it. Like the five-speed automatic transmission, this transmission is afraid of overheating, therefore, in order to prolong the service life of the gearbox, it is necessary to regularly change the oil, remove the pallet and rinse the magnets every 40-50 thousand km. Also, it is recommended to install an additional automatic transmission cooling radiator. The Infiniti G with four-wheel drive uses the ATTESA E-TS transmission. There were no serious shortcomings in it. The only thing that can disturb is the crossings of the front propeller shaft. If the crossbars began to collapse, a characteristic metallic knock and gnashing appeared in the area of ​​the feet of the front passenger. Also, it is possible to destroy the body of the front gearbox and transfer case, the cost of which is several times higher than the price of the cardan shaft.Fourth generation running gear Infiniti G series with a runInfiniti G uses an independent suspension - a two-link spring in the front and multi-link from the rear. The suspension is well tuned and very reliable. On our roads the hub bearings are most quickly surrendered, it happens on a run of 70-100 thousand km. Approximately on the same run, replacement of the front stabilizer racks is required. The lower levers are capable of serving 100-120 thousand km (the silent blocks are sourded and destroyed). There are two solutions to the problem: a radical one - the purchase of the original lever and a budgetary one - the reshuffle of the silent block (not the original). On the same run there is a backlash of spherical supports. Slightly longer shock absorbers, about 120-150 thousand km. In regions with a harsh climate (north), shock absorbers surrender after 80-90 thousand km. When operating a car in a megacity to 140,000 km, silent blocks are destroyed in the rear pivoting fists. Symptoms - in the levers that enter into a fist, there is a backlash. Periodically, you need to monitor the levers, the fact is that over time their adjusting bolts tighten. In the steering system, the sore seat is the steering rack, it can start leaking fairly early, after 80,000 km. If you do not notice the leak in time and the GUR fluid level drops below the minimum, a power steering pump may soon need to be replaced. On the Infiniti G25 problems with the steering rack are less common, because here is applied the rake of another modification. A lot of complaints received a brake system, the main problems - a wadded pedal, beating in the steering wheel, grooves discs. This behavior of the braking system does not add confidence in braking. There are several solutions: budgetary - installation of a set of modified disks at a price of 30-50 USD. pcs., and radical - the installation of the brake system from well-known brands (Brembo, JBT, etc.). In Infiniti G, in the back of the coupe, with time, a squeak starts from the calipers (whistle, creak), the exact cause is not revealed. To temporarily fix the problem, lubrication of the support elements helps.SalonDespite the premium status of Infiniti and the use of seemingly high-quality finishing materials, it is difficult to call its interior problem-free. Most owners call for poor wear resistance of materials, after 3-5 years of operation there are obvious signs of exploitation - the braided steering wheel and gear knobs, plastic on the central tunnel is scratched, the leather on the seats is quickly rubbed. Electrical equipment is reliable, the only thing that can corrupt the nerves here is the appearance of "glitches" (a large number of errors appear) due to the failure of the xenon control unit or one of the fuses. Also, the problem may be caused by a malfunction of the sensor or the ABS wiring.
Infiniti G. Salon
Infiniti G is a good alternative to more expensive eminent European brands, and if we talk about the reliability of this car, then in this component it is able to wipe the nose of most competitors.
  • Original design.
  • Well-tuned and reliable suspension.
  • A rich bundle even in the base versions.

  • High fuel consumption.
  • Weak brakes.
  • High cost of maintenance and repair.
If you are the owner of this model of the car, please describe the problems that you had to face during the operation of the car. Perhaps, it is your feedback that will help readers of our site when choosing a car.
Yours faithfully, edition
After our review, you know about the problems with Infiniti G
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