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Universal soldier for "reasonable" money: the shortcomings of Kia Karens 3 with a run
Kia Karens 3 - budget five- or seven-seater compact class "C»Companies Kia Motors. The advantages of using such cars are quite obvious - large, roomy, comfortable, with a rather modern interior and exterior design, a car. At the same time, in terms of external dimensions, this car resembles an urban SUV. Despite the large number of advantages, this car did not become popular in most CIS countries. There are several explanations for this: some car enthusiasts were embarrassed by the fact that this is a Korean brand, others - that this car had few reviews. Despite this, most experts believe that this car is one of the most comfortable in its class. And, behold, as things stand with the reliability of Kia Karens with mileage, and, what should I look for when choosing a car in the secondary market, now we will try to find out.

A bit of history:
The unusual name "Carens" the manufacturer explains as a combination of two English words "Car" and "Renaissance". The debut of the car took place at the international motor show in Frankfurt in 1999. Two years later the model survived a second birth. The world premiere of the third generation Kia Karens was held in the framework of the international auto show in Madrid (Spain) in 2006. The novelty was built on the platform of Kia Magentis, thanks to this, in the model range of Kia, Karens took up a niche between Kia Sid and Kia Carnival. The car was assembled in Korea and Vietnam, starting with the third generation of cars began to collect in the Kaliningrad region (Russia) and the Philippines.
In 2010, the car underwent a slight facelift, but despite this, the car with a changed appearance is only available in the market of Western Europe, and in most CIS countries, it was sold with the former exterior design. The third-generation Kia Karens refers to the relatively rare variety of minivans, an intermediate link between the micro-enamels, which in length and width do not exceed a class-class car, but smaller than the standard seven-seater minivans. In 2012, the fourth generation of Kia Karens debuted on the market, which premiered the same year at the Paris Motor Show.

Kia Karens
Main problems of Kia Karens 3 with a runLike most Korean cars, the third-generation Kia Carens body paint is not famous for its high reliability, chipping and scratches on the body appear in the first years of auto operation. As for the corrosion resistance of the body, it is at a sufficiently high level, and if the car did not participate in the accident, rust on the body is a rare visitor even in the places where the paint is chipped. When inspecting the car, be sure to pay attention to the wiring status at the top of the trunk lid (very often breaks). If there are problems with the wiring, the bulbs in the rear optics often burn out, for the same reason the tailgate lock can not work correctly. To eliminate the deficit, it will take about $ 100. (replacement of wiring).EnginesKia Karens 3 was equipped with the following power units: petrol - 1.6 (126 hp), 2.0 (145 hp); diesel - 1.6 (116 and 128 hp), 2.0 (140 hp). The most common are petrol engines, they, in the opinion of many experts, are also the most reliable in the line of power units. Cases of service calls with serious engine problems are extremely rare, and if they do, most of them occur through the fault of the owners. Of minor problems can be noted only problems with the ignition system. The main signs of the presence of problems will be strong vibration and unstable idle speed. Also, the disadvantages of gasoline engines include increased fuel consumption up to 14 liters per 100 km, while in the passport it is claimed up to 11 liters per hundred. Diesel engines are also reliable, but, due to the tender fuel system, they are demanding for the quality of diesel fuel. If the car was fueled with poor-quality fuel to 80-120 thousand km, replacement of fuel injectors, fuel pump, EGR valve and particulate filter will be required. There is also criticism of the reliability of the engine control unit software. The problem is manifested by jerks in the smooth acceleration of the car. For troubleshooting in most cases it is enough to reflash the computer, but there have been cases when it was necessary to change the control unit.
Kia Karens
TransmissionFor Kia Karens 3 there are two types of transmission - a five-speed mechanics and a four-speed automatic. With proper operation and proper maintenance, both gearboxes do not cause complaints of 250-300 thousand km. Not bad proved itself and the grip on the mechanic, with careful handling it is able to serve up to 120,000 km. The automatic transmission is considered not to be serviced, but to prolong transmission service lines, experts recommend changing oil in it every 60-80 thousand km.
Features and disadvantages of the suspension Kia Karens 3 with a runSuspension Kia Karens 3 is quite simple and typical for many minivans: in front are the MacPherson type, in the back - multi-lever. The peculiarity of the suspension is its increased noise (knocks and creaks while driving) for no apparent reason, it should be noted that this feature does not affect the life of the suspension elements in any way. If we talk about the reliability of running, in general, given the cost of spare parts, it is quite hardy. As in most modern machines, the weak point is the pillars and bushings of the stabilizer, in most cases their service life is 15-30 thousand km. Ball bearings and hub bearings live up to 60,000 km. There are not many more shock absorbers, with careful exploitation their resource is 50-70 thousand km. If you use non-original parts, the replacement of shock absorbers in a circle will cost $ 200. Front levers and silent blocks run 60-80 thousand km, rear - up to 100,000 km. Steering is reliable, but with a run of 100-150 thousand km on some specimens the steering rack starts to flow (replacement of plastic bushes is required). Once the 70-90 thousand km the steering ends fail, the steering rods are able to hold up to 120,000 km. As for the braking system, it is reliable, and, as a rule, does not cause censures.SalonSalon Kia Karens 3 is made of inexpensive materials (hard plastic, textile upholstery), because of this, over time, the salon is filled with unpleasant creaks. If we talk about the reliability of electrical equipment, then, there is nothing to tell, since the car does not have a large number of electronic systems. Of the common troubles that are inherent in this car, you can note the failure of sensors Abs. Also, there is a complaint about the increased noise of the fan heater. To eliminate the shortage, it must be removed, disassembled and lubricated.
Kia Carens. Salon
Kia Karens 3 - roomy, reliable and inexpensive to maintain a car. Breakages for this car are a rarity, and even if they do happen, they do not require large investments to eliminate them.
  • Spacious salon.
  • Good dynamics of overclocking.
  • Low maintenance and repair costs.

  • Soft metal and paintwork.
  • The fuel consumption is higher than the one declared by the manufacturer.
  • Noisy suspension.

After our review, you know about the problems with Kia Karens
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