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What to look for when choosing an American of Korean origin: the shortcomings of Kia Mohave with a run
Kia Mohave (another name: Kia Borrego) - mid-size SUV firm Kia Motors, which was developed specifically for the US market. Large SUVs are a long-standing passion of the majority of motorists, even though such cars are not quite convenient for operation in large cities and have a rather high cost. If the budget for the purchase of a car is unlimited, then the choice of cars of this segment is indecently large, but if the budget is limited, I recommend that you take a closer look Kia Mojave with a run.

A bit of history:
Prototype for Kia Mohave served as a concept KIA KCD II Mesa, which was shown to the public in 2005 at the Auto Show in Detroit. Kia Mohave was to become the flagship model of the company and take a niche a step higher than Kia Sorento. At the design stage the project was called "HM". The name of the Mojave car was received in honor of the same name of the desert in California, where the test range of the North American division of Kia is located. The official premiere of Kia Mohave in the world arena was held in 2008 at the Detroit auto show. The design of the car was developed by the famous German designer Peter Schreyer. Initially, Kia Mohave was only sold in USA, but, a year later, the geography of sales expanded, and the crossover went on sale in the markets of South Korea, Europe and some countries CIS. Car is produced in Korea, Kazakhstan and Russia.
The car was built on a modernized platform from Kia Sorento, while maintaining the independent suspension of all wheels and four-wheel drive. Also, when developing Kia Mohave, many developments were borrowed from another Korean SUV Hyundai ix55. The car is equipped with a frame structure of the body and has some features typical for the cars of the American market, for example, the electric adjustment of the pedal unit. In 2016, information appeared about the trials of the new Kia Mohave, whose debut was due in 2017.

Kia Mohave
Traditionally, for Korean cars, the paintwork is not of the highest quality, there are also remarks about the corrosion resistance of the body. So, for example, on cars of the first years of release it is possible to meet small foci of rust. The main places to which you should pay particular attention - thresholds, wheel arches, trunk lid, the edges of doors and the front of the hood (especially bugs appear in the area of ​​the radiator grille) .Kia Mojave is equipped with two types of engines: petrol - 3.8 (274 hp) and diesel - 3.0 (250 hp). The diesel engine has proved itself only on the positive side, it has not only good dynamic performance, but also a large margin of safety. However, for the problem-free and long life of the power unit, it is necessary to change the oil at least once every 8,000-10,000 km. One of the advantages of this engine is that its fuel equipment has been adapted to our operating conditions and diesel fuel is not of the highest quality. Due to this, owners very rarely encounter problems in the fuel system. The fuel consumption, depending on the driving style, varies from 12 to 15 liters per hundred. The engine is equipped with a chain drive Timing, this node is very reliable and with the timely maintenance of the power unit does not require the replacement of 200-250 thousand km. The main problems faced by owners are not the engine itself, but its attachments. For example, the clamps fixing the branches of the power steering system are loosened, the radiator protection fastening bolts are loosened, etc. Gasoline engine 3.8 is also quite reliable, but, due to the high fuel consumption (about 20 liters per 100 km in the city) car with such a power unit was not in demand among motorists and is extremely rare.
Kia Mohave
Kia Mohave can be equipped with the following types of transmissions - five-speed mechanics and an eight-speed automatic, on cars imported from the US installed six-speed automatic transmission. Experience of operation has shown that all boxes are reliable and have a sufficiently large service life. But, according to many owners and servicemen, the most optimal option for buying is a car with an eight-speed automatic, as it combines good economy, soft switching and reliability. If, this transmission switches gears with delays and jerks, most likely you need to update the software of the control unit Automatic transmission. But, in some cases, the cause of the incorrect operation of the transmission can be a hydraulic valve assembly.
Also, there are no particular complaints and on the performance of the mechanics, even the clutch here serves not less than 100,000 km of run. The car is equipped with the all-wheel drive system, the front axle is connected with an electromagnetic clutch or forced, when choosing a special mode of operation of the transmission. Of the shortcomings of this system, we can only note the rapid overheating of the clutch with frequent slippage. It is worth noting that when the system overheats, the system automatically turns off the front drive, which can be an unpleasant surprise when trying to overcome a complex stretch of the road. The Mojave Kia is equipped with a completely independent suspension: McPherson, rear - multi-lever with the use of pneumatic tanks. The suspension of Kia Mohave is very hardy, and, even under the condition of hard exploitation, its resource will be about 80,000 km, and, with average loads, most suspension elements will be pleased with a range of 120-150 thousand km. On cars that often jumped off-road, when trying to make a breakdown, the dimensions and angles may not become. Many experts argue that this is due to the fact that the frame leads, so, before buying it is necessary to check the geometry of the frame. The most common problem faced by owners of this model is the failure of the body position sensor, in the diagnosis it turns out that the sensor is working. The main reason for this ailment lies in poor-quality sensor wiring (After the first winter, the wiring starts to rot). From the shortcomings of the braking system, we can note a small resource of the front brake pads - 20-30 thousand km. The salon is made of medium quality materials, but, the builders respond differently about the quality of the assembly. Some argue that the salon is assembled poorly, because of this in the car there is a large number of crickets and other extraneous sounds. But, there are those who consider the cabin very high-quality and put this car on a par with the more expensive models. The main reason for the different opinions emerged due to the fact that there are different machines on the market, for example, machines assembled in Korea have better quality than Russian ones. The car has a fairly rich equipment, however, not all systems can boast of good performance. Most often the owners are bored by a rear-view camera, the fact is that it regularly spontaneously turns off (1-2 times a month), and to fix the problem, you have to go to the service. Also, it is worth noting that every 2 years the camera has to be changed. There are claims to the efficiency of the climate system, the main problem lies not in the climate control itself, but in its posting (contacts become sour). If the glass washer suddenly stops working, you probably need to replace the fuse that is in the interior. On some copies, the owners encountered malfunctions of the audio system and the on-board computer, which is installed on the instrument panel.
Kia Mohave
Kia Mohave is a fairly reliable and unpretentious car, and due to its good running characteristics, spaciousness and good equipment, the car can compete with the more expensive cars of this segment.
  • Spacious salon.
  • A large number of options available.
  • Comfortable suspension.

  • Weak paint and varnish coating.
  • High fuel consumption.
  • Unreliable electrical wiring.

After our review, you know about the problems with Kia Mohave
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