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Review of used Kia Rio 3
Kia Rio 3 was produced from 2011 to 2014. This car is quite popular in the CIS countries and not only, this fact is confirmed awards in the price quality nomination. The third generation of Kia Rio destined for the CIS countries gathered at the Russian plant Hyundai Motors near St. Petersburg. At the same plant, Hyundai Accent, which was sold in Russia under the name Solaris. According to technical characteristics, these models are practically not different from each other, the differences are only in appearance.
Kia Rio 3

Kia Rio 3 is presented in two versions (sedan and hatchback). As the experience of operation has shown, the car body does not have any significant problems with corrosion resistance, but there are places to look for when choosing a used car. So in particular, because of the lack of ventilation holes in the front optics, it rarely fogs up, in addition, the car does not have protective moldings on the doors, so they often show chips and scratches. Another weak point is the front part of the rear arches, over time, they will be lacquered with paintwork if they do not have a protective film on them. Also, not infrequently sour hinges loops, and larvae of the luggage compartment lid lock. On the Kia Rio car, only gasoline engines of 1.4 and 1.6 liters are installed, both motors are from the Gamma family and are equipped with a proprietary variable valve timing system, individual ignition coils, and to increase reliability and the longevity of the timing are set to a metal chain. As experience has shown, in general, the engines of Kia Rio 3 have proven themselves as a reliable mechanism. It is extremely rare to find minor breakdowns, so in time the tension pulley of the attachment belt may become unusable, and the fuel level sensor may produce incorrect values. Both engines can work without problems not only on AI-95 gasoline, but also on the cheaper AI-92. If the vehicle is equipped with HBO, it should be ready to adjust the thermal gaps of the valves every 40-50 thousand kilometers. Two types of transmissions, five-speed mechanics or four-speed automatic transmission were installed in the car, in the secondary market in equal proportions are cars with both types of transmission . As experience of operation has shown, both transmissions have been recommended as reliable units. But, as always, not without minor shortcomings. On both boxes there is a problem with the cover of the gearbox housing, it is made of plastic and does not provide the necessary tightness, as a result, dust and moisture get into the inside, and if the car is more expensive than it rides, corrosion in the primary shaft of the gearbox and leakage of the stuffing box may develop over time .
Kia Rio 3
Suspension Kia Rio turned out not the most hardy, characteristic weaknesses are considered front shock absorbers and hub bearings. On our uneven roads, the lashing of the front shock absorbers is broken, because of this, the front wheel cast is broken. Also, the shock absorbers have a small resource of robots 40-60 thousand km, wheel bearings go no more than 60 thousand kilometers. The other components of the suspension run a little longer: the stabilizer bars - 80 thousand, km; bushings and silent blocks of front levers - up to 100 thousand, km; ball bearings - up to 150 thousand, km. The cost of repair significantly reduces the possibility of a separate replacement of consumables. But the rear suspension was the complete opposite of the front, thanks to this, the owners of Kia Rio 3 call it eternal.
Despite the fact that the Kia Rio 3 is considered a budget car, the interior looks very attractive and well assembled. For the manufacture of torpedo, the manufacturer used hard plastic, which often produces crickets, all elements of the interior are made of medium-quality materials, and in expensive versions, the options are not usual as for compact cars: Multi-wheel, dashboard dashboard, heated front windshield wiper zone, light sensor and much more. The trunk of the car in the body of the sedan has a volume of 500 liters and is one of the largest among competitors. When buying this car with a run, it is necessary to check the heating of the front seats, the onboard computer control buttons and the steering system audio control unit. Also, it is not uncommon for an air conditioning compressor to malfunction.
Kia Rio 3
  • The car has a roomy interior, despite the fact that the car is compact in size.
  • Not a small ground clearance, which is quite important on our roads.
  • A spacious trunk, will satisfy the needs of many motorists.
  • Noise insulation at a fairly good level, which is a great rarity for cars in this price range.
  • Not a bad sound quality of the standard audio system
  • Moderate fuel consumption city 7-9, route 5-6 liters.
  • The car holds well the given trajectory, and confidently passes turns on average speeds.
  • Moderately rigid suspension.
  • Not bad safety indicators.
Kia Rio 3 is not much different from its competitors, pretty appearance, good capacity. As well as at the majority of budgetary cars, often enough the out-of-order consumption of a suspension bracket, and a steering. This car can be advised for young motorists with little experience in driving.If you are or have owned this car brand, please share your experience, indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the car. Perhaps your feedback will help others choose choose used car.
After our review, you know about the problems with Kia Rio 3
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