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Advantages and disadvantages of Kia Sorento 2 with mileage
Kia Sorento 2, almost immediately after the start of sales, won an unprecedented popularity among fans of crossovers. The first generation of Kia Sorento received a lot of criticism: for the oak suspension, poor handling and poor equipment; the second generation of Sorento - on the contrary, turned out to be a full crossover with impressive equipment. Despite the fact that the car is produced in Korea, call it cheap in the original purchase and in the future maintenance, it is quite difficult. But, if we talk about the number of technical problems, then in no case can not be said that ownership of this car will be a pretty penny.

Few facts:  
Kia Sorento 2 is built on the base Hyundai Santa Fe, and was first introduced in 2009 at the Auto Show in Seoul. Work, over the appearance of the new Sorento, was conducted under the leadership of the company's leading designer - Peter Schreier, so in the exterior of the car you can easily see all the most striking features of the concept of "SchreyerLine", Which became the basis for the design of all new models of Kia. Unlike the previous generation, in which the frame construction was used, Sorento 2 is built on the basis of a load-bearing body. The interior of the new machine was completely changed - for interior decoration, high-quality materials began to be used, new functional details were added, and the appearance of the front panel was radically changed. Also, the list of options has expanded, which includes: a rear-view camera, a multimedia system with a 6.5-inch screen, a satellite navigator and a panoramic glass sunroof. In 2013, restyling was carried out, as a result of which the power units and the design of the car were finalized. In 2016, sales of the third generation started.

Kia Sorento 2
Paint coating Kia Sorento 2 is not the best quality, in this connection, the body of the car, quickly covered with scratches and chips. But, despite this, the body very well resists the onslaught of the red-eye disease. And if you meet a car with foci of corrosion, then most likely, its owner saved on recovery after an accident. But chrome elements, under the influence of reagents, quickly covered with various pimples. Kia Sorento 2 is equipped with one of the types of power units - petrol 2.4 (175 hp) and diesel 2.2 (190 hp). As shown by the domestic experience of operation, both motors are very reliable, and cases when the engine required serious repairs - are single. Basically, all problems are associated with improper operation. For example, those who service the car under warranty and carry out routine maintenance on time know that the candles need to be changed at least every 30,000 km. But many owners do not support the guarantee, and often they are delayed with maintenance, as a result - the engine starts to work not steadily, and the indicator "Check Engine". If you use a non-quality oil, the seal of the crankshaft will start to flow over time, and on machines, with a diesel engine - the inflation sensor is out of order. The greatest advantage of the diesel engine Kia Sorento 2 is that it painlessly tolerates the quality of our diesel, and I have not been able to find a single review of the problems associated with starting the engine in a severe frost. Fuel consumption, diesel engines, in urban mode is 9 - 11 liters, along the route - 5 - 6 liters. Gasoline Kia Sorento 2, in the city, consumes about 13 liters of fuel (with a full drive 15 liters.), On the road - 7 liters per hundred. As the transmission is available: six-speed mechanics and automatic transmission with six speeds. In conjunction with any of the power units can go, both mechanics and automaton. Machines, with mechanical boxes, sold very little. Now, in the secondary market among cars put up for sale, the number of cars with a manual box does not exceed 10% of the total volume of used second-hand Kia Sorento 2. Therefore, there is practically no statistics on the reliability of mechanics. Automatic transmission is a classical hydromechanics and by modern standards, conditionally, it is eternal, and the range of 300-350 thousand km is not the limit. But, in order for the transmission to serve you faithfully, change the oil in it at least once per 70,000 km, at the same time, you need to empty the whole volume, not half, as we often do (11 liters of oil will be needed for replacement) . If we talk about the operational features, then, on some cars, when the lever is set to the "drive" position, a couple of seconds the automatic transmission transmits vibration to the car body.
Kia Sorento, with a gasoline engine, can be either with front or all-wheel drive, but with a diesel engine - only the all-wheel drive option is available. The all-wheel drive is not permanent, but connected with an electromagnetic clutch. This system is quite reliable, but some shortcomings in it have been identified. So, in particular, are not famous for the longevity of the coupling motors, as well as their wiring. There are minor remarks to the materials of the interior of the Kia Sorento 2. In particular, on the glossy plastic surfaces, scratches and scrapes appear quickly enough, and in non-accurate drivers , even chipped. Not infrequently, the owners are bothering the whistle from the blow-out deflectors; Repair the salon filter and lubricate the motor bearing to eliminate the problem. If, in the electronic systems of the car there was no outside interference, then there is no problem with it.
Kia Sorento 2
Kia Sorento 2 has a fully independent suspension - front McPherson with a stabilizer bar, rear - lever-spring, with telescopic shock absorbers and anti-roll bar. Most often, in the suspension, you have to change the stabilizer racks (when driving around the city, once in 40,000 km, off-road - every 15-20 thousand km), ball bearings - 40-60 thousand km, bearing bearings - 60 - 70 thousand km. Wheel bearings and shock absorbers are nursed 70 - 90 thousand km, sails and silent blocks - up to 120 thousand km. For 150,000 km, the brake hoses must be replaced. In the rear suspension, at least 40,000 km, it is recommended to lubricate the bolts of the tie rods, and if you do not do this, you will have to use the bolgarku during their replacement. There are no great emotions to expect from this car, as its the style of movement, the car, more like a large comfortable leather sofa, rather than a charged crossover for off-road conquest. Kia Sorento 2 is very like practical motorists who appreciate driving quality and reliability.  
  • Modern design.
  • Reliable engines and transmission.
  • A small fuel consumption.
  • Four-wheel drive.
  • Spacious salon.
  • A large number of options, starting with the basic configuration.

  • Little power for overtaking on the track.
  • Weak paint and varnish coating.
  • Rigid suspension.
  • The cost of service from an authorized dealer.
  • In winter, the cabin warms up for a long time

Photo by Dmitry Ivanov.
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After our review, you know about the problems with Kia Sorento 2
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