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Kia Soul representative of a new cohort of compact urban crossovers, the car belongs to the B-class with increased ground clearance, which allows you to confidently move not only along the highway, but also beyond. Due to its unusual appearance, Kia Soul is quite different from its competitors and causes not a small interest among motorists. But what other differences and weaknesses are available for Kia Soul with mileage, you will learn from this article.
Kia Soul
Kia Soul is available in one modification of the five-door wagon. One of the main advantages of this car is its passive safety, the car scored the maximum five stars according to the results of the crash test Euro NCAP. As experience has shown, the body of the car does not have any special problems with corrosion resistance in the trailer, as well as the owners have no special remarks and the condition of the body parts. When buying Kia Soul with a run, carefully inspect the protruding parts of the body and the wheel arches, as on some parts of the car the manufacturer did not paste protective film, therefore in these places chipped and corroded quickly enough.
Kia Soul
Kia Soul which were sold in the CIS equipped with engines with the same volume of 1.6 liters (petrol 124 hp, and turbodiesel 128 hp). Most often in the secondary market there are cars with a gasoline engine. As the experience of operation has shown, in general, the engines do not cause special problems, except in the diesel versions of the first years of production, leakage of the valve cover can appear, and the injectors badly tolerate poor-quality fuel, and if they are not cleaned in time, you will have to shell out for a considerable amount for repairs . Otherwise, the engines of Kia Soul, no other characteristic problems have been identified. I would like to note the turbo diesel engine, which has not bad thrust and dynamo (maximum 260 Hm is reached at 1900 rpm), as well as a small fuel consumption, many owners fit in the city in 6-7 liters per hundred. But the owners of petrol versions can not boast of such results, on average the mechanic consumes 8-9 liters, and with automatic transmission from 10 to 12 liters per hundred kilometers.
Kia Soul
Despite the concept of a compact urban crossover and an increased ground clearance of 164 centimeters, all Kia Souls are equipped with only a front-wheel drive. For the car were offered two types of transmissions five-speed mechanics and a six-speed automatic. As the experience of operation has shown, the most reliable are the automatic gearbox and the mechanics, which was paired with a gasoline engine. But the mechanic, which was installed in the turbine with the turbo was quite problematic, the most common fault is the weakening of the damper springs of the clutch, because of this during the movement in the rear gear box produces a strong buzz. Also, it is not uncommon for a back-up transmission sensor to leak. The suspension is simple enough in front of McPherson with a stabilizer bar, behind it is a semi-independent twisting beam. In practice, the Kia Soul suspension proved to be quite reliable, most often it is necessary to change the stabilizer bushings on average every 30-40 thousand km, the racks serve up to 60 thousand km, the ball supports have a resource of 70-80 thousand km, the silent blocks of the front levers can serve more than 100,000 km. Rear suspension car owners and workers are called eternal, silent blocks of the rear beam, because of wear and tear are very rare. The steering is equipped with an electric booster, it should be noted that this node is not very reliable and can present many unpleasant surprises, so owners often call noise when rotating steering, which is caused by the wear of the electric motor of the amplifier, the cardan joint of the steering shaft is quickly broken. Consumers of the steering have a good resource, tips of steering rods up to 100,000 kilometers, traction 150 thousand km.
Like most budget cars in Kia Soul, medium-quality interior finishes are used (fabric seats, plastic torpedo and door cards), because of this, the finish quickly loses its original appearance. If you often fold and fold the rear seats, then quickly enough their machinery will fail. The salon electrical equipment as a whole works without problems, window lifters or their control unit can deliver troubles so the guides do not often get dirty, because of this the mechanism does not work correctly. The most significant drawback of Kia Soul is not a large trunk, its hiking capacity is only 220 liters, with folded rear seats, the volume will increase to 700 liters, but in this form it is the smallest among competitors.
Kia Soul
Kia Soul is considered the most problem-free among the models of the company Kia, the main points concern not very reliable steering, and a small trunk. But as practice has shown the car has more pluses than minuses:
  • Attractive appearance
  • High ground clearance
  • Reliable motors and suspension
  • Small market value
  • Relatively inexpensive service
If you are or have owned this car brand, please share your experience, indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the car. Perhaps your feedback will help others choose choose used car.
After our review, you know about the problems with Kia Soul
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