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Disadvantages of Kia Sportage 3 with mileage.
To date, domestic motorists were represented by four generations Kia Sportage, in 1993 the first generation of Sportage appeared on the market, which sold out in large quantities in the world, in 2004 the second generation appeared on sale. In March 2010 it was the third generation, which is very different from previous versions of appearance, technical characteristics and price. It's no secret that Kia Sportage of the third generation attracts its customers with a bright interior and exterior design, besides, previous generations have earned a reputation for reliable cars, which is especially important for a used car buyer. And here how reliable is the third generation and whether to consider buying Kia Sportage 3 with mileage, now try to figure it out.
Kia Sportage 3
As the domestic experience of operation has shown, the paint and varnish coating of the body, like many modern cars, does not have a special resistance to external influences, small chips and scratches appear quickly enough. In this case, the metal has good corrosion resistance. Often enough, owners call badly closed front doors, this problem is solved by blurring the locks. Winter in the windshield in the area of ​​heated janitors may appear a crack, this is a common problem, so when choosing a used car, pay attention to which glass is installed, original or not. As in many cars, due to the lack of ventilation holes, the front optics fog in the area of ​​daytime running lights, while the electrician does not present any surprises.
Kia Sportage 3
Kia Sportage 3 is equipped with one petrol engine in volume of 2 liters (150 hp), two two-liter (136 and 184 hp) and 1.7 liter diesel engines. As domestic experience of operation has shown, no problems arise with any of the engine types, in rare cases, owners face a spontaneous stop of the engine during braking, this feature arises only on a car with automatic transmission and is associated with malfunctions in the algorithm of the electronic control unit. Many do not like the specific robot of the gasoline pump, which produces a whistling sound, it should be noted that this sound is not a signal about the imminent failure of the pump. Economical Kia Sportage 3 is difficult to name, in the urban cycle, the petrol version consumes 12 -15 liters, and in the mixed cycle it consumes 12-12 liters. As for the servicing of power units, diesel versions will cost a little more.  
Kia Sportage 3
Kia Sportage is equipped with a mechanical and automatic transmission, as experience has shown, mainly transmissions work without any complaints, but on some cars a little bit can disturb the automatic transmission. In automatic transmission, the problem of the box's hanging is not uncommon (when an attempt is made to accelerate, the engine speed increases, and the speed remains unchanged for 2 to 3 seconds). In some cases, the car remains unmovable after moving the selector to the "R" or "D" position, the movement starts after 2 to 5 seconds of idle time with a strong jerk. Official service and could not diagnose the reason for this behavior of the transmission, in some cases helps to replace the hydraulic unit, if this does not help the service will offer to replace the transmission with a new one. In the rest, there are no complaints about the automatic transmission and mechanics of the owners. As the operational experience showed, the Sportage suspension in the third generation is not as reliable as its predecessors, but still it is significantly more reliable than many competitors. On some cars, there is a failure of the all-wheel drive due to the destruction of the rear gearbox and the failure of the clutch pump. In the rear suspension can spring springs with a run of 30000, because of this in the suspension begin to be heard from outside sounds, even in the rear suspension can knock the corrugation of shock absorbers. In the front suspension is often worried stabilizer struts, and shock absorbers. The front panel is made of soft plastic and with time does not bother with extraneous sounds, the rest of the interior trim materials are also quite good quality and after a long period of operation they do not lose their original appearance. Planting and chairs are very comfortable, but critics deserve not so good location of the handle of the microlift control, the fact is that when landing and disembarking an involuntary depression of the handle occurs and the chair gradually descends. After restyling in 2012, this problem was eliminated.
Kia Sportage has a modern interior and exterior design, and is equally suitable for traveling around the city and for traveling on rough terrain. All-wheel drive helps to overcome a little off-road, but to consider this car for constant trips to fishing and hunting is not worth it, since the car is more intended for movement in the city.
  • Controllability.
  • Soundproofing.
  • Quality of interior decoration materials.
  • Reliable engines.

  • Weak paint and varnish coating.
  • Freeze of automatic transmission.
  • High fuel consumption in the petrol version.
  • Large front stoics overlap the view.
  • The standard audio system is not for music lovers.
If you are or have owned this car brand, please share your experience, indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the car. Perhaps your feedback will help others to choose the right one choose used car.

After our review, you know about the problems with Kia Sportage 3
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