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Kratoko about the shortcomings of the second generation of Kia Tserato with a run
Kia Tserato second generation - one of the creations of the world-famous German designer Peter Schreyer. After his arrival in the company "Kia", All cars of this brand received a bright design and a corporate tiger's grin, and Tserato is no exception. But the ordinary buyer is not interested in appearance, but reliability and practicality of the car, you see, nobody needs a constantly breaking, uncomfortable, but beautiful car. Fortunately, engineers Kia managed to combine beauty, comfort and reliability, but there were some shortcomings, we'll talk about them today.

A bit of history:
Kia Tserato first generation was produced in South Korea. In his homeland, the car was called "Kia K3"And went on sale in 2003. In other markets, the car went on sale in 2004 and under different names: in Europe, Australia, Brazil and the CIS - Cerato, in the USA - Spectra. According to a number of online publications, Tserato immediately became a "bestseller" and in many countries for a long time occupied the leading positions in sales. The second generation of the model was presented in 2009 at a motor show in Los Angeles. The novelty, in comparison with the previous version, had absolutely new appearance which corresponded to the new concept of design of cars Kia. If the first generation was produced in the body sedan and hatchback, then in the second generation instead of the hatchback began to produce cars in the body of the coupe (available from 2010). The model was sold all over the world under the name "Kia Forte", and in some countries, including the CIS, the old name was retained, due to the desire of the representation to save on the promotion of the new model.
In the CIS the car is officially sold since March 2009. Kia Tserato second generation was built on the cheap platform "Kia Sid", it also built "Hyundai Elantra". Compared with the previous generation, the renewed Tserato has become a bit wider and longer. Also, the wheelbase was enlarged, which positively affects the stability and controllability of the car. At the same time, the clearance was reduced by one centimeter, which in turn positively affected the aerodynamic performance. In 2009, a hybrid version of Kia Cerato was presented at the auto show in Seoul, this concept was equipped with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine by the Korean engineers and a 15-kW 20-hp motor powered by a lithium-polymer battery. It is worth noting that such a battery was first used in the automotive industry. Unlike "Kia Rio", Which has a big difference in appearance between the American and European version, Tserato has only one difference - the color of the indicator of turns in the tail lights (in the American version it is red, and in the European version - orange). The second generation of Kia Cerato was produced until 2013, after which the third generation of this model replaced it.

Kia Tserato
Paint coating of Kia Cerato is very thin, plus it is made on a water basis, as a result, scratches and chips on the car body appear quickly enough. On copies older than three years, chrome elements begin to cloud, and paint on the trunk lid, rear doors, arches and windshield racks may begin to swell. Despite this, the foci of corrosion on machines in their home paint are extremely rare. As with most budget cars, the front lights are foggy with temperature changes, and their glazing is not often covered with cracks. Because of poor-quality seal of the rear doors, in rainy weather, the interior gets into the interior. Kia Cerato is equipped with simple atmospheric gasoline engines - 1.6 (125 hp) and 2.0 (150 hp). European and American copies, in addition to these two engines, are also equipped with power units - petrol 2.4 (176 hp), diesel 1.6 (140 hp) and turbodiesel 1.6 (128 hp). Some owners of Kia Tserato complain that after the start of the cold engine, from the area of ​​the power unit, there are extraneous sounds. This sound is very much like the clutch of valves, as a rule, appears after 50,000 km of run. In most cases, the source of this knock is the timing chain, to be precise, its tensioner, and if the tensioner is not replaced in time, a chain jump occurs, and then a fateful meeting of valves with pistons is inevitable. When buying a car with a run of 80-100 thousand km, I would recommend Replace the tensioner with the chain. I'll explain why, the replacement will cost not cheap, about $ 200, but it will protect you from possible troubles for 70-100 thousand kilometers. For 120-130 thousand km of run, the engine begins to eat up oil, in order to eliminate this drawback, it is necessary to change the oil-removal caps and rings. In severe frosts, most of the Tserato do not start, this is due to the fact that the lubricant in the retractor relay is not intended for use in frost, and as a result, it thickens strongly. At run in 100000 km the starter, the thermostat and the pump break down.
Kia Tserato
Initially, a five-speed mechanic and a four-speed automatic were installed on the Kia Cerato. In 2010, there was a small technical upgrade, after which began to use a six-speed manual and automatic transmission. The mechanical gearbox, closer to 50000 km, starts to buzz when driving on the rear gear, and with increasing mileage, the rumble will only intensify. To solve the problem, it is necessary to replace the clutch kit, in the official service for it ask about 400 cu. The squeeze bearing on this machine is sounding, so do not be surprised if you squeeze the clutch and hear a whistle and a squeak. Replacement of the bearing solves the problem for a short time, a maximum of 15,000 km. Many owners, in order not to listen to the sucking squeak, lubricate the bearing and fork areas with special grease.
To the reliability of the four-speed automatic gearbox, there are no complaints, but six-speed automatic gear can present an unpleasant surprise. So, in particular, the owners complain about the rush of the hose, which takes the gear oil for cooling. The explanation of the problem is simple, some time for the production supplied defective hoses. In most cases, this defect has been eliminated under warranty. Also, after 100,000 km of run, the hydroblock and the selector sensor (inhibitor) break down. The suspension of the Kia Cerato has changed a lot compared to the previous version - in front, as before the McPherson-type suspension was installed, but instead of the comfortable multi-lever, . Knocks in the suspension of the Cirato appear early enough, but they should not be frightened, since the inconvenience comes from the detached shock absorber. The problem is solved easily and inexpensively, it is necessary to install an anther in its place and fix it with clamps. As with most modern cars, it is often necessary to change the struts and bushings of the stabilizer, approximately every 30-40 thousand km. Front shock absorbers, depending on the operating conditions, live 50-80 thousand km, the rear ones up to 150000 km, but the rear springs can already reach 100,000 km. After 60,000 km, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the SHRUS anther, as on many runs it is on this run that cracks appear on it, which negatively affects the resource of the SHRUS itself. Silent blocks, wheel bearings, ball bearings with careful exploitation will serve about 100,000 km of run. The steering rack here is very weak and to 60,000 km by 80% of cars requires replacement or repair.
Kia Tserato second generation - a reliable and easy-to-maintain car. Despite all the shortcomings, Tserato remains one of the most interesting options in the budget to 11,000 USD.   
Kia Tserato

  • Design
  • Low price for spare parts.
  • Moderate fuel consumption.
  • A capacious trunk.


  • Weak paint and varnish coating.
  • Weak noise insulation.
  • A small ground clearance.
  • Over time, crickets appear in the cabin.

After our review, you know about the problems with Kia Tserato
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