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King of bikesYou love cool sports stories, capable of just a few seconds to accelerate to hundreds of kilometers per hour, then you just have to get acquainted with our new android, called "King of bikes», In which on bikes you can not only drive, but also get up a lot of all sorts of dizzying stunts. By the way, since there is no violence or bloody scenes in this toy, gamers of all ages with android devices with an operating system of at least 2.3 can enjoy playing with it.

The essence of this new product from the company "Timuz games", represents nothing else, as at times improved mega hit the nineties called "Gravity Defied". That is, in this and in this game, gamers need to drive a two-wheeled vehicle with four keys, where two are responsible for speed and braking, and two remain for the driver’s body mass displacement, which allows them to successfully pass on obstacles on the road. To be honest with this, all the similarities end, and the differences begin:

1. This project has excellent 3D graphics and a free viewing camera;
2. In addition to obstacles on the road, there are still obstacles in the air in the form of live dragons;
3. There is an opportunity to both acquire new bikes and modernize old ones;
4. In the game, you can twist loops a la Hedgehog Dream interpretation from the game console Sega Mega Drive 2;
5. If you wish, you can invest real money in the game by purchasing donat.

To be honest, if you have ever played Gravity Defied in your life, and hooking on its fascinating gameplay was spent playing the game for hours, then take our word for it, from "King of bikes"You will be crazy. However, not everything is as rosy as we would like it to be, this game, in addition to significant advantages, also has disadvantages. First, they should be attributed to the meager crediting of funds to the account for the passage of locations, which in itself tells us that in such a cunning way, developers are pushing gamers to buy Donat. Secondly, there is no Russian language in the game, and although it is not too important, nevertheless it is difficult to understand the game interface without it. And thirdly, the game updates happen too rarely (errors are not corrected, new locations are not added).

Completing the review of the free android game "King of bikes"It remains to say that true fans of" Gravity Defied "she will like, even with all the cons.

Version APK: 1.3
File Size: 51.82Mb
Developer: TIMUZ GAMES
Android Version: 2.3 and higher
Type of License: Free

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