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What to look for before buying Lada Largus with a run
Lada Largus (in translation from Latin - generous) - this is a modern and versatile car of Russian production, which has been waiting for a long time. Proven time, a familiar platform, low prices, ease of maintenance and convenient bodywork have become the main guarantee of success and popular recognition. Since the first days of official sales, the car has caused an unprecedented rush, and the turnaround queues have reached nine months for running gear. The car is built on one platform (B-0) with Renault Logan MCV, and this is the first joint project AvtoVAZ and Alliance Renault-Nissan. There are three modifications of Lada Largus - a five-and seven-seat passenger station wagon, as well as a cargo double van. From his older brother, Largus is distinguished by a new radiator grille and slightly better adaptation to our operating conditions. The machines can be from the most Spartan to fully equipped. Optional for an additional charge set air conditioning, ABS, power steering, front electric windows, audio system.
Lada Largus
Sometimes in the secondary market there are Larguses with a not very accurate factory assembly, and many buyers think that they are trying to sell a broken car. But this opinion is not infrequently mistaken, as some body panels are not always well fitted by the manufacturer when assembling the car. There are also problems with bodywork and painting, and the main problem is not so much with corrosion, as with the quality of the paint coating, which is broken off in large pieces. Before buying Lada Largus with a mileage, pay special attention to the thresholds, the edges of the doors, the inside of the trunk doors and under the hood space, in places where the fluid reservoirs come into contact with the metal. Initially, Lada Largus installed two types of power units, both 1.6 liter , but only one 8-valve (84 hp), and the other 16-valve (102 hp). At the end of 2015, there was an engine with a volume of 1.6 (87 hp) - this is Vaz's own development. The eight-valve motors have a significant advantage over the 16 valve units, since they are cheaper to maintain, and less demanding on the quality of the fuel. If we talk about the Nissan engine, which is well known, for the same Renault Logan, there is nothing to tell, since these engines are very reliable and with proper maintenance, without major repairs, they care for more than 500,000 km. Some cars had problems with cold start, especially in winter, but such cars are rare. Also, some owners complain that, with a small run, their rear engine support comes out. This failure is manifested by a single metallic sound from under the hood when the engine is suddenly moved from a place or brakes. If we talk about buying a second-hand Lada Largus, it's better to give preference to a car with a more powerful 1.6 engine. The fact is that some drivers do not have enough 84 horsepower, and they start to twist the engine more, because of this, it quickly develops its resource.
Lada Largus
Some machines initially got not very successful firmware of the engine, in this case, the car you will not be very willing to start in the morning. Eliminates this problem by replacing the firmware of dealers for a more reliable one. One of the most troublesome places is the diode bridge of the generator, with breakage of which, even on a new battery, there will not be a car. There is only a five-speed manual transmission installed on Largus. Initially, the manufacturer planned to install a four-speed automatic, but so far no cars with automatic transmissions. The structural feature of the mechanical gearbox is that in some machines the rear gear does not turn on very well and not the first time. Many owners turned to the service center for warranty, and there they were told that this was a design feature of the transmission, and not a breakdown. Also, there are a lot of complaints that the transmissions are no longer being switched on, this is due to the fact that the switching cable is broken. The manufacturer claims that the oil in the gearbox is designed for the entire operation line, but many master car repair shops recommend that it be changed once in 60,000 km. It is also desirable to check the oil level in the transmission once every 15,000 km. The plastic in this budget car is very stiff and rattlesome, but it's not worth it, as this defect is present in all budget cars. Lada Largus will not be able to please its owners, good acoustic comfort, as the manufacturer does not know about the availability of such materials as vibration and noise insulation. From their French ancestors, the car inherited a poor quality of electronics, so the failure of the electrical equipment of the salon here occurs quite often. For example, the illumination of the dashboard and the performance of the instruments can sometimes spontaneously light up or go out. Many owners, after trips with air conditioning, found a small amount of water in the cabin, the cause of this phenomenon is the condensation of the air conditioner, which for unexplained reasons appears in the cabin. Deficiency is eliminated under warranty.
Lada Largus

In terms of technical characteristics, Lada Largus has a good running gear. Front suspension McPherson, rear suspension - a transverse beam with a bar of anti-roll bars, helical cylindrical springs, telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers, double-acting and longitudinal levers. It is worth noting that Largus is quite a heavy car, with high body sails. Thanks to the large strokes of the shock absorbers and the reinforced springs, the suspension turned out to be quite energy-intensive, and copes well with minor irregularities, there are no breaks even at full load. One of the advantages of the Lada Largus suspension is that it is simple enough, and if something happens to it , then you can repair it yourself, and save money. The weakest place in the suspension, it's ball bearings, a signal about the need for a replacement will be tapping while driving. Based on the feedback of the owners about the performance of the station wagon (it should be noted that there are practically no negative qualities), then the overall impression of the chassis is positive, as many cars with a mileage of 70 - 80 thousand km, suspension repair has never been carried out. The resource of the brake pads is 30,000 km, the wheels will have to be replaced after 50,000 km.
Lada Largus - given its reliability, has more advantages than disadvantages. One of the biggest advantages is the slow depreciation of the car.
  • Resource power units.
  • Comfortable and reliable suspension.
  • Moderate fuel consumption.
  • Low maintenance costs and spare parts.

  • Weak paint and varnish coating.
  • Build quality.
  • Absence of noise insulation.
  • Unreliable electronics.
  • Quality of interior trim materials.

If you are or have owned this car brand, please share your experience, indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the car. Perhaps, it is your feedback that will help others to correctly choose a used car.
After our review, you know about the problems with Lada Largus
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