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The main problems and disadvantages of Lada Priora with a run
Lada Priora (2171) - one of the leaders in sales among domestic cars. Not so long ago this car was replaced on our roads by the tenth family of Vaz. And although at its heart Priory is a restyling version of the "dozens", but, nevertheless, it is an absolutely new car and, not only externally, but also technically. And here, whether it is worth buying a second-hand Lada Prioru or better to prefer an older foreign car, we will try to answer this question today.

A bit of history:
Debut Lada Priora in the domestic market took place in 2007 year, although the prototype was 2003 year. Initially, the car was produced only in the body sedan, a little later, when the model began to gain popularity, the manufacturer began to produce a car in the body - a hatchback, station wagon and even a coupe. Lada Priora It was developed to replace the 10th family of Lada, and unlike its predecessors, the novelty received absolutely new units and units that were manufactured using the new technology. AT 2008 year AvtoVAZ carried out refinement of the body, which significantly improved not only its rigidity, but also the passive safety of the car.

Lada Priora
Paint and anticorrosion treatment of the body is not of the best quality, as a result, corrosion on the car body is quite common phenomenon. The rust is most striking: wheel arches (in the places of fastening of the fenders), the inside of the front and rear doors, thresholds and the hood. Also, are not renowned for their quality and reliability of the head light bulb. Not infrequently, after a rain in a luggage compartment in niches under headlights it is possible to find out a moisture, but, under the statement of the manufacturer the given lack does not demand completions, as there are stoppers for drainage of water.Lada Priora was completed only with gasoline power units 1.6 - index 21126 (98 hp) and 21127 (106 hp). Operational experience has shown that both types of engines are reliable and unpretentious in maintenance, but some disadvantages in them, however, have been identified, the main ones being: loss of power and unstable engine operation. One of the weakest motors is the sensors, they can fail on any run, and believe me, they do it often enough. Another common problem is the failure of the throttle and the burning of the cylinder head gasket. Also, in some instances, in severe frosts, squeezes the camshaft plugs, as a result of which, the oil from the motor quickly escapes. It appears that the thermostat valve refuses at an early stage of life, therefore, do not forget to periodically look at the engine temperature indicator. Not known for their longevity ignition coil and fuel pump. The timing gear is equipped with a belt, the manufacturer claims that its service lines are about 200,000 km, however, practice has shown that the reason for the meeting of the valves and cylinders is the jamming of the support or tension roller or the breakdown of the pump. Therefore, it is recommended to change the rollers at least twice as often as prescribed in the regulations, and also, periodically check the degree of tension and condition of the belt.
Lada Priora
Lada Priora was equipped with only a five-speed manual gearbox. This box is not a standard of quality and reliability, as a result, the transmission constantly requires adjustment and adjustment. The main disadvantage of the Priora, as in principle and other models of production AvtoVAZ, are weak synchronizers. Signal of their wear and the need for replacement in the near future will serve as a crunch when changing gears. In this model, reinforced clutch of the company "LUK", However, the problem of the rolling pinion bearing at idle turns is found on every second machine. Also, many owners call a constant noise in the box, which disappears only when the clutch is squeezed out. The manufacturer, this noise does not recognize the breakdown and calls it "a feature of unit operation". In order to extend the transmission service lines, many servicemen recommend changing the oil in the box at least every 75,000 km. Before the Lada suspension, the owners of foreign cars like to tell stories about how the car collapses on the move. Perhaps earlier these rumors were justified, but now we can confidently say that the reliability of the suspension is not much inferior to most budget foreign cars. As with all modern cars, the front of Lada Priora has a MacPherson-type suspension, and a transverse beam at the back. Changing the settings of the shock absorbers, finalizing the springs and strengthening the front stabilizer made the running Priora more knocked down, also, this allowed to increase the life of many suspension parts.
Most often bother the owners of the bushings and stabilizer struts, they have to be changed every 10-20 thousand km. The steering tips and bearings of the hubs, on average, nurse 40-50 thousand km. Ball bearings and bearing bearings of shock absorbers can withstand no more than 70,000 km. SHRUS, silenbloky and shock absorbers have a sufficiently large margin of safety and with careful operation can pass up to 100,000 km. The quality of the original brake pads leaves much to be desired, therefore, it is better to replace them with better analogues. When diagnosing, pay attention to the behavior of the electric power steering, the fact is that on cars of the first years of production this node may not work correctly, because of what you can suddenly fly off the road. The signal about the presence of a malfunction of the amplifier will be: a heavy steering wheel and jerks with a slow turn of the rudder. To solve the problem, it is necessary to clean or repair the wiring harness of the unit. Compared with the previous AvtoVAZ models, Lada Priora looks more like a foreign car, but it is not a merit of the domestic manufacturer, for example, the design of the torpedo was borrowed from Ford Mondeo 3. But, unfortunately, remained as before - at a very low level. In the cabin, absolutely everything thunders, and the older the car becomes, the more instruments appear in this orchestra. Partially eliminate squeaks and mortars will help pasting the joints of plastic elements with absorbing materials. Not known for its reliability and electrical equipment. Most often out of order: power windows, fan stoves, often give failure and all kinds of sensors. Fortunately, to eliminate any of the above problems do not require serious investment.
Lada Priora
Answering the question: "Is it worth buying a second-hand Lada Priora?". Even after realizing that this car suffers from a lot of "sores" and shortcomings, it can still be recommended for purchase. It should be noted that for the majority of the above problems, methods of treatment have long been invented and tested in practice. In addition, the cost of spare parts is much lower than that of most competitors, and if you have even the slightest idea about the device of the car, you can perform uncomplicated repairs yourself.
  • Low cost
  • Large ground clearance.
  • Economical.
  • Ease of maintenance.

  • Body's tendency to corrosion.
  • Failures in electronics.
  • The rattling salon.
  • Absence of noise insulation.

After our review, you know about the problems with Lada Priora
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