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Work on the bugs: the disadvantages of Land Rover Discovery 3 with a run
Land Rover Discovery 3 has an ambiguous image and a dubious reputation. However, once becoming the owner of this car many become ardent fans of the model for many years, but there are also many skeptics who get rid of the car, faced with minor car problems. Among the skeptics there is even an anecdote: if a gentleman is not in service, and drives around on his Discovery, this does not mean that his car is in order. It's just that their master has two - while one is being repaired, he rides on the second. Despite this, you can hardly find another such car with such a curious development history and unusual design elements. The new Discovery was created in the spirit of fashion trends, because buyers wanted from off-road cars, first of all, beauty and comfort, and only then - passability. It can not be said that the off-road characteristics of the car have worsened, but it has become more constructively more complex and when buying it is worth keeping in mind that it is unlikely to repair the car yourself in the garage.
A bit of history:
Land Rover Discovery - a mid-size SUV, which first appeared on the market in 1989, all, at the moment, four generations have been produced. The second generation appeared in 1998, despite the fact that the exterior of the novelty was not much different from its predecessor, its design has undergone significant changes. Land Rover Discovery 3 appeared on the market in 2004. The car was significantly different from its predecessors - continuous bridges, frame construction and manual control of locks were in the past. Work on the development of new technical solutions turned for manufacturers Land Rover big problems and costs, because the car has a complex design and an abundance of electronics, the number of failures of major units and aggregates exceeded the average statistical figure. Optimism was added by the fact that the manufacturer reacted quickly to shortcomings and tried to eliminate its mistakes.

Land Rover Discovery 3
For the Land Rover Discovery 3, which was officially supplied to the CIS market, two power units were designed - the turbodiesel 2.7 (190 hp) and the petrol 4.4 (300 hp). The gasoline engine is not in high demand among motorists, which is probably why characteristic problems have not been revealed, except for too much fuel consumption up to 20 liters per 100 km. Diesel engine is a joint development of the company "Ford"And the alliance"Peugeot-Citroen". This power unit, with proper maintenance, will serve 500,000 km and more, but in spite of this, there are not enough shortcomings. So, in particular, even with small runs there is a deposit on the EGR flaps, which eventually leads to their failure. The main signs about the need to clean or replace the valves is the deterioration of the dynamic performance of the engine and the difficult start. Often, the owners also call for the reliability of the valve cooler EGR.Also, cases of failure are not uncommon Injection pump and a submersible fuel pump, over time, the manufacturer upgraded both pumps, after which they became significantly more reliable. Often cases of squeezing oil through the front crankshaft seal, it happens so quickly that, often, the car reaches the service without oil and with a knocking motor. The main reason is the wrong operation of the oil pump, over time, the manufacturer upgraded this unit. Also, the system deficiencies include: cranking crankshaft inserts, a malfunction of the exhaust pipe of the exhaust system, an oil temperature sensor and a crank gear. Fuel nozzles are sensitive to fuel quality, and if you avoid refueling with poor-quality diesel, they will serve 100-120 thousand km , glow plugs have the same resource. One of the advantages of this motor is the resource of the turbine, with proper operation it will serve not one hundred thousand km, but, in case of its breakdown, you have to fork out. This power unit has a rather large appetite for both a diesel engine - an average of 14 liters in the city. But, thanks to the considerable volume of the tank (85 liters), it is possible to avoid frequent visits to refueling.
Land Rover Discovery 3
TransmissionLand Rover Discovery 3 can be equipped with a six-speed mechanics and an automatic transmission with the same number of gears. As experience of operation has shown, mechanics has proved to be the best in terms of reliability. At the automatic transmission, after 130000 km of run, jerks and jerks can appear at a gear change and traffic in a stopper. Often, to eliminate the problem helps zeroing errors in the transmission control unit, but if this does not help, the torque converter is to be replaced. If, constantly using the car as a full-fledged SUV, problems with the all-wheel drive may begin. The fact that the interaxle couplings are very afraid of heavy loads and overheating, as a result, with constant slippage of the coupling quickly wear out, which subsequently leads to an expensive repair of the transmission. If the locking of the rear differential has failed, the servomotor of its drive is probably to blame for this. Occasionally, there are cases of damage to the cardan shaft, its support and the front differential. To prolong the life of the transmission, gearbox and transfer case, it is recommended to change the oil and filter in them at least once every 80,000 km. The Land Rover Discovery 3 has a comfortable fit and excellent visibility. In the interior, the British tried to stick to minimalism, in some ways they succeeded. Finishing materials and noise insulation of good quality, as a result, extraneous noise in the cabin is a rarity. Also, to the merits can be attributed audio system, as the quality of its sound envied by most owners of premium cars. Electrical equipment is not very reliable. Among the main drawbacks can be identified: the failure of the sound signal, because of the ABS sensor failure, the speedometer ceases to function, the radio is automatically turned off, the main off-site chip Discovery - the Terrain Response system. Another household problem is the failure of the tailgate lock, according to statistics, breaks down on every second car.
Land Rover Discovery 3
ElectricsThe biggest disadvantage of the car is electronics. Problems in electronics are divided into two groups: 1 - software failure, 2 - oxidation of wiring contacts. Due to the raw software, anything could go away, so it was necessary to refresh the main control units practically every time the car was serviced. Naturally, with each problem, everything became less and, in course of time, almost all the shortcomings were solved, and those that remained are often eliminated by the usual reboot of the system. But with the oxidized contacts all more difficult - the main problem places are the wiring loops of the rear left wheel, and the electric drive of the inter-wheel differential. Loss of communication in the circuit is usually accompanied by lowering the body in the middle or lower position and shimmering like a Christmas tree, the instrument panel. Often, the owners are called and the loss of contacts in the fog lights and direction indicators.

Drive characteristics Land Rover Discovery 3 with a runThe main difference between the third generation of Discovery from its predecessors is the presence of a completely independent suspension with the possibility of changing the clearance. Such an innovation the manufacturer has considerably improved the smooth running, controllability and patency of the car. Despite the fact that the airbags are protected by metal casing, the problems with them are quite common. Due to the unsuccessful location of the compressor (near the rear left wheel), very often inexperienced employees of the SRT confuse it with a jack support. There are cars with conventional suspension, but they are a rarity in the secondary market. Suspension of the Land Rover Discovery 3 is very weak, as for a car of this class, and in our realities it has to be sorted, on average, every 60-80 thousand km. Most often, the stabilizer struts and the silent blocks of the front levers go out 40-50 thousand km), front hub bearings (change assembled with pivoting fists), ball bearings and steering tips last a little longer - up to 70-80 thousand km. Pneumosuspension requires special attention (you need to check the airbags for the presence of cracks in order to prevent the compressor from running to idle) and with proper care will serve 100-120 thousand km. Unlike many cars with pneumatic system, the repair of undercarriage Discovery 3 does not cost much. Up to 100,000 km there is a backlash in the steering rack and, if it is not repaired immediately, then, in time, the rake will have to be replaced, and this, the pleasure is not cheap - about 1500 cu.

Outcome:Choosing a used Land Rover Discovery 3 try to avoid cars of the first years of release, the fact is that every year the manufacturer has eliminated more and more shortcomings, as a result, most of the deficiencies have been eliminated. You can safely say that the myths about the unreliability of this car are in the past, therefore, buying this model in the secondary market is a very reasonable solution. Pluses:• Frame construction of the body.
• Rich equipment.
• Comfortable suspension.
• Audio system (Harman Kardon). Disadvantages:• When using a car in a megacity, corrosion appears on the frame.
• High fuel consumption.
• Small life of the suspension.
• Not a very reliable electrician.

After our review, you know about the problems with Land Rover Discovery 3
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