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Problems and disadvantages Land Rover Freelander 2 with a run
Land Rover Freelander this is the entrance ticket to the world of royal cars. This car is the younger brother of the world famous premium SUV Range Rover. This relationship has a positive effect not only on popularity, but also on quality and off-road characteristics. Moreover, buying a used Land Rover Freelander is facing much less potential problems than buying a flagship line of royal cars. But let's talk about everything in order.

A bit of history:
The company Land Rover did not immediately decided to release a small parquet SUV, despite the fact that in the 90's the crossovers were gaining popularity. Fans of the English car industry are inclined to justify such a decision by the reluctance of Land Rover to spoil its image, selling an off-the-shelf SUV. In fact, all the blame for financial problems: the firm "MG Rover", Which owned the brand"LAND ROVER", Simply did not have the financial capacity to develop and launch a fundamentally new car for itself. Therefore, the first Freelander appeared only in 1997, when he had more than enough competitors.
The first version of Freelander was five-door, but in 1999 a three-door crossover was introduced. The second generation of Land Rover Freelender was presented in July 2006 at the Motor Show in London. Frilender 2 is produced at the Halwood plant. In addition to exterior and interior, the range of power units was updated. In 2010, Freelander 2 underwent a small restyling, and most importantly the update is under the hood. In the new model year, the car began to be equipped with new engines, this was done to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, as well as to reduce fuel consumption.

Land Rover Freelander 2
Land Rover Freelender 2 can be equipped with both petrol and diesel power units - petrol 3.2 (233 hp); Diesel 2.2 (150-160 and 190 hp). The diesel engine became the most widespread, and as experience of exploitation showed, it won the popular recognition for a reason. In addition to the fact that the motor is very reliable, it still has the smallest expense among crossovers. The average consumption of this engine is only 7 liters per hundred. In addition, we are used to the fact that the diesel engine is usually noisy, the freelender in this component is a rare exception, since here the turbo engine is very quiet, and in the passenger compartment it is almost not audible. Of the standard diesel deficiencies, there is only one, and it is exclusively winter. The machine can run badly in the frost, if before that you refueled with non-quality diesel fuel. In connection with the design features, the exhaust camshaft was destroyed on the cars of the first years of production, fortunately, this disadvantage is not found on all cars. When choosing a car of the 2006-2008 release, ask the owner if he has changed the camshaft under warranty, if this procedure was not held, there is a big risk of getting on expensive repairs. Repair to replace the camshaft costs 1500-2000 USD. Also, do not forget to pay attention to the timing belt. If the previous owner was not fueled with high-quality fuel, there is a high probability that you will have to change the fuel injectors, the original ones will cost $ 1000. pcs., not the original - from 200 cu. In our harsh operating conditions, the engine should be serviced no less than once per 10000 km of run. It is quite difficult to change the oil filter, plus a special key is needed to remove it, so many masters in the garage STO filter do not change (be extremely careful). Also, the motor does not like air starvation, be sure to monitor the condition of the air filter and the air flow sensor (mounted on the air filter housing). Machines with petrol engines on the secondary market are very rare, since even new ones sell very little. The main reason for small sales lies in a large fuel consumption, in the city, on average, 15-17 liters per hundred. On reliability, to the gasoline engine there are no complaints. This power unit was developed by the company Volvo and quite a long time is installed on a number of cars. Do not forget that the gasoline pump, like most cars, is cooled naturally (immersed in a gas tank), therefore, do not allow the fuel in the warm season to have little fuel (try to keep at least half a tank of gasoline in the heat).
Land Rover Freelander 2
Coupled with a diesel engine can go six-speed manual gearbox or six-speed automatic, with a gasoline engine - only automatic transmission. Operational experience has shown that the mechanical transmission is very reliable, as a result, calls to the service to eliminate any malfunctions - are sporadic. But the reliability of the automatic transmission is a criticism, so, in particular, the gear changes occur with jerks and jerks. According to statistics, every second box requires a serious investment after 150000 km of run. To somehow calm the resentment of the owners in 2008, a service company was launched, under the terms of which, on vehicles serviced by the company's service station, the box with a mileage of more than 100,000 km was changed even without any signs of malfunctions. The promotion ended in July 2010.
The all-wheel drive system is implemented using a "Haldex". This system is very reliable, the only thing that causes trouble is the electronic control unit of the coupling. This is due to its unfortunate location (on the bottom of the machine), as a result, it gets all the dirt and reagents. This unit is quite expensive - 600-700 USD, and its resource is only 60-80 thousand km. The interior decoration, in comparison with older brothers, is modest, but the materials are of good quality and retain their original appearance for a long time. On cars with a run of 100,000 km or more, the interior looks almost like a new one. The only thing that can give a run is the cracked sides of the front seats, it happens after 150-200 thousand km. Like most modern crossovers, Land Rover Freelander has a large number of electronic systems: the adjustment of driver's and passenger seats, the system of choice of all-wheel drive modes, electronic parking brake, etc. But unlike competitors, Freelander has no problems with electronics. The power windows are equipped with a learning system, and if you remove the terminal from the battery, the settings go off. To reconfigure the system, hold down the button, lower the glass and hold the button for 5-10 seconds, then make 3-4 long presses on the down button. Further, hold the button up, raise the glass, after the glass rises, hold the button for 5-10 seconds, then make 3-4 long presses on the up button.
Land Rover Freelander 2
Chassis Land Rover Freelander 2 has a decent level of comfort and is paired with electronic systems is the pride of the company "Land Rover". Front and rear mounted McPherson type suspension with powerful longitudinal and transverse forged arms. The levers are fixed on a powerful subframe to enhance the rigidity of the structure, and to get rid of unwanted vibrations. In the front suspension is used the strengthened stabilizer of lateral stability, which improves controllability on the track. If you first see the car from below, it may seem that this is not a crossover, but a full-fledged SUV, so everything is done thoroughly. Due to the strengthened construction of the running Land Rover Freelander has no weak points in the suspension. Even if it is to storm off-road, the running elements run very long: the bushings and stabilizer struts run at least 50,000 km, the lower rear levers must be changed every 60-80 thousand km, the shock absorbers and the supporting bearings serve 100,000 km and more (from 80 cu, pcs). Closer to 150000 km, it will be necessary to change the CV joints, ball bearings, silentblocks and wheel bearings. The steering rack is not a problematic place, but if it still starts to tap, it will have to be replaced with an internal steering tip, the replacement cost is 800-1000 cu. After 150000 km bearings of the reducer begin to buzz, repair costs 200-350 USD.Land Rover Freelander 2 - A quality, comfortable and reliable car. And, if you need a compact crossover with good roadability without extra ponts, then this car will not disappoint you.
  • Passage.
  • A pre-heater "Webasto".
  • Convenient landing.
  • A small fuel consumption of diesel engines.
  • Wear resistance of interior materials.

  • A small resource of automatic transmission.
  • Inconveniently located buttons for locking doors and sound signal.
  • High maintenance cost.
  • It's difficult to sell.

After our review, you know about the problems with Land Rover Freelander 2
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