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Japanese who is able to wipe the nose of Europeans: Lexus IS's shortcomings with the run
Lexus IS (Lexus Is) - premium sports car business class, which was designed for the European market. This model is one of the most compact among premium sedans. Due to this, IS is in great demand among young motorists and women. In addition to its attractive appearance and rich equipment, the Lexus IS also has good driving characteristics. Unfortunately, the purchase of this car is new, there will be many people out of pocket, but, on the secondary market, you can find quite an interesting copy at an affordable price. After reading this article you will learn about the main ailments of this car and what should be noted when choosing a Lexus IS with a run.

 A bit of history:The Lexus brand is a premium version of the Japanese automaker Toyota. The first Lexus IS appeared on the European market in 1999, but it's not a novelty to call it a novelty, since earlier (in 1998) the same model was produced in Japan under the name Toyota Altezza. In 2001, the first year IS debuted in the North American market. A little later in the series appeared the SportCross and all-wheel drive modification. The debut of the second generation Lexus IS (XE2) was held in 2005 at the Geneva Motor Show. Unlike the previous generation, the novelty did not have a twin under the Toyota brand, as the Lexus started to sell in the Japanese market. The production of the new model was organized at the plant in Miyata Prefecture and then in the city of Tahara, which is located in the central part of Aichi Prefecture. Compared to its predecessor, the novelty has grown considerably, the length of the car has increased by 170 mm (4570 mm), width - by 80 mm (1800mm), thus, the wheelbase has increased by 60 mm (2730mm). When developing the car, the manufacturer, in general, focused on the young audience, thanks to this the car has an expressive dynamic silhouette and is stuffed with all sorts of electronics. In 2007, a charged version of the Lexus ISF was presented with a powerful 5-liter V8 engine (420 hp). In 2009, the Lexus IS was restyled as a result of which the front and rear optics, the grille, and new alloy wheels appeared. In the same year was presented IS in the body of the convertible, and in 2010 - all-wheel drive version of the car. Production of the car was completed in 2013, for all time 565 thousand cars were produced. The third generation of Lexus IS was unveiled in 2013 at an auto show in Detroit. In the same year, it became the best car of its class in the Euro NCAP version.

Lexus ISDisadvantages and weaknesses of the second generation (XE2) Lexus IS with a runLike most modern cars, Lexus IS (XE2) has a weak paintwork, as a result of chips and scratches appear even from a slight mechanical impact. As for the corrosion resistance of the body, then on the body parts corrosion marks a rarity, but, here, the bottom of the machine after 5-7 years of operation begins to be covered with rust. Many owners solve this problem by additional treatment of the bottom with anticorrosion. Not famous for its stamina and windshield (quickly appear chips and cracks), especially cars that are often exploited outside the city. When inspecting, check glass marking, most likely you will have an excuse for bargaining. Also, there are claims to the quality of plastic protection of optics - it quickly becomes turbid. Do not leave the car often standing in the sun, because because of overheating, the seal on the sunroof is drying and tearing.EnginesLexus IS has in its arsenal not only petrol, but also diesel power units, depending on their volume, the car was assigned the index: petrol - 2.5 liters (204, 208 hp) IS 250, 3.5 liters (306, 318 hp .) IS 350 and 5.0 liters (410, 423 hp) IS F 500; diesel - 2.2 liters (150, 170 hp) IS 200d and IS 220d. Power units Lexus IS of the second generation have the technical glory of Toyota: gasoline engines are reliable enough and hardy, serious problems for this type of motors - a rarity. Of the main shortcomings that are characteristic of gasoline engines, you can note extraneous sounds when starting a cold engine (source - VVTi coupling). The reason for this ailment lies in the construction of the motor, namely, the discrepancy between the operation of the oil pump and the VVTi pulleys themselves at the time of engine start, for precisely this reason, in 50% of cases the problem can not be eliminated for a long time (replacement of the coupling eliminates the problem by 2-5 thousand km). If this problem occurs only when a non-heated power unit is started, then it does not have any negative consequences, but if the unpleasant sound does not disappear after warming up, replacement of the coupling is required. When untimely maintenance (oil change every 7 to 12 thousand km) prematurely leaves of standing gas distribution system VVTi (there is extraneous noise, which is accompanied by the appearance of errors), this ailment is dangerous in that in neglected cases it can lead to a fatal meeting of valves with pistons. Repair: replacement of a coupling, an intermediate gear of a crankshaft, a chain ГРМ, and also its гидронатяжителя and a calmer. Often (once in 70-90 thousand km) hassle and delivers the water-cooling pump (pump), the cost of the new pump ranges from 80 cu (art pump 16100-39436). Another sore of the cooling system is the frequent activation of the fan during the cold season. To solve the problem, it is sufficient to thoroughly clean the radiator honeycomb. For spare parts and work it is necessary to lay out about 600-800 cu. On the cars of the first years of production (before 2007), there are possible problems with injection pump (increased noise at idle). To eliminate the disease requires the replacement of the pump. On cars with a mileage of more than 200,000 km, a valve cover gasket is required. On some cars aged 8-12 years, an increased oil consumption of 600-800 ml per 1000 km is observed, on younger models the consumption is usually not more than 200-300 ml per 1000 km. On the motors of the GR series, produced before 2012, the problem often delivers the pulley of the generator overrunning clutch. Repair: Replacement pulley (item 27415-0W010). When inspecting the car, pay attention to the tensioner and poly V-belt pulleys (extraneous sounds). These motors do not like short city trips, therefore, it is recommended to drive at high speeds from time to time.
Lexus ISOn the secondary market there are two versions of a car with diesel engines - pre-style IS 220d and post-restyling IS 200d. Officially, cars with such motors were not delivered to us, but if you are still looking for such a car, it is better to give preference to the post-restyling version, since pre-styling engines are not very reliable and it is well known even from Toyota units. The most common problem of both units is the coking of the exhaust gas recirculation and exhaust manifold valve. When using poor-quality fuel, the performance of the catalyst deteriorates, also, fuel injectors can prematurely fail. In pre-styling motors, the main problem is the deformation of the walls of the cylinders, which entails the burning of the head gasket of the block. The ailment is accompanied by the loss of coolant and syzy smoke from the exhaust pipe. To fix the problem, you'll have to shell out about $ 1,000.TransmissionLexus IS was equipped with two types of gearboxes with 6-speed mechanics and 6 and 8-speed automatic devices, the latter was installed only on a charged version (IS F 500). Automatic transmission with timely maintenance (40-50 thousand km) and careful operation will not cause unnecessary trouble to 200-250 thousand km. When choosing a car with automatic transmission, one must be extremely cautious and carry out a complete diagnosis of the unit. The fact is that most of the owners of this model are young people who do not always serve the car in time, while mercilessly exploiting it. Repair of automatic transmission can manage in 1500-2000 cu.
The weakest point in the automatic transmission is the hydroblock, in due course, the production accumulates in the block body, as a result of which the solenoids wear out. An alarm bell about the incorrect operation of the hydraulic unit will be jerk-jerking when switching from 4th to 6th gear. Replacing hydraulic assemblies and solenoids does not always help to get rid of jerks, as in the automatic transmission, in addition to the hydroblock, there are many other parts that can also wear out and work incorrectly. It's a bagel, planetary, various sliding sleeves, friction clutches, etc. Sometimes you get rid of jerking when overclocking helps to rewrite the transmission control unit. Mechanics is found only on diesel copies. If we talk about its reliability, then, as a rule, there are no problems with it. In case of untimely maintenance of the gearbox, bearings fail prematurely. The clutch can serve up to 150,000 km. Most IS's are equipped with a rear-wheel drive, but there is in the arsenal of this version version and with a permanent all-wheel drive. This car, in addition to increased cross-country ability, has better stability on a slippery road. As for the reliability of this node, there were no frequently recurring problems.Drivetrain Lexus IS (XE2) with a runLexus IS (XE2) is equipped with an independent sports short-haul suspension: in front - McPherson, rear - mnogorychazhka. Despite the fact that the car has sports features, its suspension is quite energy-intensive and copes well with bumps on the road, providing a high level of comfort for the driver and passengers. The chassis is quite reliable, from weak points it is possible to single out only the struts and bushings of the stabilizer, yes, and those that serve for a relatively long time, up to 50,000 km. Also, have notoriety and anthers of the joints, which loses its elasticity after 40,000 km. If the anther is not replaced in time, you need to be prepared for premature replacement of the CV joint. Shock absorbers, with moderate loads, nursed 100-150 thousand km. Silent blocks of levers run up to 150,000 km. The front upper levers (changing in assembly with silent blocks) fail every 170-200 thousand km. Repair of the rear suspension with careful operation is required no more than once in 120-150 thousand km. The most expensive knot in the running Lexus IS (XE2) is the steering rack, unfortunately, this knot can not be tightened, therefore, when the first tapping occurs, it is necessary to prepare for its replacement or repair. The cost of the original part of many can shock (about 2000 USD), good, this site does not break often. The brake system as a whole is reliable, but, on the pre-styling versions, corrosion appeared on the brakes, because of this the supports and their guides were wedged.SalonDespite the simple design, the Lexus IS salon is made of high-quality wear-resistant materials, thanks to this, even after 150000 km of run you are unlikely to find obvious signs of prolonged use of the car. The only place that can give the age and mileage of the car, is the handle of the gearbox (quickly rubbed off). Also, the age of the car can suggest jamming mechanisms glove boxes. Despite the abundance of electronic systems and various sensors, there are no any complaints about their performance.
Lexus IS.Salon_1 
Lexus IS.SalonLexus IS is a very successful car that boasts a high level of reliability even after 10 years of operation. Many mechanics are confident that the Lexus IS II - one of the most reliable machines, presented, to date, on the secondary market.
  • Modern design.
  • Rich equipment even in basic complete sets.
  • Slowly depreciates in the secondary market.

  • Weak paint and varnish coating.
  • High cost of original spare parts.
  • A small saloon and a trunk.

If you are the owner of this model of the car, please describe the problems that you had to face during the operation of the car, it is possible that your feedback will help readers of our site when choosing a car.
Yours faithfully, edition
After our review, you know about the problems with Lexus IS
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