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Overview of shortcomings Mazda SH-5 with a run
Mazda SH-5 - This is a mid-size crossover, which almost immediately after the start of sales has become quite popular among motorists. This fact, in turn, led to the fact that the car in the CIS was sold fairly well, and by the number of sales practically aligned with the leaders of the segment (Toyota Rav 4 and Honda CR-V). The truth is not without nuances and doubts, for example, new engines or not very successful interior in cars before restyling, but let's talk about everything in order. The CX-5 is considered a pioneer of the serial use of the technology "SKYACTIV", Which later became the common name of the filling of all future cars of the concern" Mazda "- a new platform, a gasoline engine"SKYACTIV G», Diesel«SKYACTIV D", Plus a new six-speed mechanics and automatic. Each of the power units boasts a high compression ratio of 14: 1, which makes the new crossover safe for the environment, retaining good dynamics and moderate fuel consumption. In 2014 an updated version of the Mazda SH-5 came off the assembly line, mostly restyling touched the appearance and design of the internal finishing. The radiator grille has become more expressive thanks to the chrome edging and the impressive jumper. Little changed and the filling of headlights, which began to use adaptive optics and LED running lights. The new interior became more functional and comfortable, the central console instead of the sporty look acquired strict right lines, and for the interior trim the manufacturer began using higher quality materials.
Mazda SH-5
Mazda SH-5 has a rather weak paint and varnish coating, on which chips and scratches quickly appear. At the same time, the body has good corrosion resistance, even in the fractured areas, rust does not appear for a long time. One of the biggest problems of the car is its high stolen property, unfortunately, such cars are stolen very often, so before you buy, show the car to an expert in MREO, and then install a high-quality security system. The CX-5 is equipped with gasoline engines of 2.0 (150hp), 2.5 (192 hp) and diesel engine 2.2 (175 hp). The most common engine 2.0 liters (150 hp), according to the mechanics, produces 165 horsepower, this was done in order to reduce the transport tax. This engine has the highest compression ratio in the history of gasoline engines, due to this fuel consumption is "less than 15% in comparison with other motors of the company", and is 8-10 liters in the city depending on the driving style. Previously, Mazda already had two-liter gasoline units, but completely different (Fordov's "Duratec"). To ensure such high rates of compression, a number of technical changes were introduced, eg, lightweight piston rod group, direct injection of fuel, modified valve timing system on two shafts is applied. According to the owners at idle, these engines are a bit noisy, but after a slight warming up, the vibrations and noise are gone. The two-liter motor on the device is complex enough, and to its maintenance it is necessary to concern accordingly. Only with the use of high-quality fuel and lubricants, this power unit will work as a good Swiss watch. In regions where fuel quality has problems, and the previous owner saved on maintenance, expensive engine repairs may be needed after 150 thousand km. And if you know that your region does not have high-quality fuel, it will be necessary to do it more often than under the regulations. We did not have a lot of cars with a 2.5-liter engine and a 2.2 diesel engine on our market, so there is almost no feedback about their shortcomings. Most Mazda vehicles СХ-5 are equipped with a "i-stop", That is, if you stop at the traffic light, the engine muffles, and when you press the gas pedal again, it starts up again. It was this system that caused many owners to complain about a weak battery. The fact is that when the engine stalls all the systems (air conditioner, radio tape recorder, stove) continue to work, and because of insufficient battery power, after the next operation of the system, the machine does not start, fortunately this option can be disabled.

The maintenance of the petrol engine should be carried out not less often than once in 15000 km, diesel - every 10,000 km of run.        
Mazda SH-5 was equipped with new, at that time, six-speed mechanics and automatic transmission. To the mechanical box there are no complaints, the automatic transmission is also quite reliable, if you do not arrange for it permanent traffic lights race. The most common problem of automatic transmission is found on cars with the most powerful engine, because the car is quite dynamic, many owners like to lighten them, and in cases when you feel when driving on the Mazh-5 you feel that there are some jerks in the transmission when switching gear, then it is better to refuse such a car. But if the previous owner took care of the car, then the automatic transmission will faithfully serve more than 300,000 km. Most of the complaints from the owners are caused by an electrician, since the car is equipped with a large number of electrical equipment and sensors that have earned a reputation as not the most reliable ones. Of the equipment malfunctions, the most common are the rupture of the drive belts of the air conditioner and the generator. As for some user inconveniences, many scold the CX-5 restyling salon, because of non-quality materials, in time, the salon begins to sound like a rattle. Also, the weak seat of Mazda SH-5 is considered bad noise insulation.
Mazda SH-5
Suspension Mazda CX-5 is not the easiest as for the crossover, in front is installed McPherson, and behind the independent multi-lever. It was very important for Mazda engineers that the car corresponded to the long-established image of a well-controlled car that brings pleasure from driving. Despite the fact that the suspension has a rather complex design, it is impossible to say that it is unreliable under average load. The first investment in the suspension will be needed after 100,000 km. Unfortunately, such indicators of reliability can not boast of the steering rack and can start tapping already at 50,000 km of run, and if to conquer off-road - it can happen even earlier. If there are no knocking yet, but the steering wheel is tumbling, then in a short time, this node will have to invest not a small amount of money. The rest of the details of the running and braking system of good quality and live long enough, if not storm the dunes.
Mazda SH-5
Mazda SH-5 reliable and modern crossover, which is not much inferior to its more famous competitors. When buying this car with a run be sure to contact the experts at MREO, Since this model is very popular among car dealers.
  • Reliable power packs.
  • Sturdy and comfortable suspension.
  • Controllability
  • Attractive design.
  • High level of safety and comfort.
  • Not bad passing ability.

  • Unreliable electrical equipment.
  • Low battery power, (if you do not want to get into an embarrassing position, you need to replace the battery).
  • Weak paint and varnish coating.
  • Shumnovataya work engine until it warms up.
  • Weak noise insulation.
  • Poor quality of finishing materials in cars before restyling.
If you are or have owned this car brand, please share your experience, indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the car. Perhaps, it is your feedback that will help others to correctly choose a used car.
After our review, you know about the problems with Mazda SH-5
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