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When you are almost a rich man: the faults of Mercedes GL with mileage
It is difficult to argue with the fact that the Germans dictate the terms of the game in the automotive market, but not in the case of Mercedes GL. In the mid-2000s, the fashion for crossovers was in full swing, and almost every brand had a car of this segment. At the same time, on the top of the iceberg was the most chic and most passable Range Rover, which, moreover, was the most expensive. Given the increased popularity and demand for crossovers, the company Mercedes just could not stay away. Moreover, the main competitor Range Rover Vogue was not the best reputation for its reliability. Given this fact, Mercedes The market offered its big crossover called "GL", But that's what happened now and try to find out.

A bit of history:
Mercedes GL (factory index X164) - full-size crossover, which was released from 2006 to 2012. Mercedes GL has impressive dimensions - length 5088 mm, width, 1930 mm, height 1840 mm, weight 2390 kg and a huge seven-seater saloon with three rows of seats. Debut Mercedes GL took place at the auto show in Detroit, in 2006. The review of the public was presented to a car with a diesel engine "BlueTEC"With an injection system to reduce emissions. The first and only update of Mercedes GL took place in 2009. During the restyling were changed: bumper, LED lights and grille. In the cabin were changed: the dashboard, multifunction steering wheel, the driver's and front passenger's seats began to install active headrests. In 2011, Mercedes introduced the most luxurious modification of the crossover, which received an appendant to the title "Grand Edition". Its distinctive features are a new front bumper with diode daytime running lights and an enlarged radiator grille with three chrome beams, and the exhaust system has new exhaust ports.

Mercedes GL
Paint coating of medium quality, as a result, machines aged 5-6 years have a large number of chips. Body iron, fortunately, has a good anti-corrosion coating, due to this, in places of chips the metal long resists the onslaught of red disease. What can not be said about the chrome-plated elements, which under the influence of the environment grow turbid and begin to cloud. With age, the optics of the head light and the reflector grow turbid, lose their effectiveness (the new headlight will cost 300-400 USD). Also, there are complaints and failures of the parktronic system. Mercedes GL is equipped with the following power units: petrol 4.7 (340 hp), 5.5 (388 hp) and diesel 3.0 (224 and 265 hp), 4.0 (306 hp). The most popular engines were 5.5 and 4.7; as the experience of exploitation has shown, the problems of these motors appear quite early. So, in particular, the owners often call the reliability of the gas distribution mechanism. The timing chain starts to rattle very early, and the "Check Engine", Then the motor starts to work unevenly. For troubleshooting, the chain, sprockets and balancing shaft must be replaced. And if the previous owner has already passed this procedure, this does not mean that you will not encounter this problem. Another sore is the leakage of oil from under the plastic head of the cylinder block. The most successful for acquisition in the secondary market is the Mercedes GL with a diesel engine. We can not say that buying a diesel car guarantees trouble-free operation, but it will be less necessary to contact the service, plus the cost of repairs will be cheaper. The main problem of diesel power units, operated in the CIS, is the need to replace the diesel particulate filter on a small run (up to 50,000 km). In the secondary market, cars of the first years of production are often sold already with a remote catalyst (as a rule, these are machines that were not serviced by the dealer). But, if there is a catalyst on the car, you need to be ready to change it every 50-60 thousand km (for replacement, on average, ask 1300 USD). To date, a large number of cars at the age of 6-8 years have a real run of 200-300 thousand km, according to statistics, it is on this run that the turbine breaks down. Repair of the turbine is expensive (2000-3000 cu). Also, these cars start having problems with the fuel system (fuel pump repair and injectors are required). Be sure to check the integrity of the nozzles of the intercooler, as very often they appear microcracks and they start to fog.
Mercedes GL
Like most cars targeting the US market, the Mercedes GL never had a manual transmission. The automatic transmission installed has seven gears and is called "7G-Tronic". This transmission is not the most successful in the history of Mercedes, has serious enough problems - the hydraulic unit breaks down, the control board often fails. But even in this situation, buying a used car has its advantages, since most of these boxes have not survived to the present day, and the problematic parts have been replaced by modernized ones. But still, in order not to have problems with this node over time, give him special attention to diagnosis.
The interior of the car is made of high quality materials, you can not ignore the quality of the German assembly and the level of noise insulation. Thanks to these components, even after many years of operation, the salon looks like new, and staying in it leaves only positive impressions. Mercedes has always been a leader in the introduction of new electronic technologies and options in their cars, unfortunately, they are the reason for frequent visits to dealer centers. In order for electronics to bother as little as possible with its failures, it is necessary to reflash the control unit once a year.
Mercedes GL

When buying cars imported from the United States, be sure to check the availability of the all-wheel drive, as in the American market there are a lot of rear-wheel drive vehicles. Since they are much cheaper in procurement, bribes are bought by them, and here they are resold as a four-wheel drive.
With the smooth running and comfort of the Mercedes GL suspension, very few cars can be compared, but unfortunately for this comfort it is very expensive to pay. As experience of operation has shown, the main problems of the running Mercedes GL are connected with air suspension. In case the machine is used in a megapolis, the bottles are rarely nursed more than 60,000 km, the reason is the effect of reagents, which are sprinkled with winter roads (the cost of a new one is from 200 cu, pcs). Also, the owners call and reliability of the compressor (the new costs about 500 USD). As for pneumostocks, it is better to restore them, the fact is that the new racks are not only expensive (from 1000 to 1500 USD), but very often they have a factory marriage. The resource of the restored racks, on the average, 20-40 thousand in km (restoration will manage in 200 cu). Some informal services, in order to solve the problem of cost and repair interval, suggest replacing the air suspension with a conventional one. In the rest, the chassis is reliable enough and easily nurses 100-150 thousand km. Brake pads, on average, serve 50,000 km, disks - 100,000 km. If we talk about cars at the age of 6-10, then for repairs running will have to spread about 500 cu per year. The power steering, unfortunately, can not boast of its longevity, so you need to carefully check the condition and performance of the rail, as repair and replacement are quite expensive. As for the all-wheel drive, then with careful operation it does not cause any problems, the transfer case and differentials live very long.Mercedes GL not a simple car, before buying which special attention should be given to diagnostics. And if you get well-groomed and fully serviceable car, you should not relax, because even a minor breakdown will require a considerable amount to eliminate it. If we talk about driving characteristics, then this car was and remains one of the leaders among premium crossovers.
  • Bright design, which is relevant to this day.
  • Spacious and comfortable interior.
  • Powerful power packs.
  • Comfortable suspension.
  • A large number of options available.

  • Cost of maintenance and repair
  • Unreliable air suspension.
  • Electronics failures.

After our review, you know about the problems with Mercedes GL
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