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Expensive, but pristizhno: the disadvantages of Mercedes ML (W164) with a run
Mercedes ML (W164) - the second generation of the popular M-class SUV from the German automobile brand Mercedes-Benz. The three-beam star on the hood always aroused the special awe of most car enthusiasts, but not everyone can afford a new car of this class. At the moment, prices for used Mercedes ML in the 164 body have become more accessible, so that motorists for whom status and prestige play not an unimportant role, can realize their old dream. Buying a car at the age of 7-10 years, you need to realize that such an acquisition is fraught with additional costs. And, here, what they are, and what should I look for when choosing a Mercedes ML (W164) with a run on the secondary market, I'll discuss in this article.

A bit of history:
Work on the development of Mercedes ML (W164) began in 1999 and lasted for 6 years. Over the design of the car worked Steve Mattin under the strict guidance of Peter Pfeiffer for more than 2 years. The prototype was tested during 2003-2004 and was completed in early 2005. The Mercedes ML debut (W164) was held in 2005 at the International Auto Show in North America. In April of the same year serial production was established. The car was assembled in the US at the Chrysler plant, located in Tuscaloosa (Alabama).
The novelty was built on a common platform with the GL-class, thanks to which, it was possible to increase the dimensions of the body and wheelbase, in comparison with its predecessor (W163). In 2008, at a motor show in New York, the public was presented with a restyling version of the car. The main changes touched the front and rear bumpers, optics and grille (It was enlarged in size and equipped with chrome inserts along the edges). The changes also touched on the model range, albeit slightly: the diesel model ML 420 CDI was updated, the ML 280 CDI was renamed ML 300 CDI, ML 320 CDI in ML 350 CDI, and ML 420 CDI was named ML 450 CDI. In 2009, a new ML 450 Hybrid SUV was introduced at the auto show in New York. Production of the second generation M-class lasted 6 years and was completed in 2011, and replaced by a Mercedes-Benz W166 series car.

Mercedes ML (W164)
Advantages and disadvantages of Mercedes ML (W164) with mileageThe body of the Mercedes ML (W164) has practically no weak points - corrosion is not terrible to him, but only on the condition that the car did not recover after an accident. And, behold, the chrome elements do not tolerate the harsh realities of our winters and quickly grow turbid, after which they start to bloom. When inspecting the car, be sure to check the tailgate, on most instances it is warped (The screws holding the buttonhole are broken). Also, there may be problems with locks of doors (breakdown mechanism, failures in the software keyless access "Keyless Go"). If there is moisture in the trunk, the problem is most likely hidden in worn out lantern seals. If you do not pay attention to this for a long time, with time, problems with the block begin SAM, because its electronic board is in the right luggage compartment niche.EngineDepending on the volume of the engine Mercedes ML (W164) assigned the appropriate index: petrol - 3.5-ML350 (272 hp), 5.0-ML500 (308 hp), 5.5-ML550 (388 hp) 6, 2-ML 63 AMG (510 hp); Diesel - 3.0-ML280 CDI, ML320 CDI (190 and 224 hp) since 2009 ML300 CDI (190 and 204 hp) ML350 CDI (224 hp), 4.0-ML420 CDI (306 hp). Most often in the secondary market there is a petrol power unit with a volume of 3.5 liters. Operational experience has shown that the engine as a whole is reliable, but, some disadvantages in it yet, have been revealed. As a rule, problems begin after the first 100,000 run. The most common disadvantage is the wear of the metal-ceramic sprockets of the balancing shaft. In the presence of a breakdown, in most cases a "Check Engine". Also, a signal about the presence of a problem will be the "dithering" of the motor, vibration and metallic ringing when starting a cold engine. Another problem with the characteristic symptoms is the stretching of the timing chain, this occurs on a run of 100-150 thousand km. Replacing the chain and sprockets of the shaft is a laborious process (for performance of works it is necessary to remove the motor), because of what, the cost of work is quite high (1500-3000 cu). It is this fact that forces many owners to get rid of the car at the first alarming bells (Before buying, always perform a full engine diagnostics). When performing repairs it is advisable to immediately replace the chain stabilizer, the magnets of the camshaft adjustment mechanism and the oil pump in order not to pay twice for the removal and installation of the power unit. Often, the owners of cars with a 5.5 engine (388 hp) face the same problems, although in this case, to remove most of the shortcomings, it is not necessary to remove the engine, which significantly reduces the cost of repairs. Closer to the mileage of 150,000 km, many owners of Mercedes ML (W164) have to change the exhaust manifold due to problems with the vacuum drafts of the adjustable dampers (on copies after 2007 the issue has been fixed). The signal about the presence of problems will serve as walking turns at idle. All petrol engines suffer from oil leakage, most often leaks appear on the plastic plugs of the cylinder head. Also, on a car with a run of more than 100,000 km oil stains can be found at the junction of the filter housing and the oil cooler heat exchanger due to the leaky seal. Owners of pre-staling cars often faced such a problem as the "hanging" of plastic vortex dampers of the intake manifold, because of which it was necessary to change the collector entirely. When using low quality fuel, catalysts die prematurely. The problem is solved by replacing them with flame arresters. The most reliable engine proved to be 5.0, from its shortcomings can be noted only a large fuel consumption and a high transportation tax, otherwise, there are almost no complaints about it. The car uses 2 batteries, they are usually enough for about 5 years, to replace them will have to shell out almost 100 cu. for every. Once in 100,000 km, you have to change the retractor relay starter, for the replacement asking 40-70 USD.
Mercedes ML (W164)
On diesel engines for long trips, a decrease in the life of the turbine (in normal operation, the turbine nurses up to 300,000 km). The main reason for premature wear of the part is in the not the best position (installed in the place where the highest temperature). The cost of the turbine will surprise even the wealthy owners of ML (about 2000 cu). Also, to the common drawbacks of diesel engines, one can also refer to the rapid appearance of deposits on the exhaust manifold, which eventually begins to fall off and can "kill" the turbine. Essential costs may be required if the candles are not replaced promptly. The fact is that if the candles are burnt out, it is unlikely to be unscrewed naturally, and in order to replace them you will have to remove the engine head and drill out the burnt candle. If there are extraneous vibrations on the car, it is necessary to pay attention to the crankshaft pulley collar, began to fail. Also, because of the large weight of the power units, it is often necessary to change the engine supports. Diesel engines are equipped with the "Common Rail" system, which is a dignity and, at the same time, a disadvantage. To the merits can be attributed the economy of motors. The disadvantages are the sensitivity of the system to the quality of fuel. If, in your region there are no good refueling, you need to be prepared for the frequent expensive repair of injectors, fuel pump and EGR valve.
TransmissionMercedes ML (W164) is equipped with only an automatic transmission 7G-Tronic. The automatic transmission has a number of problems, most often bother with jerks when starting, accelerating and stopping. In most cases, you can solve this trouble by re-flashing the transmission control unit. Not to be renowned for its reliability and hydraulic valve assembly, its resource rarely exceeds 100,000 km. The main signal of the problem is jerking during overclocking. If in time does not contact the service, in a short time it will be necessary and replacement of the package of clutches. The replacement of the hydraulic unit costs 1500 cu, but you can save by purchasing a repair kit, in this case, the problem will be eliminated for 500 cu. To 150000 km of run on the majority of copies the oil pump "dies", if it is not replaced in time, the ECM electronic control unit will fail from high temperatures. All these defects, except for one leak of the cooling tubes of the "automatic", were eliminated after restyling. From the shortcomings of the all-wheel drive system, problems with the front-axle gearbox (100-150 thousand km) can be identified. The speedy demise of the gearbox will be signaled by vibrations and hum. To eliminate the damage you will have to pay 500-700 USD. Not much longer live and front propeller shaft. On the run 120-170 thousand km (depending on operating conditions) bearings begin to buzz. Often the soundtrack can come from the suspension bearing, which dealers, as a rule, change in conjunction with the cardan shaft, the bearing can be exchanged separately for non-specialists. With the active use of the all-wheel drive system to 100,000 km run, the transfer case chain stretches. The disease is accompanied by a crash and gnashing under loads. Distributing, as well as automatic transmission, with proper operation, do not cause serious problems to 200-250 thousand km of run.Features and disadvantages of Mercedes ML suspension (W164)Mercedes ML (W164) is presented on the market with two types of suspension - an independent spring and air suspension. If we talk about what kind of two types of running gear to give preference, then, by reliability, the usual suspension will be preferable, in comfort - pneumo. In the spring suspension, it is often necessary to change the stabilizer struts, approximately every 60-70 thousand km. After 50,000 km, the ball supports begin to creak, and after 20-30 thousand km they have to be changed. Once in 100-120 thousand km replacement is required: shock absorbers, hub bearings and silentblocks of levers (change with the levers). The rear suspension does not require intervention up to 150,000 km, except for shock absorbers (their resource rarely exceeds 130,000 km). Repair of air suspension will have to be done 80-100 thousand km. The cost of one original front airbag is about 1000 cu, the back is about 500 cu. If, in time do not change worn airbags, this will negatively affect the resource of the compressor, the replacement of which costs in 2000-3000 USD. To check the condition of the pneumatic, lift the machine to the maximum level and leave it in this position for half an hour (the machine does not have to drop by one millimeter.). Often, when driving on an uneven road from the suspension, foreign tapping sounds, check the attachment of the front pneumatic elements to the posts - the fasteners weaken over time and require a banal pull. The steering rack is generally reliable and able to serve up to 200,000 km without repair, but there were times when it began to flow on a run of 100-120 thousand km (eliminates the replacement of seals and seals). Weak places in the steering are: traction (they go up to 90-110 thousand km) and the shaft of the steering shaft. Also, there is a complaint about the reliability of the pump GUR, when replacing the pump is recommended to change and the tank, because it quickly clogs the filter mesh. The braking system is reliable, but, due to the considerable weight of the car, the brake pads wear out fairly quickly (30-35 thousand km).SalonThe quality of the finishing materials leaves an ambiguous impression. The plastic from which the central panel and other interior elements are made is of high quality and retains its original appearance for a long time. And, here, the seat trim does not correspond to the class of cars, the fact is that the seats are made of eco leather, which to 100,000 km cracked and begins to climb. As for the electricians, then, over the years, it begins to present unpleasant surprises, such as malfunctions in the work of climate-contrails ("Glitch" the servodrives of electronic dampers), a sound signal and a regular audio system (does not return a drive). Elimination of even minor problems in electronics - a pleasure not cheap.
Mercedes ML (W164)The Mercedes ML (W164) is generally a fairly reliable car, but the pieces released after 2009 are considered less problematic. Unfortunately, many problems are presented by air suspension, and the cost of individual parts and works exceeds all reasonable limits.
  • Comfortable suspension.
  • High-quality paint and varnish coating.
  • Four-wheel drive.

  • High cost of repair.
  • A small resource of air suspension.
  • Unreliable automatic transmission.

After our review, you know about the problems with Mercedes ML (W164)
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