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What to expect from the leader of the E-class: the flaws of the Mercedes W212 with a run
Mercedes E-Class at any age enjoys great popularity, which, as a rule, only grows with the years. And it happens for a simple reason, the fact is that a new Mercedes can not afford everyone, but a car under the age of 5-7 years loses significantly in price, which makes it a very attractive option in the secondary market. The predecessor of our hero (W211) received a lot of criticism in his address for a large number of failures and a small resource of major units. And here as things are with the reliability of the car in a newer body, and what to look for when buying, we'll try to figure out an example of a used Mercedes E-class in the body of W212.

A bit of history:
Mercedes W212 this is the fourth generation of cars E-class German brand. For the first time, the car was presented to the public at the Auto Show in Detroit in 2009, the same year the serial production of the model was launched. Appearance Mercedes W212 was worked out on the concept car, which debuted in 2008 at the motor show in Paris. In 2011, a minor modernization of the car was carried out, which was of a purely cosmetic nature. In 2013, a deep restyling was carried out, which gave the car more modern and sporty forms. Mercedes W212 is available in one of four body styles - sedan, station wagon, coupe and convertible, also, the market is presented with a version from the sports division "AMG" (E63 AMG, E63 AMG S). In 2016, the market started sales of the fifth generation Mercedes E-class in the body of W213.

Mercedes W212
The quality of the paint and anticorrosion coating is high. Due to this, such minor troubles as chips do not often bother the owners, also, there are no claims to body metal. Corrosion on the body of the car can appear only after a poor-quality restoration of the paint and varnish coating. But some body elements do not correspond to the image of the car. So, in particular, because of poor sealing, the headlights fog up very much, which often leads to the failure of the electronic headlamp control unit.Mercedes W212, depending on the type and volume of the engine, has the index E200, E220, E250, E350, E300, E350 and E500. The following powertrains are offered at the choice of the buyer: petrol - 1.8 (184 and 204 hp), 2.0 (156 hp), 3.5 (252, 306 hp), 4.7 (408 hp); diesel - 2.2 (136, 170 and 204 hp), 3.0 (231 and 265 hp). The main problems with the 1.8 engine are associated with a small resource of the timing chain (the car uses a long single-row chain that tends to stretch). The main sign of the need for an urgent replacement of the circuit will serve - the difficult start of the cold engine and diesel rumble at idle. Also, pay attention to the condition of the oil filter. The fact is that, often enough, there are streaks that lead to a significant decrease in the oil level in the engine. As with engine 1.8, engine 3.5 should constantly monitor the timing chainthe chain resource does not exceed 100,000 km) and the oil filter. Also, to the common drawbacks of this power unit can be attributed a small resource of gears of the balancing shaft and destruction of the dampers of the intake manifold. The difficulty of diagnosing this problem without special equipment is that when it appears on the instrument panel, the "ChekEngine", But many owners mistakenly think that the cause of the error in poor-quality fuel and, instead of turning to the service, continue to exploit the car. On the post-re-styling versions, the fragility of the chain tensioner is noted. On most cars, the problem of oil leakage is common, especially in the area of ​​the turbocharger. The 2.0 engine proved to be the most reliable among gasoline engines, but it also has disadvantages - changing the geometric parameters of the intake and exhaust manifold shafts. A signal about the presence of a problem will be the unstable operation of the engine. Not bad proved themselves and diesel engines, not only in terms of reliability, but also economy (the average fuel consumption is 6-7 liters per 100 km). The motor of the 2.2 first years of production is most often pestered by piezo-jets, and even a service action has been carried out on this occasion. Optimum variant among diesel engines is the motor of volume 3.0, it has practically no drawbacks, plus, it has a considerable resource (with proper service of more than 500,000 km). If the diesel W212 refueled with poor-quality diesel, then, soon, a replacement of the diesel particulate filter will be required, and this pleasure is not cheap. When buying a Mercedes W212 with a diesel engine you need to be very careful, as in Europe very often cars of this model are operated by taxi services.
Mercedes W212
For the Mercedes W212 there are four gearboxes available - a six-speed manual, a five-speed and seven-speed automatic transmission. After restyling in 2013, the car is equipped with a nine-speed automatic transmission. Most often bothers the owners of a frequent failure of the seven-speed automatic. This transmission is afraid of heavy loads and overheating, which occurs quite often, especially if the car is operated in a metropolis. To avoid possible problems with automatic transmissions, you must constantly monitor the condition of the radiators cooling transmission. Also, there are claims to the reliability of the electronic transmission control card (in most cases it burns out). If the board is burned, the transmission will automatically go into emergency operation mode. If there is a smell of plastic in the salon, pay attention to the condition of the coolant system branch pipe, which is located behind the intercooler. Other gearboxes do not have significant drawbacks and, with proper operation, will easily serve 200-250 thousand km.
Mercedes W212 is equipped with an independent suspension: front and rear suspension - multi-link (after restyling in front is installed suspension type McPherson). The system of adaptive shock absorbers was fitted to all serial cars, but the pneumatic system "AIRmatic"Was installed on the car optional. Regardless of the modification, all airbags are fitted with air bags. Mercedes W212 has a standard rear-wheel drive, also, on the market is available and all-wheel drive version of the car (4Matic). Most of the suspension parts are made of aluminum, which significantly increases the cost of its repair. The chassis W212 is famous for its excellent comfort and impeccable handling. If you talk about the reliability of the suspension, it does not like bad roads, but if you live in a region where the quality of the road surface is relatively good, then investing in repairing it will not be more than once every 80 -100 thousand km. Also, it should be noted the good quality of materials, of which airbags and their considerable resource are made. The main disadvantage of adaptive shock absorbers is that if at least one of them fails, the car can reach the service only with the help of an evacuator. Steering is quite reliable, so, for example, with careful operation, the steering rack will serve 200-250 thousand km, steering tips and thrusts can serve 100-120 thousand km. Brake pads are nursed 30-50 thousand km, the wheels will last twice as long. Traditionally for the German brand the quality of the finishing materials is at a high level, as a result, extraneous sounds do not bother owners even after 5-6 years of operation. If you are planning to purchase a car with a panoramic sunroof, be sure to check the condition of the guides. The fact is that in most cases they are clogged with dirt, which leads to incorrect work of electronics, also, in rainy weather through the hatch in the cabin can get water. If we talk about the reliability of electrical equipment, then there are a couple of unpleasant features. In rare cases, there is a malfunction in the operation of the central lock, the window regulators and the sound signal. Also, they can stop responding to pressing the button of the head unit, and the sensors of the parking sensors begin to play in silence at the most inopportune moment.
Mercedes W212
Mercedes W212 - a quality car that, in most cases, pleases its owners with its reliability and comfort. But, do not forget that it has many knots and mechanisms with a limited lifespan, for the replacement of which, in time, will have to pay a tidy sum, since maintenance and repair of the Mercedes W212 is quite expensive.
  • High-quality paint and varnish coating.
  • Build quality.
  • Large selection of power units.
  • Comfortable suspension.

  • A small resource of the timing chain.
  • High maintenance cost.
  • A small resource of automatic transmission.

After our review, you know about the problems with Mercedes W212
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