MMX Hill Climb APK
MMX hill climbMMX hill climb - unrestrained, dynamic and literally charged with adrenaline racing arcade dedicated to sprint races for short distances: the complexity of all the tracks is high - endless climbs and abrupt descents, springboards, some narrow trails at every turn, and you also need to outrun the opponent on android demonstrate! In addition to the complex landscape, forcing each time to drastically put pressure on the gas, trying to fly over an obstacle, then clamp the brake, hoping not to fly beyond the level or not roll over, the need to replenish the tank all the time with fuel scattered throughout the levels also interferes. If the "energy" ends, then no one will allow to move further even with a strong desire ...

Practice in MMX hill climb they offer even without introducing - no one will tell about the plot, or about the events taking place in the virtual world. Users without further ado will be downloaded directly at an unknown level, where along the way they will be taught all the basics of management, and the rules that come across. By the way, it’s extremely easy to figure out everything — the gas button on the right side of the screen and the brake on the left. Above - detailed statistics about the meters traveled, the remaining amount of fuel, points earned and awards won, special coins needed to upgrade or purchase a new vehicle..

Racing rides are carried out not by the rules of an endless arcade, forcing to care only about the distance traveled. Developers from Hutch Games specifically all divided into levels and tests of varying complexity, which, for example, allowed only on certain types of cars. And so you have to train a lot, collect coins and make improvements, and various purchases. The complexity, of course, in the course of the passage will necessarily increase, so time will not get bored!

The main feature of the project is the graphics of transcendental quality, comparable, it seems, only with console exclusives. Every car, all the scenery, weather effects - everything looks realistic and very nice! Even to observe the process is a real pleasure - the cars burn rubber after a sharp acceleration, leave traces on the asphalt, land with a roar, and then release clouds of smoke ...

Free arcade MMX hill climb for android will shut up any competitor's belt - be sure to try and share your opinion!

Version APK: 1.0.10470.10598
File Size: 71,47Mb
Developer: HUTCH GAMES
Android Version: 4.1 and above
Type of License: Free

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