MMX Hill Dash 2 APK
MMX Hill Dash 2"MMX Hill Dash 2"- a great racing game from the studio Hutch Games for Android OS. In the presented project you will drive powerful SUVs, compete with various rivals, other users.

Running the free game "MMX Hill Dash 2"by clicking on the appropriate button, you will instantly find yourself in the first location. You are offered to take part in a training (trial) race. Immediately it should be noted that it will not be possible to win, because the characteristics of the car are quite weak. Actions take place on a specially equipped track. consists of two roads that are covered with sand. Both lanes stretch parallel to each other. After the countdown, start moving forward. In parallel with you, the opponent will go. The road stretches only forward, there are no turns. However, on it and There are a large number of obstacles that significantly complicate the process of passing. There are special springboards, pits, slides, collapsing objects, bridges on the track. If you do not drive around neatly, then there is a big chance to crash. If this happens, the car will explode, you lose. The same fate awaits you if the car runs out of fuel. So do not forget to collect fuel canisters. Also, red medals are often found in the location, which are the main currency. With them, you can improve some characteristics of an SUV. Having accumulated a certain amount, you can purchase a new mobile vehicle. There are several modes, but they will open after several levels completed..

Management is very simple, because the developers have added only two pedals (gas and brake). The mechanics are ordinary, you will not have to get used to or adapt to it for a long time. The graphics are commendable. It is possible to note high-quality detailing, drawing. There are many beautiful visual effects. The gameplay is accompanied by different musical compositions. Install "MMX Hill Dash 2"for Android OS, win upcoming races.

Version APK: 2.01.10824
File Size: 78.1Mb
Developer: HUTCH GAMES
Android Version: 5.0 and higher
Type of License: Free

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