Monster Bike Motocross APK
Monster bike motocrossMonster bike motocross - fun, bright android race where you need maximum concentration to get to the finish line. This free game has excellent dynamics and drive, and thanks to a large selection of motorcycles, each user will be able to choose the equipment specifically for themselves. The levels differ from each other, not allowing gamers to learn them by heart. Two game worlds will provide a variety of gameplay.

The plot and essence of the game:
The main objective of the Android application is to quickly overcome the track. The difficulty lies in the need to properly control the vehicle so that it does not roll over and hit the obstacles. To do this, you need to balance it using special buttons. Also, for the implementation of various tricks, the user will receive additional cash rewards, so that the gamer will be able to afford new motorcycles.

Driving a vehicle android games is not difficult, since only a few buttons are involved. The user must click on the buttons on the right and left to control the speed of the character, as well as the angle of inclination during the flight. This will allow you to ideally enter the slopes, saving a lot of time. You can get a good reward by performing various tricks like flips..

Monster bike motocross - smart arcade, where a large number of the most diverse bikes are collected, each of which has different parameters and appearance. Several game worlds will allow to conquer the tracks on the ground and under it. The more active the gamer behaves on the road, the more points and cash he receives. Open a new technique, setting new records on the maps passed.

Graphics and sound:
High-quality visual design is achieved by a good study of the details of both vehicles and the surrounding world. Several game locations provide a complete variety of gameplay. Suitable music only enhances the excitement to pass the level faster, getting another achievement.

Game features:
Chic design
Dynamic gameplay
Nice interface
Convenient management
Many vehicles
Several worlds

Monster bike motocross - fascinating, dynamic android race, where the user must demonstrate the skills of masterly owning his vehicle, performing tricks and quickly overcoming the tracks.

Version APK: 3.44
File Size: 33.89Mb
Android Version: 4.0 and higher
Type of License: Free

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