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Motorcycle racing"Motorcycle racing"- a game in the genre of motorcycle racing, created by the Chinese studio Gameone and designed for mobile devices using the Android operating system. If you are a fan of the ride with a breeze on a cool sports bike, you just can not pass by the incredibly realistic and beautiful racing arcade called"Motorcycle racing"A distinctive feature of this project is the lack of competitive racing. We are offered to ride cool sports bikes on freeways with heavy traffic. The main essence of the game is earning coins, we will collect them and spend on improving the existing transport and buying new ones.

Initially, only a weak scooter will be available for users, where we can accumulate funds for the purchase of more powerful "iron horses". In general, the gameplay is built on the classical principle. The player rushes along a straight road with four lanes and tries not to crash into oncoming traffic. In addition to transport, the stopwatch serves as a limit, in order not to lose, you should have time to reach the control points, and then to the finish. After completing the race we will receive a reward in the form of gold coins. Their number varies depending on the success and speed of arrival. These funds are spent on improving or buying new bikes. By the way, only three indicators can be improved in the game: set speed, handling, and the bike’s ability to withstand collisions. If you get into an accident, you will start from the crash site, but you will lose valuable recovery time and speed. On a new motorcycle, you can earn much faster if you view the advertising content available in the application. Yes, without him darling has not done.

Regarding the visual design, the toy will please high-quality and very beautiful graphics. The gameplay is quite dynamic, because it will not be boring. Unfortunately, there is no musical accompaniment, only sound effects are heard in the background. Management is the simplest, implemented using a standard set of racing buttons. There is no Russian language, but there is no difficulty in understanding the interface. In the end, the game "Motorcycle racing"You can surely call an excellent racing arcade on the Android OS, which you can download from our web portal absolutely free.

Version APK: 2.2.3107
File Size: 39.85Mb
Developer: GAMEONE
Android Version: 2.3 and higher
Type of License: Free

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