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Mr. Blocky white house driverAndroid new "Mr. Blocky white house driver", from a little known company of developers from Yemen, represents a kind of driver simulator for the president of the United States of America. In this amusing project, gamers are invited to learn how to operate an armored limousine, both in normal calm and extreme conditions, in which only agility and the concentration of players will depend on the life of the president himself. By the way, since this toy is implemented using large pixel graphics, resembling the designer of "Lego" remotely, the requirements for dark settings of mobile devices are at it quite modest. That is, you can run this project on virtually any smartphone with Android operating system 4.0 or.

After installing and running the free game "Mr. Blocky white house driver", before the eyes of gamers, a menu appears, using which you can fine-tune the main parameters of the game, or go directly to the passage of numerous missions. Yes, alas, there is no plot in this novelty, instead there are only monotonous tasks, the purpose of which is to deliver the president with limousine from point "A” to point "B.” Naturally, in order to diversify the gameplay, various unusual situations will often be created in a toy (terrorist attack, excessive attention of the paparazzi, small road traffic accidents, and so on), with which it is necessary to understand the players will.

As for management, it is in this project from the company "Awesome Kids Games", implemented quite standardly for such projects. On the left there are cursors that are responsible for turns on the sides, on the right there is a gas pedal, a brake, plus a gearbox. Also on the display is a mini map, an icon with a camera that allows you to change the angle of display in the game, plus small switches that are responsible for the turn signals, beep, and stopaki. In the middle of the display, in its lower part, we found a place for a speedometer and a tachometer, which honestly have absolutely no effect on the passing of the game, so they can be completely ignored.

In short, if you like large-pixel projects, or unpretentious toys on driving in urban environments, then android novelty "Mr. Blocky white house driver", has every chance to interest you.

Version APK: 1.7
File Size: 69,24Mb
Android Version: 4.0 and higher
Type of License: Free

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