Need for Speed™ Most Wanted APK
Need for Speed ​​™ Most Wanted
Version: 1.3.69 What's new: - Added various improvements.
- Fixed current bugs
- Improved stability
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Most Wanted re-emerged car classification, from regular to super powerful tuned cars. Also in the game appeared function
"speedbreaker", which means time dilation. This unique feature will help you navigate in unexpected situations occurring at high speed..

Another function appeared in the game, in which the player can choose the brightest sight himself and in the repeat mode, look at it again..
For greater thrill, new types of competitions appeared in the game. In particular, betting, for example, needs to be rammed by as many police cars as possible in a short time. If the bet is lost, the player is deprived of the opportunity to drive..
Need for Speed ​​fans, no doubt, will appreciate the variety of cars. New car models are even smarter and faster than those in previous versions..

The plot of the video game is this: there are fifteen riders in the city, which the police are trying to catch. In turn, the police have a special list of especially wanted riders (in English. Most Wanted, from this and the name of the game). Get on this list is considered an honor among the racers of the city. The protagonist of the game comes to the city in search of rivals. Rushing through the city, he stumbles upon those street racers from the "prestigious list." From this point on, the competition between the racers begins, and you also need to remember the cunning police officers who are waiting, almost at every corner. The only salvation from the police is a closed road, where the police have not yet had time to set their traps..

Gameplay is different from previous versions. The police have new blocks: fencing spikes, a helicopter raising dust, in order to reduce visibility, blockade on wheels, fences of several jeeps.
The game has 7 levels, the higher the level, the more dangerous and difficult the chase becomes. With each level the rivals become stronger. If the city’s police are chasing you at level 1, you’ll have to hide from state police at level 5. Turbocharged Grand Cherokee Jeeps appear at level 7.

In addition to new cars in the version of Most Wanted, new types of races have appeared: radar, race for departure, drag, sprint, stopwatch.
To get the right to compete with riders from the "prestigious list" you need to win as much as possible bet. For winning races, received bonuses can be exchanged for a new car or improve an existing one..

For realistic graphics and perfectly matched music, the game can put a separate five points.

Version APK: 1.3.69
File Size: 21.09Mb
Developer: EA MOBILE
Android Version: 2.3 and higher
Type of License: Free

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