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The real inhabitant of a megacity: disadvantages Nissan Микра with mileage
?Nissan Mikra has its own unique style, which can not be confused with any other. The name of this car completely corresponds to its size, the design of this small car turned out amusing and is calculated, basically, on a female audience. The main advantage of this car is that it does not have a lot of electronic systems and complex solutions, due to this its cost is not great. And here's what to expect from this small and inexpensive car, and what to look for when buying a second-hand second-hand Nissan Mikra third generation, now and try to figure it out.

A bit of history:Nissan Mikra - a car with a rich history. The first generation of this car debuted in 1982, at first, the car was only available as a three-door hatchback, a five-door version appeared on the market in 1987. The debut of the second generation took place in 1992. This version almost from the start of sales enjoyed good demand and lasted on the conveyor 11 years, more than once became the best-selling car in its class (it sold more than 2.5 million cars). The third generation Nissan Miracle debuted in 2002 at the auto show in Paris. Compared with the previous generation, the current Micra has become shorter by 21 mm, but wider by 65 mm, also, the machine has grown by 100 mm, and the wheelbase has been increased by 70 mm. Thus, the reduction in the length of the car was not at the expense of the volume of the cabin, but due to the front and rear overhangs. The design of the car was developed by Japanese designers and engineers, but the interior was designed by European designers Nissan. At home, the car is sold under a different name - Nissan March. Despite its compact size, the car is quite capacious, plus, the car has good comfort and handling. In 2005, the market appeared a charged version of the Nissan Mikra "160SR"With a 1.6 liter engine (113 hp). Also, based on this version, a coupe convertible was created. During the stay on the market the car was updated several times, but the most significant restyling occurred in 2007 - the design has changed a little, equipment that previously was not available for this model was added. For the European market, the car is going to the UK. In 2010 At the international motor show in Geneva, the premiere took place the fourth generation Nissan Mikra.

Nissan Mikra
The body of the Nissan Mikra steadfastly endures our winters and copes with the onslaught of the red-eye disease without problems. The only thing that you can find fault with is the thickness of the metal, here it is thin enough and bends even with insignificant contact. Also, is not famous for durability and paintwork, as a result of chips and scratches on the body of the car - a common phenomenon. Before buying, be sure to check the condition of the exhaust system, the fact is that it does not have a good anti-corrosion protection and is quickly covered with rust. Officially in the CIS countries, the Nissan Mikra of the third generation was sold only with gasoline power units - 1.0 (65 hp), 1.2 (65, 80 hp), 1.4 (80, 88 hp) and, mentioned earlier, 1.6 (113 hp). In the European market you can meet Mikru and with a 1.5-liter diesel engine. To buy a car with the most powerful engine you need to take it very seriously, since such a motor turns this little car into a sports car that does not buy for a quiet and accurate ride. Also, with caution, you need to treat the purchase of the Nissan Micra with a diesel engine. The fact is that this type of power unit has a very sensitive fuel system, and, as we know, the quality of diesel fuel is far from ideal. Because of this, the owners of such cars often face the failure of fuel injectors, Injection pump and valve EGR.All power units are reliable and equipped with a chain drive Timing, chain resource is large enough 200-250 thousand km. But the chain tensioner, most likely, will have to be replaced with a run of 100-150 thousand km., (replacement of the chain and tensioner will cost 200-300 USD.). The first signal about the need to replace the tensioner and the chain will be a metallic rattling when the engine starts cold. If you are not sure that you will be able to identify this fault yourself, ask the service to check the tension level of the circuit for each maintenance. Also, it is necessary to regularly check the thermal gaps of the valves, since they are mechanically regulated. To the disadvantages of gasoline engines can be attributed a small resource throttle block, (it is non-repairable and varies entirely), oil seepage and crankshaft position sensor failure. It is not cheap to replace the spark plugs, in order to replace them it is necessary to remove the exhaust manifold. The fuel filter is structurally made together with the fuel pump, and they can not be replaced individually. On instances with a high mileage, the engine is unstable, often the problem lies in clogged fuel injectors (need cleaning). If you started to "walk" the revolutions at idle, most likely, you need to replace the sensor idling. To date, these motors are no longer young, and many of them have more than 100,000 km of run, so most of them start to eat up oil. Fill the liquid for the glass washer very carefully, since there is a big risk to pour the generator, at best, the belt will whistle, at worst - the generator will close. Squeak may also appear from the impact of sand and dirt on the belt. Many mechanics mistakenly think that the belt is stretched out and pulling it up, which, as a result, leads to a skewing of the tensioning roller bracket.
Nissan Mikra is equipped with one of the types of gearbox - a five-speed mechanics or a four-speed automatic. Both transmissions are reliable enough and extremely rarely present unpleasant surprises to their owners. Investments in mechanics are required on average once in 120-150 thousand km, this is how much the clutch kit serves. Closer to 200,000 km, it may be necessary to replace the synchronizer of the third gear (be sure to turn it on during the trial drive) and oil seals. An exception can only be cars with a motor 1.6, in such a duet, the transmission resource depends on the manner of driving. Automatic transmission, with timely maintenance (oil change once in 60,000 km) and careful operation, will serve 200-250 thousand km.
Nissan Mikra
Suspension Nissan Mikra has a fairly simple design, the front is installed MacPherson strut, rear - the beam. If the car is used in the normal city mode, interference in the running is not often required. One of the advantages of this suspension is that most of the spare parts come from Renault Clio, which are slightly cheaper than on the Mikro. If we talk about the reliability of the suspension, then, most often, require the replacement of the column and the stabilizer bushing, on average, every 50-70 thousand km. The shock absorbers and bearing bearings last for over 80-100 thousand km. Approximately the same number, 90-110 thousand km, will be supported by the front levers. The remaining suspension components, with careful operation, are nursed 100-150 thousand km. The rear suspension can do without repair more than 150,000 km, the only thing that should be paid attention to is the condition of rubber bushes, anthers and silentblocks of the beam. One of the weaknesses of the steering mechanism is the electric power steering. The fact is that the amplifier has a small resource and only changes in collection with the steering column, and this is not a cheap pleasure (about 500 cu, for the b.u ask from 200 cu.). Brake pads are sufficient, on average, 30-40 thousand km, disks - for 70,000 km. To prolong the service lines of discs, many mechanics recommend replacing the calipers when replacing shoes. Despite the simplicity of the interior of the Nissan Mikra, fine quality materials are used here, and even on cars older than 10 years, unusual noise and squeaks are infrequent. In general, the source of noise in the cabin is the backlash of the front doors (this deficiency is not treated). The only remark on the quality of the finishing materials concerns the braiding of the steering wheel, it wears out very quickly. Often the owners complain about the fragility of the windows, the ignition switch (the key jams in the "start" position) and trunk doors. In addition, on many instances there are disruptions in the operation of the airbag control system, and moisture appears in the connector of the tail light contacts.
Nissan Mikra

Nissan Mikra, to date, one of the best and affordable options on the secondary market among cars for city trips.
  • Maneuverability.
  • Spacious salon.
  • Hardy suspension.
  • Ease of maintenance.

  • High fuel consumption (9-11 liters in the city).
  • A small ground clearance.
  • Strongly mist over the windows in the cabin.

After our review, you know about the problems with Nissan Mikra
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