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Review of second-hand Nissan Nissan 2006-2012 car.
In the car Nissan Nout creators managed to successfully combine different styles, as a result the machine became popular among young family motorists who still want to lighten up on the road. The history of the creation of this car is very unusual, one of the engineers of the company Nissan while he was expecting replenishment in the family, came the idea to create a small and at the same time capacious car, which is convenient for traveling with children and at the same time to enjoy driving pleasure. But what happened eventually, and whether to consider the option of buying a used car of this brand, let's figure it out.
Nissan Nout
Nissan Naut is built on a B-class platform, it also produces Nissan Mikra and Renault Clio 3. Despite the fact that Nissan is a Japanese brand, Naut has been developed and manufactured in the UK. The car is produced only in the body of the hatchback, but it is not typical and more like a small compact. Despite the compact size of the car is quite capacious and has not a bad level of passive safety, it has four stars according to the results of the crash test Euro NCAP. As experience has shown, the body does not have any problems with corrosion resistance. When buying a Nissan Nout with a mileage worth paying attention to windshield wipers, they often quite sway the axle and this reduces their performance.
Nissan Nout
In the CIS, cars were supplied only with gasoline engines, diesel versions were offered for the western market and are extremely rare. The most common engine Nissan Nout has a volume of 1.6 liters, a little less often there is a smaller engine of 1.4 liters, the same power units were installed on the Nissan Micra. In the course of operation, serious problems with these engines have not been identified, but minor troubles still happen, so at a run of 50-80 thousand the gasket between the exhaust manifold and the exhaust pipe of the exhaust system burns out. It should be noted that it is not a cheap pleasure to service these motors. So for example in the ignition system candles with a platinum tip are used, in addition replacement of candles is laborious enough to get to the candles it is necessary to dismantle the intake manifold. It is not cheap to replace the fuel filter, as it is part of the fuel pump and is not sold separately. Also specialists of firm STO claim that Nissan Nout motors for which HBO are installed do not care for half of their resource (burnt valve seats and valves). On Nissan Nout installed one of two types of transmissions, mechanics or automatic transmissions. During operation, both transmissions proved to be sufficiently reliable, and do not cause any particular trouble. In order to ensure that the transmission has worked without problems, it is necessary to change the oil in time, according to the regulations it should be done every 60 thousand kilometers, it should be noted that in the automatic gearbox, the oil changes in place with the filter. Many Nissan Nissan owners often complain about too loud operation of a manual transmission, but dealers say that this is a constructive feature of this unit.
On the car installed a fairly simple suspension, in front of McPherson, and behind the multi-lever. As experience has shown, the front suspension can cause a lot of trouble. Most often it is necessary to change the bearings of the front pillars, they walk an average of 30-40 thousand km, and the owners also note that, together with the bearing, the column with the spring can turn. With a run of 50,000 km, the stabilizer struts wear out, the sideblocks of the front levers and the stabilizer hub are on average 60-70 thousand km for a little longer, the silencers of the front subframe run up to 80,000 km. In addition, experts note that the stabilizer itself during operation may move slightly to the left and clings to the Langeron creating a knock during the movement. Unlike the front suspension, the rear suspension is considered to be almost eternal, the backliners of the rear boom are more than 250,000 km long.  
Nissan Nout
The quality of the finishing materials is not of poor quality, although the plastic is hard, but in time very rarely crickets appear in it, and the sheathing is not characterized by poor wear resistance. Salon equipment, as a rule, works without problems, the only thing that can disturb this is the air conditioning system. Owners of Nissan Nout often complain that in the summer the air conditioner too much cools the interior, and in the winter the heater does not warm it up well enough, this malfunction can be eliminated at the company's service station. One of the advantages of Naut is considered to be adjustable rear seat, due to this you can increase the stock of legroom or the volume of the trunk.   
Nissan Nout
Nissan Nout fully justifies its image of a small but capacious car that can give a lot of positive emotions. Also, the car captivates with its original appearance and functionality. In general, the car was quite hardy, except for the front suspension, which during the operation will be a bit of a hassle.If you are or have owned this car brand, please share your experience, indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the car. Perhaps your feedback will help others choose choose used car.
After our review, you know about the problems with Nissan Nout
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