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On the "face" of the usual, comfortable inside: the disadvantages of Nissan Tiida with a run
Despite the unpretentious appearance and modest equipment, Nissan Tiida stable demand in the secondary market. Economic, flexible, unpretentious at home, and, moreover, with a moderate appetite - than not an ideal companion, if not for life, then for the next few years. Due to its large dimensions and multifunctionality, this car is popular with practical and family motorists, as it is perfect not only for everyday trips to work, but for traveling with the whole family. But, as things stand with reliability, and what surprises can the second-hand Nissan Tida bring to its new owner, now we will try to find out.

A bit of history:
The production of Nissan Tiida began in 2004, this model replaced the Nissan Almera Classic and was designed to fill a niche between "Nissan Nout"And"Cascais". Initially, the car was intended only for the domestic market of Japan, and only in 2007 this model was officially launched in the CIS. "Tiida" in the Japanese dialect means "sun" or "changeable tide". Before the car appeared on the CIS markets, it managed to gain popularity not only in Japan, but also in the USA (in the States, the car is sold under the name "Versa"). Tiida is built on the Nout platform, although it is much larger in dimensions, the car is produced in two bodies - a sedan and a hatchback. Thanks to the elongated base and the high roof, it was possible to create a salon that by volume is not inferior to competitors of the "D" segment. For example, Tyda salon is longer than the salon Opel Vectra and Volkswagen Passat B6. In 2010, restyling of the car was carried out, and in 2015 sales of the second generation of Nissan Tiida started.

Nissan Tiida
The paintwork of Nissan Tiida is rather weak, as a result, chips and scratches appear very quickly. Most often, the hood suffers from the chips, and, if not immediately eliminated, then, over time, around the chips, the paint begins to swell (60-70% of the cars are repainted). Not renowned for their reliability and chrome body elements, under the influence of reagents, which abundantly sprinkled on our roads, chrome begins to grow dull, and then, swelling after a couple of years of operating the car. As for the corrosion resistance of the car, there are no serious problems with it. But, for the sake of justice, it must be said that in the area of ​​the chips the red-haired ones appear quickly enough, but, as a rule, they do not lead to any serious problems. On cars older than five years there are problems with locks of doors. Officially, Nissan Tiida was offered only with gasoline engines 1.6 (110 hp) and 1.8 (126 hp). Also, in the market you can find a car with a diesel engine 1.5 (109 hp), these cars were imported to us from Europe. Operational experience has shown that there are almost no problems with power units, as they are perfectly adapted to our operating conditions. Closer to 100,000 km, it may be necessary to replace the starter, a signal about the need for repair will be an unpleasant squeak from under the hood when trying to start the engine (often a problem is solved by replacing the relay lubricant). When the mileage is 120-150 thousand km, the generator pulley goes out of order. All engines are equipped with a chain-type timing gear, as a rule, up to 200,000 km of run this node does not require special attention. In order to replace the spark plugs, you have to remove the intake manifold. Therefore, it is recommended to install iridium candles, they, on average, are enough for 80,000 km, and this is for many 3-4 years of auto operation. The optimal option for buying is a car with a 1.6 engine, since it has the optimal dynamics and fuel consumption. If we compare it with 1.8, then the difference in acceleration from 0 to 100 is only half a second, while the fuel consumption on a more powerful motor is more by 1-1.5 liters. With proper maintenance of engines, they can work without overhauling 300-350 thousand km.
Nissan Tiida
Nissan Tiida can be equipped with a five-speed mechanics or a four-speed automatic device of the company "Jatko". Operational experience has shown, that both boxes are reliable enough. Problems with mechanics are extremely rare, grip is also not a weak point and can serve up to 150,000 km. Rarely, but there are problems with the clutch slave cylinder - it starts sucking in air. The weak point of the automatic transmission are the plastic tips of the gear selector, as a rule, they fail for 4-5 years of life of the car. The main sign of the breakdown will be: arbitrary shifting of the transmission from the "D" at "N", The"P". Also, the key may not be turned to the "Lock"If the selector is set to"P". In order to extend the transmission service lines, experts recommend changing oil at least once every 60-80 thousand km. The materials for interior decoration are of medium quality, therefore, extraneous squeaks and knocking are a matter of time, and the older the car becomes , the more there is a sucking sound. The finishing of the steering wheel loses its presentation quite early (after 3-4 years of operation). Problems with the electrical equipment of the cabin do not arise often, but they, nevertheless, are. The main ones can be distinguished: the failure of the microswitch of the button for activating the air conditioner, the whistle of the heater of the stove (it is solved by the lubrication of all rubbing parts of the motor), the failure of the resistor of the stove, the immobilizer may lose contact with the key for a while, the comfort unit may spontaneously include external light devices.
Nissan Tiida

Nissan Tiida is considered to be the weakest point of the car, and if you come to look at a used car, and nothing is knocking on it, there is an occasion to think about what the owner of this car wants to hide from you. To be afraid of unreliability of a suspension bracket it is not necessary, as its basic elements, on the average, serve about 80000 km, plus, repair of running, as a rule, does not cost dearly. The design of the suspension is quite simple - in front of McPherson, behind the cross beam is installed. The weakest place of suspension is traditionally the pillars and bushings of the stabilizer, their resource does not exceed 30,000 km. Some time in 70,000 km, replacement bearings and support cups will be required, approximately on the same run, replacement of the hub bearings is required (they change with the hub). Every 80-90 thousand km, the silencer blocks of the subframe come into disrepair. Often, servicemen say that silentblocks change only with a stretcher, but, in fact, they can be changed separately, and at the same time save a little. Silentblock levers, on average, serve 100,000 km and are assembled with the lever. The steering also has a number of drawbacks. So, in particular, the common problem is the wear of the splined connected steering shaft, a signal of the need for urgent repairs will serve as a crunch and a rattle in the steering column when turning the rudder. In general, dealers change this assembly assembly, but, many owners solve the problem - replacing the two crosses.Nissan Tiida - perhaps one of the most reliable cars segment "C"In the secondary market. Yes, it does not stand out for its exquisite design and does not attract the looks of passers-by with its appearance, but those who turn their attention to it will not remain disappointed.
  • Reliability of the main units and units.
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Low maintenance and repair costs

  • Poor quality of paintwork.
  • A small resource of suspension.
  • Salon starts to rattle with time

After our review, you know about the problems with Nissan Tiida
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