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Review of the second-generation Nissan X-Trail.
The second-generation Nissan X-Trail, unlike other SUVs, is more focused not on fast driving, but on confident traffic on rough terrain outside highway highways, this car is more intended for hunters and fishermen than for traveling in a metropolis. But, like most used cars, the Nissan X-Trail has its advantages and disadvantages, which they let us deal with.
Nissan X-Trail
The car is produced only in one modification, the five-door wagon. Practicality is added to the car protective plastic covers on wheel arches and thresholds. In general, the body does not resist the onslaught of the red-eye disease, but the weaknesses were revealed during the operation. Often during the movement you can hear a creak in the windshield area, these sounds produce an aerodynamic cover under the windshield (to eliminate the defect, the overlay must be seated on the sealant). Before buying, you need to carefully inspect the trunk lid, it is not uncommon for corrosion near the glass and chrome lining. In expensive versions, the roof rails have spotlights that are switched on together with the main beam and significantly improve the illumination at night. The bass carrier at the Nissan X-Trail has a double floor, underneath the main floor there is a niche and drawer, in which there is no problem with the brazier, fishing rods and other necessary things. The disadvantage of such a floor is that if you need a spare, you will have to disassemble this organizer for a long time.     
Nissan X-Trail
The line of engines of the Nissan X-Trail of the second generation has almost completely changed in comparison with the previous version. From the previous generation there was only a petrol engine in volume of 2.0 liters (144 hp), but also it was seriously modernized. As the experience of operation has shown, all types of engines have proved to be quite good, a large service drain has a timing chain, ignition coils and a gas distribution system. The only note to a 2-liter gasoline engine working in conjunction with a variator is that it does not have a small fuel consumption, in urban mode it reaches 15 liters per hundred, no less than the consumption of a 2.5-liter motor. A more economical diesel version is quite sensitive to fuel quality, and often has serious and not too noticeable breakages, such as a crack in the intercooler, and catalyst failure. Specialists do not recommend installing on HBO vehicles, since the Nissan X-Trail gasoline engines work very poorly on gas, and in order to adapt the motor for HBO, it is necessary to increase the thermal gaps of the valves and install other glasses. If this is not done, then after a small run, the valve seats and valves themselves burn out. Of the few problems that appear on all types of engines, it should be noted a couple of the most serious. At run of more than 100 000 km the gasket of the front cover of the engine can leak, the throttle valve is also frequently clogged, because of this the engine can work unsteadily at idle.
For the car it was offered three types of transmissions: mechanical, automatic transmission and variator. Most often in the secondary market there are cars with a variator. Operational experience has shown that all types of boxes work without any complaints, but if you over-ride too much, then the clutch can temporarily fail before, not only that it costs little money, but it still needs to be changed in pair with a two-mass flywheel. Most of all the criticism was received by a variator coupled with a gasoline engine, according to statistics, this node goes up to 150 thousand kilometers, if operated only in the city, so do not consider such a configuration if you plan to often go off-road. All Nissan X-Trail equipped with a proprietary all-drive 4x4 transmission, to save fuel is also provided mode 2WD. Suspension X-Trail second generation is similar to the predecessor in front installed McPherson, and behind the multi-lever. As the experience of operation has shown, the rear suspension can last for long enough 200-250 thousand kilometers. But the front will have to be repaired quite often, the weakest ones are the bearing bearings of the front pillars, fail with a run of 50,000 km, and the rear horns of the front levers begin to bother after 60,000 km. Not too long live and front brake pads, which need to be changed at 20-30 thousand, kilometers of run.
Nissan X-Trail
Nissan X-Trail is the best friend of the scout, of course this is not a full-fledged SUV, but if you compare it with competitors, it has the best cross-country ability. This car is suitable for lovers of picnics outside the city, summer residents, fishermen and other fans of outdoor activities.If you are or have owned this car brand, please share your experience, indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the car. Perhaps your feedback will help others choose choose used car.
After our review, you know about the problems with Nissan X-Trail
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