Obstacle Course Car Parking APK
Obstacle Course Car Parking"Obstacle Course Car Parking"- not quite a classic racing simulator for the Android operating system. This genre is very popular among owners of mobile devices. Therefore, Aidem Media Studio decided to create its own project, which will have its own distinctive feature. And they managed to do it.

The main task of the game "Obstacle Course Car Parking"- drive to the designated place, without crashing into other cars. Arriving at the desired point, you need to park the car. To make the gameplay more difficult, the developers have added a temporary limit. However, this is not the only complication that awaits the user in this simulator. All roads are very narrow, winding, and the traffic is quite busy. Therefore, driving without accidents will be difficult. If you come across an object, you lose. In this case, you have to start the passage level from the beginning. After a while you can open other game modes, but they are not much different from the main one. For passing the level of the user is charged gold coins. Their number depends on the speed of the task. The currency is needed to improve the existing car or buy new cars..

The main advantage of this application is excellent graphics with high-quality rendering of even the smallest elements. The mechanics are also made at a high level and almost 100% correspond to reality. Management is similar to other games of this genre (using a visual joystick and buttons). Despite several modes, the gameplay is not the most fascinating, but rather complicated. Sounds realistic and do not cause questions. Download a free racing simulator "Obstacle Course Car Parking"For android devices, expand your fleet, complete tasks.

Version APK: 1.0
File Size: 52,61Mb
Developer: AIDEM MEDIA
Android Version: 4.1 and above
Type of License: Free

Download Obstacle Course Car Parking (1.0) .APK Free

Obstacle Course Car Parking Download for Free APK File (52,61 Mb)

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