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Underestimated "German": the disadvantages of Opel Insignia with a run
Opel Insignia - a car for which the company "General Motors"Made a huge bet, as he had to replace, very popular at that time, Vektru. When Insignia only appeared on the market, she immediately made a splash with her bright revolutionary appearance. At that time it was a real breakthrough in the automotive industry, but it is worth noting that it is relevant to this day. In Europe, this model in the body of the "station wagon" was considered one of the most popular, and its sales beat all records. And here, how things are with the reliability of the second-hand Opel Insignia and what to look for before buying, I'll tell you in this article.

A bit of history:
Debut Opel Insignia was held in 2008 at an auto show in London, and, next year, launched official sales in the CIS. Initially, the car was offered only in the back of the sedan, a bit later the hatchback and the station wagon appeared. Also, the car also has an all-wheel drive version in which the torque to the rear axle is transmitted via an electromagnetic coupling "Haldex 4". Insignia turned out to be quite a massive car, therefore, the developers had to make a lot of effort to reduce the aerodynamic drag and noise level from the air flow when driving the car. In 2013, at the auto show in Frankfurt, the premiere of the restyling version of Opel Insignia took place. Externally the updated version is not much different from its predecessor, but the interior has undergone much more changes. Thus, in particular, a new audio system with a touch screen and sensor buttons for controlling the electrical equipment of the passenger compartment appeared on the center console, and the instrument panel was also changed.

Opel Insignia
Quality of metal and paintwork Opel Inningia good enough quality, and if the chips on the body and appear, then they do not get rusted long enough. The only place where corrosion can occur very quickly is where the hinges are fastened to the door. Of the disadvantages of body equipment can be identified: interruptions in the work of rear parking sensors and the fragility of the trunk lid. Also, mirrors are worthy of criticism, because in rainy weather and slush they are practically invisible. The Ingushetia can be equipped with the following power units: gasoline - atmospheric 1.6 (115 hp), 1.8 (140), turbo motors 1.4 ( 140 hp) 1.6 (180 hp), 2.0 (220 and 249); diesel - 2.0 (110, 130, 160 and 195 hp). Also there is a charged version 2.8 (325 hp), which is assigned the index "OPC", I want to note right away that it's better to refuse to buy a used car with such an engine. Engine 1.6 is perhaps one of the most reliable, simple and unpretentious powertrains in the line. This motor is used on almost all brands of the company "GM". The minus of this atmospheric is that it has too little power for such a large car, as a result, owners have to constantly "spin" the motor, which significantly reduces its resource. The advantages can be attributed inexpensive maintenance and repair. The 1.8 engine is also not bad, but it has an incurable sore - an incorrect thermostat work, because of which the engine very often overheats, and this, as is known, entails serious breakdowns and expensive repairs. The most common among turbocharged engines is 1.6. This power unit combines sufficient power, low fuel consumption and low transport tax. Also, this engine is considered one of the most reliable in the line. The most unreliable among the turbocharged engines is the 2.0 engine. To its common problems include: stretching the timing chain, frequent failure of the throttle and fuel pump, a small resource of the piston group. The turbine on all motors is very hardy, but if she needs a replacement, she'll have to shell out for 600-700 cu.Diesel engines are very popular in Europe, as they are very economical (average consumption in the city is 6.0-6.5, trance is 4-4.5 liters per hundred). But, in our realities this engine has a lot of negative reviews. And here the matter is rather not in the reliability of the power unit, but in the quality of diesel fuel, which is sold at our gas stations. The main problems of diesel engines - the EGR valve, the injector, the injection pump, the belt tensioner (rattles) breaks, the catalyst is also quickly clogged. On the most powerful motor are piezo-fogs and two turbines, here, as a rule, surprises are presented with injectors (they start to flow). But if you refuel only on the tested gas stations and in time to pass the maintenance (once in 7-8 thousand km), the diesel engine can serve 250-300 thousand km without expensive repairs. If the car suddenly lost power, pay attention to the nozzle valve compressor, most likely he slept and it must be installed in place.
Opel Insignia
Choosing a car from Europe must conduct a full diagnosis, as there these machines for 3-4 years pass through 200-250 thousand km, and we often sell them with a run of 80-120 thousand km.
Opel Insignia can be equipped with a six-speed mechanics and an automatic transmission with the same number of gears. The most problem-free is a mechanical gearbox, with proper operation and proper maintenance it can serve more than 300,000 km. The only thing that can disturb her is the grip - ego resource of 100-120 thousand km. But unfortunately there are complaints about the automatic transmission system. So, in particular, the owners cite frequent failures of electronics (flashing solves the problem, but not always for long) and a quick overheating of the box. Also, there are complaints about the reliability of individual transmission elements. Most often, the current oil seals of the semi-axles cause questions, and closer to 150,000 km may ask for the replacement of the hydroblock. The ACPP resource depends directly on the engine power and the more powerful the motor, the fewer transmission lines.
Opel Insignia is equipped with a fully independent suspension - in front of McPherson, behind - a multi-lever. In expensive trim levels, the car can be equipped with a suspension with electronic control "Flex Raid", Which is better to avoid in cars with high mileage. The usual suspension in Opel Insignia is very hardy and can leave without serious repair 100-150 thousand km. On many cars, for no particular reason, the Malfunction Indicator Abs, usually, The problem is not in the sensor itself, but in its wiring (crushing or rubbing). Most often, stabilizer strikes, on average, every 30-50 thousand km; every 80-100 thousand km, you have to change the stabilizer bushings, wheel bearings and ball bearings. Shock absorbers, silentblocks, levers, bearing bearings are able to serve up to 150,000 km. In contrast to the suspension, the steering in rare cases nurses more than 100,000 km without repair. Most often, replacement of the steering rack is required, also, leakage of the hose of the power steering is often enough. Brake pads change once in 40-50 thousand km, disks - 70-80 thousand km. The quality of the finishing materials does not cause any complaints, the only thing for which you can criticize the interior of this for a mild noise isolation. But with the reliability of electrical equipment, everything is not as good as we would like, especially on pre-styling versions. Of the most common problems can be identified: frequent malfunctions of the climate system and audio system, spontaneous actuation of windshield wipers, incorrect operation of window lifters and electronic parking brake.
Opel Insignia

Outcome:Opel Insignia - a fairly reliable and economical car, with a good "price-quality" ratio, which, unfortunately, is greatly underestimated by our motorists. But, like most cars, there are also problematic complete sets, so if you want to buy a car with a turbocharged engine 2.0, Automatic transmission and suspension Flex Ride, then do not scold the quality afterwards and do not say that every car eventually becomes Opel.
  • Modern design.
  • Spacious salon.
  • Large selection of power units.
  • Reliable suspension.

  • Failures in electronics.
  • Weak noise insulation.
  • Rigid suspension.
  • Small ground clearance (160 mm).

After our review, you know about the problems with Opel Insignia
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