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Inexpensive and reliable car; overview of Opel Zafira with a run
Opel Zafira second generation - a large and comfortable car at an affordable price, perhaps the best option for a large family. Especially if the budget for buying a car is not large, it is worth noting that Zafira is one of the most affordable minivans on the secondary market. About this car there are very few negative reviews, but still, there are shortcomings, but what they are, and what to look for before buying an Opel Zafira with a run, now we'll talk.

A bit of history:
For the first time, the Opel Zafira was shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show in the spring of 1997, but in the guise of a prototype, the real history of the minivan began in 1999. The technical properties of Opel Zafira resemble the Opel Astra, but nevertheless, there are some differences. For example, a reinforced rear suspension and a larger bumper with an air intake. In 2003, considering the emergence of a large number of competitors, the company's management made a decision about easy updating of the car, after which the appearance changed slightly, and the list of available options increased. In 2005, the new generation of Opel Zafira, built on a new platform, with a radically modified body design was introduced in Geneva. Thanks to the new platform, the length of the body was increased by 15 cm, width by 4 cm, and height by 1 cm. Also, Zafira's proprietary chip was improved - a fast transformation of the interior. The bulk of the machines sold in the secondary market are assembled in Poland or Russia.

Opel Zafira
As the operational experience has shown, the Opel Zafir coating is very soft, because of this, chipped and scratches appear quickly on the bodywork. After 5-6 years of operation, the paint begins to swell at the tailgate, wheel arches and rear doors. Despite this, the body parts are not covered with rust for a long time. The line of engines is presented both with petrol and diesel versions. The most widely used gasoline engines are 1.6 (105 and 115 hp), 1.8 (140 hp) and diesel 1.7 (110, 125 hp) and 1.9 (100, 120, 150 hp). There is also an unusual version of the 1.6 engine, which runs on natural gas, but to meet such a car is a great success. For those who like to "pozazhigat", there is a motor 2.2 (150 hp), a turbo engine 2.0 (200 hp) and a sports version OPC (240 hp). The drive of the timing belt for petrol and diesel motors is a belt, officially, the replacement interval is 150,000 km, but many owners recommend changing it at least once every 100,000, as very often the belt breaks off at a run of 110-130 thousand km. At gasoline atmospheres the widespread problem with automatic adjustment of phases of distribution. If the car has this defect, you will understand this right away: after starting cold motor, the sound of the gasoline engine will look more like an old diesel. If this problem does not heal, at the most inopportune moment the machine stalls and you can not start it. Often the system of mechanical synchronization of the intake camshaft fails, for the elimination of the problem in the service ask 20-50 cu. But if you ignore the work of the gasoline engine with the sound of diesel, in a short time you will need to replace the gears and camshaft seals. At run more than 80000 km there is a leak of oil from under the cylinder head and oil seals, it should be urgently eliminated, otherwise oil will fall on the timing belt, which as a result will lead to expensive repair of the power unit. Diesel engines are very reliable and economical, but if the previous owner used not high-quality fuel, be prepared to repair the fuel system. Replacement of injectors (400-500 cu), fuel pump (300-400 cu). On all machines, closer to 100000 km of run, the ignition module starts to fail, the signal about malfunction will be floating turns and unstable pull of the car. Also, this run requires the replacement of the coolant temperature sensor and the thermostat.  
Opel Zafira
Opel Zafira is equipped with a mechanical, automatic or robotic gearbox Easytronic (Isitronic). Up to 100,000 km to the mechanical transmission there are no censures, after - jerks appear when starting off, hum and vibration when switching gears and driving. This is due to the wear of the secondary shaft and roller bearing, repair costs about 350 USD. The clutch has a rather large resource and is capable of serving 120-140 thousand km, replacement will cost 400-500 cu. For many car enthusiasts, the Easytronic looks like an automatic transmission, but its reliability is very much inferior to the automatic transmission. Therefore, often not honest sellers who sell cars with a troubled robot, in the ad indicate that the car with automatic transmission, be extremely careful. If the car is used only for movement along the road, then the robotic transmission can also serve 150,000 km. But if the car is operated in a metropolis, then an expensive repair of the gearbox is required when the mileage is less than 100,000 km. The most common problem is the failure of the clutch, the repair will cost 700-900 USD, as much will have to give and for the replacement mechatronics.
Optimal option for the acquisition will be Opel Zafira with a conventional automatic transmission. As the experience of operation has shown, the breakdown of this transmission is extremely rare. On some machines, there is a lack of oil, in which case the gears can be badly switched, also, when switching, one can feel jerks. Usually after topping up, these problems pass by themselves. The Opel Zafira suspension is primitive enough, an independent McPherson suspension is installed in front, a semi-independent beam is behind it. If you drive carefully on this car and do not overload it, the first serious repair of the suspension will have to be done closer to 80 thousand kilometers. As in most modern cars, the suspension of the stabilizer is considered to be the weak point of the suspension, it is necessary to change them on average every 30-40 thousand km. Hub bearings, despite the high cost, rarely live up to 60,000 km, replacement will cost 120-180 cu. Support bearings serve 40-50 thousand km, front shock absorbers become unusable after 100,000 km, but only on condition that you do not overload the car. The cost of the original shock absorber is approximately 100-120 USD, for the same money you can buy a pair of not original. The remaining details of the front suspension are more than 100,000 km. The steering rods and tips have a resource of 100-120 thousand km. The rear suspension is considered not to be killed, the only thing that needs to be replaced is the rear beam dampers after 120,000 km of run (replacement on both sides will cost 40 cu). If the steering rack starts leaking, do not rush to go to the service and change it to a new one, for replacement, the dealer will have to shell out about $ 1000. Try to find in your city repair specialist of this unit, the repair will cost 100-200 USD.
Opel Zafira
Opel Zafira
- like people who are crowded in station wagons, sedans and hatchbacks, as well as those who like to travel a big company. If we talk about the reliability and cost of maintaining the car, then in these components the machine will only give positive emotions. The main thing is to find a live copy! Also, avoid buying a car with a robotic transmission.
  • Capacity (7 places).
  • Qualitative materials of interior trim.
  • Great engine life.
  • Reliable suspension

  • Weak paint and varnish coating.
  • Robotic transmission.
  • Not a very comfortable driver's seat.
  • Soundproofing.

After our review, you know about the problems with Opel Zafira
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