Park AR - Parking Game APK
Park AR - Parking Game
Version: 2.3 What's new: - Level 4 fixed
- Bugs fixed
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Games like "Park AR - Parking Game" where parking is the main task for gamers, there are hundreds in the Play Market, and maybe thousands. However, our today's new product undoubtedly bypassed them in two ways on two heads, not only in graphic terms, and with the help of virtual reality, but also thanks to its funny unusual gameplay.

Tell me, in what other game will you be allowed to change from one car to another while parking in the parking lot, removing all obstacles in front of your car, so to speak? Right not what! And now imagine that the entire three-dimensional world on the display of your smartphone, you can easily rotate with just one hand, turning the sheet with a pre-prepared pattern on your desk (for the game you need to print a screenshot with "Park AR", which can be found on this page). By the way, in this toy for the full passage of the plot you need to overcome 55 locations, and learn how to manage a lot of twelve types of cars.

As you can see this novelty seems to be another novelty on the topic of car parking, but if you take a closer look at it, you will certainly notice that it is the best of its genre..

Version APK: 2.3
File Size: 45.31Mb
Android Version: 2.2 and above
Type of License: Free

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