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The capricious Frenchman: the faults of the Peugeot 308 with a run
Peugeot 308 developed by the French concern PSA Peugeot Citroën and refers to cars of small class. Many motorists are wary of cars of the French brand and are afraid to take them into the second hands, since it is believed that after 100,000 km of run these cars begin to deliver to their owners a lot of trouble. But as things stand with the reliability of the second-hand Peugeot 308 in fact, now and try to find out.

A bit of history:

Peugeot 308 debuted on the world market in 2007, but, despite this, in CIS The car is officially sold only since 2008. Peugeot 308 is available in two body styles - five-door hatchback, station wagon and two-door coupe. This car became the third model of the concern PSA, which was built on a modular platform, designed in 2001 specifically for the requirements of the market segment "C". Compared with the predecessor (Peugeot 307) Peugeot 308 became a bit wider, which positively affected the interior volume. Also, the power structure of the body was slightly modified, due to this, its rigidity increased by 25%. In addition, the line of power units and transmissions was updated. There have also been changes in the cabin - the basic equipment and the quality of the finishing materials have improved.
The car is assembled in France, China, Argentina, Indonesia, and since 2010 and in Russia. In 2011, a restyling version of the model was presented at the Geneva auto show. Changes have touched the design of the front of the car, namely: grille, bumper, bonnet and optics, as well, the power of the main power units has been increased. At the same time, a hybrid version with a diesel engine appeared on the market e-HDi. The premiere of the second generation of the car took place in 2013.

Peugeot 308
Paint and metal bodywork is soft and not durable, as a result, chips, scratches and, even dents, appear almost immediately after the start of operation. Despite this, problems with the corrosion resistance of the Peugeot 308 are very rare. To facilitate the weight of the car, the manufacturer installs an aluminum hood and plastic wings. Both solutions are quite controversial, since they significantly increase the cost of not only the car, but also the recovery of the car after an accident. The Peugeot 308 is equipped with the following power units: gasoline 1.4 (98 hp), 1.6 (120 hp); Turbocharged 1.6 (140, 156, 175 and 200 hp); diesel 1.6 (90, 112 hp), 2.0 (140, 150 and 163 hp). If we talk about the reliability of power units, in general, we can say that they are not bad, but they require timely and quality service, especially turbocharged engines. Also turbomotors are demanding on the quality of fuel. If you do not follow the rules of operation and service intervals, expensive repairs will not take long to wait (30-60 thousand km.) First of all, the turbine and the chain tensioner fail Timing (with timely maintenance can serve 100-150 thousand km). Often, on the same run, the camshaft seats in the cylinder head can be loosened. It is very rare, but, nevertheless, at a run of less than 100,000 km, there is an open circuit Timing (to restore the power unit will require more than 2000 USD.). Of the deficiencies of the atmospheric engine, one can note the wear of the camshaft seats, this occurs on a run of 100-150 thousand km (repair costs in 1000-1500 USD.). If the engine has started to touch, most likely, replacement of the inlet or exhaust solenoid valve is required. Chain tensioner Timing is relatively small, on average, 70-90 thousand km, approximately on the same run, the chain can also stretch. The signal of the need for a replacement will be: metal ringing during engine start and diesel rumble at idle. Not known for its reliability: the cylinder head gasket (it has to be changed every 80-100 thousand km), the pump, thermostat and ignition coils can be asked for a replacement after 50,000 km of run. After 100,000 km, almost all power units start to eat up to 0.5 liters per 1000 km, at the same time, engine bearings need to be replaced. Peugeot diesel engines are famous for their reliability, but that's only in our reality with such motors there can be serious problems. The fact is that the fuel system of these power units is sensitive to the quality of fuel, And, if you fill the car with poor-quality diesel, the injectors, fuel pump, EGR valve and catalyst will quickly fail.. Also, when using low-quality lubricants and large intervals between THAT, prematurely breaks the turbine. The official service interval for servicing the engines is 20,000 km, but it is very much for operation in our conditions, therefore, if you want to prolong the life of the engines, serve them no less than once every 7-10 thousand km.
Peugeot 308
On Peugeot 308 five and six-speed mechanics are installed, five- and four-speed automatic transmissions and a six-stage robot (only installed on the hybrid version). The mechanics is the own development of the concern Peugeot-Citroen and is well known by other models of the company. The mechanical transmission is reliable enough and up to 150-200 thousand km extremely rarely requires any investment, the only thing that the owners have a gripe for is the unclear inclusion of the gears. The clutch service line directly depends on the motor power. So, for example, on an atmospheric engine, on average, the cohesion goes 130,000 km, while on the turbocharged it rarely exceeds 100,000 km. The four-speed automatic transmission is also well known for other models of the French brand, but, unlike the mechanics has a number of drawbacks.
Most often out of order are valves that distribute pressure in the transmission. The first sign of a malfunction will be the presence of jerks and jerks during the gearshift, and the instrument panel will display an error. The replacement of valves will cost $ 300-400, it is very important that the procedure does not have to be repeated, you need to rinse the hydraulic unit and replace the oil. Also, this box is prone to overheating even with low loads, and, if the box overheated 3-4 times, expensive repairs are inevitable. And, here, the six-speed automatic is more reliable and rarely bothers its owners. A lot is said about how unreliable the robotic transmissions are. Therefore, if you do not want to constantly invest in repairing the box, then from buying a car with a robot in the second hand is better to refuse.French cars have always been famous for a comfortable suspension and, Peugeot 308 in this component is no exception. The car is equipped with a semi-independent suspension: front - McPherson, Back - beam. The Peugeot 308 is renowned not only for comfort, but also for good endurance, despite this, the first knocking occurs early enough - for 20-30 thousand km of run, but, as a rule, this knocking does not entail any serious consequences. Knocking appears as a result of the formation of a small gap between the upper support of shock absorbers and the body. Traditionally for modern cars, the struts and bushings of the stabilizers fail very often, 20-40 thousand km. Unpleasantly surprising is the reliability of the rear shock absorbers, their resource rarely exceeds 80,000 km, while the front ones can serve 120000 km. And, here, support bearings should be replaced already on 60-80 thousand km. Silent blocks, wheel bearings and ball bearings run 80-100 thousand. km, CV joints up to 150000 km. In the braking system, the weak point is considered to be vacuum amplifier brakes, it can fail on the run about 50000 km. Front pads, on average, go around 30-40 thousand km, rear - up to 60000 km.In spite of the fact that good finishing materials were used for interior decoration, crickets appear after 50,000 km of mileage. As for noise insulation, it is at a high enough level, as for a golf class car. The disadvantages of the salon can be attributed: poor-quality assembly, uncomfortable landing and uncomfortable armrest. Of electrical equipment, most often bother with malfunctions in the operation of the central lock and air conditioner, as well as a small resource of door end switches.
Peugeot 308
Peugeot 308 a beautiful and modern car that is more suitable for buying a new one, and not in the second hands. The fact is that most problems arise because of the large service interval between the official THAT in the warranty period. As a result, on 50-60% cars on the secondary market, with a run of 80-100 thousand km, not in the best technical condition.
  • Design.
  • Good quality of finishing materials and noise insulation.
  • Comfortable and reliable running gear.

  • High cost of bodywork.
  • Inconvenient landing.
  • Quickly depreciates.

After our review, you know about the problems with Peugeot 308
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