POLICE vs ZOMBIES 3DAs it is not sad to say, but nowadays, almost every fifth game predicts a gloomy future for humanity, in which as a result of the Third World War, or some other cataclysm, the dead will rise from their dank graves, and start hunting for the living - By the way, our today's android novelty called "POLICE vs ZOMBIES 3D"Vivid confirmation of this.

The history of the game "POLICE vs ZOMBIES 3D", From the company" Foose Games ", tells us about the difficult everyday life miraculously surviving people who are fleeing from the influx of furious walking dead, were able to barricade themselves in small towns. All-nothing, but so-so people are arranged that they need something to eat, and for this, respectively, need time-to-time to leave their shelter, and go in search of provisions.

The solution to this problem was assumed by the police, who, having strengthened their own jeep, began to never ever ride it on the track. By the way, it is this jeep that gamers will have to control, just do not think that it will be easy. Want to know why? Yes, because all roads are teeming with the walking dead, and in order to get from the base to the nearest point with provisions, you will have to pass along the way dozens of similar creatures.

By the way, let's open a small secret, if the zombies are not knocked down, and drive along with him, he will probably jump onto the car and try to turn it over. Naturally, this alone will not turn, but if several people walk on the car at once, then they will be able to do it. Therefore, so that this does not happen, try to knock down similar hares on the counter concrete blocks, or any other obstacles.

Key features of this free project:
1. The graphics of the average level, with a minimum of scenery, and without frills;
2. Incredibly easy driving with cursors;
3. The lack of pumping personal transport (there is no development);
4. The presence of intrusive advertising inserts and banners;
5. Uniform gameplay with no clear objectives;
6. The complete absence of obsessive donat;
7. There is an online leaderboard..

Twist-no-twist, and the new android called "POLICE vs ZOMBIES 3D", From the company" Foose Games ", is nothing more than a mediocre automotive arcade, telling about the next zombie apocalypse, which occurred for some unknown reason.

Version APK: one
File Size: 33.28Mb
Developer: FOOSE GAMES
Android Version: 4.0 and higher
Type of License: Free

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