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Race team managerBefore turning to the main options of this new product, it is necessary to emphasize once again that it is primarily a financial manager, and only then a car simulator. That is, the lion's share of time you will spend on buying cars, tuning them (more than 12 large and small units for pumping technical characteristics), as well as building additional infrastructure and selecting qualified personnel..

Now that we have decided on your main concerns, let's go directly to the competition itself. So, in each race, mainly in text form, you will monitor the positions of your car, give instructions to the pilot how to behave on the track, and when to call at the pit stop. But from time to time, at the most crucial moments of arrival, a 3D perspective will be included, where you will need to make momentous decisions in a strictly allotted time (overtaking - you need to choose the right path to advance your opponent, defend your position - do not let the enemy slip past you, an accident - pave the way among the wreckage of broken cars, pit stop - replace the wheels).

In general, if you like speed races on winding tracks, and you adore financial simulators, then the game "Race Team Manager" will undoubtedly become one of your favorite entertainment.

Version APK: 2.2.2
File Size: 22.38Mb
Developer: BIG BIT LTD
Android Version: 3.0 and higher
Type of License: Free

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