Racing in Car 2 APK
Racing in car 2Mobile app Racing in car 2 - This is a racing project that is designed for devices operating on the Android operating system. It is worth noting that this product is publicly available, so all interested users can download it for free..

Racing in car 2 - This is a continuation of the popular racing simulator, the main feature of which is a third-person view, that is, in the driver's cabin. In this game you will find a huge number of races, hundreds of unimaginable highway and dozens of opponents, leaving on a busy highway. This application is perfect for both entertainment and educational purposes, since the game is quite realistic in the process of driving and car traffic.

The gameplay of the project is presented in the form of an endless journey on urban roads. The user must skillfully behave in different situations, as well as constantly overtake the vehicles ahead. For quick and safe overtaking you will receive a few gold coins. If you were able to crank up a similar trick several times in a row, then you will receive a double reward. With a sufficient number of earned money, the opportunity to purchase more expensive cars, among which are copies of such salons as: BMW, Mazda, Mercedes and many others.

The application interface is equipped with an intuitive menu. Due to the wide functionality of the program, the user can control the vehicles with the help of touch controls or control the actions of the car with an accelerometer. In terms of graphics, the project uses a powerful 3D engine that provides a realistic picture. Install the mobile app Racing in car 2 for OS android, to ride with the wind on the autobahns of various metropolitan areas.

Version APK: 1.0
File Size: 37.68Mb
Android Version: 2.3 and higher
Type of License: Free

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