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The smallest of the Land Rover family: disadvantages Range Rover Evok with run
Range Rover Evok - the most popular premium crossover among the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. This car was even awarded the title of "Women's World Car of the Year (World women's car)" in 2012. It is worth noting that this fact does not prevent this model from being popular among the male audience. Due to the fact that Evok has good geometric parameters and a universal interior, it is often considered as a family car. Range Rover Evok in everything is good, but that's only to buy it new, unfortunately, not everyone can afford, so many fans of the model are considering the option of buying a car "with hands." But is it worth considering this option at all, and what surprises can a second-hand Ewok present, now and try to find out.

A bit of history:
Concept car Range Rover Evok (then it was called "LRX") Was presented by the English company Land Rover in 2008 at the auto show in Detroit. And, only three years later, the debut of the novelty took place on the world market, and is currently sold in 150 countries around the world. The car was assembled at a factory in the city of Merseyside (Great Britain). The serial version was virtually identical to the concept, as both variants were created by the designer Gerry McGovern. The car is built on the base Land Rover Freelander and is presented in two versions - a three- and five-door crossover. Ewok is lighter and more compact than all its predecessors in the history of the Range Rover.
Compared with the three-door version, the five-door has another windshield, which is 30 mm higher, thereby increasing the available space for both the front and rear passengers. In 2013, the Geneva Motor Show was presented with an updated version of the car. The design of the updated crossover remained unchanged, only new versions of light-alloy wheel disks were added, as well as the styling of the emblem was changed. In the interior of the change touched only the color variety of the interior, otherwise, it's the same Evok. The main restyling chip was the nine-speed automatic transmission from the German company "ZF". The need for the introduction of this transmission is caused by the desire of manufacturers to reduce fuel consumption, carbon dioxide emissions, and also to make the speed switching more smooth.

Range Rover Evok with a run
The Range Rover Ewoch is equipped with such power units - petrol 2.0 (240 hp); diesel 2.0 (150, 180 hp) and 2.2 (160, 190 hp). As experience of operation has shown, all power units are reliable enough, but insignificant defects in them, nevertheless, have been revealed. So, in particular, owners of cars with diesel engines are cited for the leakage of the oil pan. In order to eliminate the drawback, it is necessary to dismantle the pallet and replace the sealed gasket. Also, even on a small run, it may be necessary to replace the crankshaft rear oil seal. On many instances, looking under the hood, you can find oil streaks in the intercooler, this feature is fraught with the fact that, in due course, there will be cracks in the place of the spoil and the intercooler will have to be replaced. Often, owners complain about the difficult start of the engine with the onset of cold weather. The culprits of this feature are glow plugs and their control unit. All diesel engines are equipped with belt drive timing, with a replacement interval of once in 130000 km mileage. Owners of Ewok with a gasoline engine after starting a cold engine can hear an unpleasant rumble in the area of ​​the right front wheel, which runs after 10-20 seconds. The fact is that gas regulators are installed on the intake and exhaust camshafts, and so this gas regulator falls off together with a part of the oil channel and because of what this unpleasant sound occurs. If, in your car, such a sound appears, prepare to replace the gas regulators, the chain, the tensioner and the chain stabilizer (for all it is necessary to give about 2000 US dollars.).
Range Rover Evok with a run
The Range Rover Ewok can be equipped with a mechanical or automatic transmission. Ewok with mechanics in the secondary market is extremely rare, perhaps that's why there are no claims to its reliability. The automatic transmission is also quite reliable, but the shortcomings in it, nevertheless, were revealed. So, many owners name that after a long traffic in a traffic jam the box starts to be pushed. Removing the problem is helped by flashing the main transmission control unit. In order to make this trouble happen as rarely as possible, it is necessary to change the oil in the box at least every 50,000 km. The all-wheel drive system is implemented using an electromagnetic coupling "Haldex", The peculiarity of this system is that the coupling, the rear gear and the angular transmission go in the same housing. This system, with proper operation and maintenance (replacement of lubricating materials and filters, every 60-80 thousand km) will serve 300,000 km or more without repair.
Quality of finishing materials and noise insulation, traditionally for the British brand, at a high level. But there are a couple of comments to the electronics, and, basically, they are related to the poor quality of the wiring. Most often, owners are faced with the hanging of the electronic parking brake and the malfunction of the diode inside the audio signal.
Range Rover Evok with a run
Range Rover Evok is equipped with an independent suspension - in front of McPherson, rear - mnogorychazhka, too, in expensive trim levels can be installed adaptive suspension. The chassis here has turned out to be incredibly tenacious, and if you choose a car with a conventional suspension and will use it only for movement in the city, then you will have to visit the service for running repair very rarely. If we talk about the resource of consumables, for example, the struts and bushings of the stabilizer live up to 80,000 km, with normal average loads. In the adaptive suspension after 50,000 km shock absorbers begin to knock, their replacement is not a cheap pleasure, about $ 800, pcs. In the usual suspension, shock absorbers last for 100-120 thousand km, approximately the same number of wheel bearings and ball bearings. But brake pads here wear out very quickly, on average, they are enough for 20,000 km, disks for 40-60 thousand km. Also, are not known for their reliability of contacts and wires of sensors Abs.Range Rover Evok - this is the rare case when buying a second-hand British, you can not be afraid of having to travel from service to service, since the car turned out to be very reliable. Choosing a second-hand Range Rover Ewok is not worth chasing the cheap cars of the first years of production, as they, most likely, already require some capital investment.
  • Attractive design
  • Good cross-country ability.
  • Quality materials of finishing.
  • Moderate fuel consumption.

  • High maintenance cost.
  • Bad reaction to the sudden depressing of the gas pedal.
  • Poor quality of the wiring contacts.
  • A small resource of shock absorbers adaptive suspension.

After our review, you know about the problems with Range Rover Evok with a run
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