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Range Rover Sport - a mid-size luxury SUV created by the British company Land Rover. Many motorists dream of a large prestigious SUV in many countries of the world, but, unfortunately, not everyone can afford such a new car. It is for this reason that many start searching for such a car in a second-hand condition, while not completely understanding how much further its content can go. Our hero today is one of the brightest representatives of such an "SUV dream". Today we will consider the most common disadvantages of the Range Rover Sport with mileage, and what should I look for when choosing this car in the secondary market.

A bit of history:The prototype Range Rover Sport was introduced in 2004 at the Detroit auto show. The serial model was published in 2005. Unlike the previous serial copies of the Land Rover range, the Range Rover Sport stands out with carefully designed aerodynamics of the body, while retaining many family features. The novelty received an original design for a low-mounted body, but differs by the large inclination of the windscreen, the tilted roof and the rear window flush with the body panels, and the traditional "chopped" sides of the bonnet were replaced by rounded lines. The car is built on the base Land Rover Discovery 3, At the same time, the body design is borrowed from Range Rover Vogue.In automobile circles there were rumors that the car was invented to spite the company "BMW"Which, in the days of owning the Land Rover brand, launched its own sports SUV, undermining the sale of the" green oval. " In 2009, the car underwent a small restyling, which slightly changed the appearance. And, here, the interior has undergone more significant changes (torpedo, dashboard multimedia system). Changes have touched and technical part - improved suspension settings. Also, all engines were replaced with new ones, thanks to this, the updated Range Sports Rover stands out with the greatest dynamics among all models of Land Rover ever created. Production of the first generation Range Rover Sport was discontinued in 2013. The second generation of the car was presented in March 2013 at the international auto show in New York.

Range Rover Sport
Features and disadvantages Range RoverPaint and body paint of good quality and does not cause any complaints even after 10-12 years of operation. The only place that requires special attention is the bottom of the car, over time, the protective coating slips from it and rust appears. Also, the VIN-number of the machine, which is located on the frame, is also subject to corrosion. Before buying, be sure to see the number well and clearly read, otherwise there may be problems when setting up the machine for registration.EnginesVery powerful power units were installed on the Range Sport Rover:
  • petrol - 4.2 Supercharged V8 (390 hp) (to 2009), 4.4 V8 HSE / SE (299 hp) (2005-2009), 5.0 V8 (375 hp) (since 2009) ), 5.0 V8 Supercharged (510 hp) (since 2009);
  • diesel - 2.7 V6 Twin-Turbo (190 hp) (to 2009), 3,0 V6 Twin-Turbo (245 hp) (from 2009), 3,6 V8 Bi-Turbo (272 ks .) (since 2007).
Most often, problems with engines are encountered on dorestaylingovykh copies. So, for example, owners of cars with a diesel engine 2.7 often encounter crash failure. The main cause is oil starvation or a dying oil pump. The fact is that the pump starts to deteriorate early enough, while its particles get into the motor. Crankshaft repair is a costly process, therefore, many owners buy a contract engine and try to quickly sell the car. Therefore, when choosing a car with such a motor, it is better to look for a copy on which this defect has already been eliminated. In a 3.0 engine, the valve or EGR cooler is often annoyed. An optimal option among diesel power units is a 3.6-liter engine. The given motor is reliable enough and at timely service it is capable to serve up to 500000 km without special censures. The peculiarity of this engine is that it has two turbines installed. Problems with them are extremely rare, but if something happens, the costs will be considerable (will have to change both turbines). Among the common drawbacks can be noted the wear of the exhaust manifold, as a result of which exhaust gases are leaking (malfunction manifests itself whistling during overclocking). The problem, it would seem, is harmless, but to eliminate it you will need to spend around $ 700 All engines are demanding for fuel quality and, if the car was refueled at unchecked gas stations, there may be problems with the fuel systeminjectors can not be restored). When using high-quality combustible materials, nozzles and a turbine are used up to 200,000 km. It is better to replace glow plugs in specialized services, since an inexperienced master will break off a couple of pieces almost certainly. To eliminate most of the problems with the engines will have to remove the body, and this procedure takes about 6 hours.
Range Rover Sport
GasolineGasoline engines are very reliable, but, because of the high fuel consumption and high transport tax are not very popular among motorists. Of the disadvantages of the engine 4.2 can be identified problems with the intake system (sucks in air). To eliminate the disease requires the replacement of an additional pump cooling the supercharger. At the power unit 4.4 malfunctions in work because of malfunction of couplings газораспределения are possible VVT. The same problem is faced by car owners and with more powerful engines. Also, to the widespread shortcomings of gasoline powertrains can be attributed premature wear timing drive (at a run of 100,000 km). When accessing the service, in most cases only the tensioner and the chain stabilizer are changed, but many experts recommend that, together with the tensioner, the chain be replaced, so that 50,000 km will not be recalled again.
TransmissionRange Sport Rover was equipped with two six-speed gearboxes - a mechanic and a production machine "ZF". After restyling, an eight-stage automatic machine appeared. Special attention is required for pre-stalying specimens with automatic transmission (first year), since they do not differ in survivability, in this occasion even a service company was conducted. In the rest, the transmission is reliable and, with careful operation, does not cause special troubles to 200-250 thousand km of run. About the speedy output of the automatic transmission will be prevented: the untimely switching of speeds, jerks, impacts and slipping at acceleration. Unlike other Land Rover models, the automatic transmission oil needs to be changed every 50000 km, while the filter needs to be changed. Important: the filter is integrated into the pallet and changes as an entire part (complete with a pallet). The mechanics are no less reliable and require only replacement of the clutch every 120-150 thousand km and oil every 60,000 km. The SUV is equipped with the all-wheel drive system "Terrain Response", This system allows you to choose one of several modes of the corresponding situation on the road. According to the feedback of the servicemen, this system is reliable and does not require any maintenance.Weak places and disadvantages of the suspension Range RoverRange Sport Rover Sport even in the basic configuration is equipped with adaptive air suspension of all wheels and active stabilizers. Due to this, it has excellent driving qualities that push to active driving, but there are also its disadvantages in it - the high cost of maintenance and repair. The weakest point of the running gear are the hydraulic front lower arms. Check their condition is very simple - you need to drive at idle and braked sharply, if you hear a knocking sound, then it's time to change the bushings. Replacement of the sleeve is laborious enough process with the use of special tools (after the replacement it is necessary to make a similar collapse). Because of the large weight of the car with an active manner of driving, the ball bearings quickly fail. Active stabilizers are able to hold 100-120 thousand km, for the replacement of each have to lay out more than 1000 cu. (only two), in order to save, you can try to restore them (300-500 cu). If the stabilizer is not replaced in time, it can significantly reduce the service life of the compressor. Also, special attention is required by the thrust of adjusting the camber-toe, over time, hinges are broken. Racks, in most cases, go no less than 150000 km (400-500 cu), pneumatic - 150-200 thousand km (250-350 cu).SalonAbout the quality of interior trim, comfort and so on can not even be mentioned - it's still Range Rover, even though Sport. One phrase can say that an adequate owner salon in the car of the last years of release (2010-2012) will look like a new one. As for electricians, this is "Achilles' heel"Of all Land Rovers. With age, the wiring and contacts begin to oxidize and rot, which results in a lot of permanent malfunctions and "glitches". Failure of any of the sensors can lead to a chain reaction, which often ends with the transition of half of the aggregates into emergency mode with the appearance of placer indicators on the instrument panel. To find out which sensor was out of order, it is necessary to drive the car into a specialized service.
Range Rover Sport. Salon
Regardless of the elderly age on the Range Rover Sport of the first generation and an acceptable price in the secondary market, the content of this SUV is still too much for many. As for the reliability of this model, then, even despite all sorts of problems, in general, it is difficult to call a car unreliable. In any case, before buying a seemingly unproblematic specimen, you need to conduct a full diagnosis.
  • Appearance.
  • Quality of assembly and finishing materials.
  • Comfortable suspension.

  • High cost of maintenance and repair.
  • Problems with electronics.
  • Most repairs can be done only on the official service.

After our review, you know about the problems with Range Rover Sport
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