Real Super Speed Racing APK
Real Super Speed ​​RacingReal Super Speed ​​Racing - exciting racing on android, providing an excellent opportunity to ride on the most clever sports car. Furious adrenaline rush, sports excitement, irresistible thirst for speed. All this and not only waiting for future players already at the first start of the game! The application from the developer Magnat Mobile can be downloaded for free on the Play Market.

A game Real Super Speed ​​Racing the first stage always starts the same way. For all players, this is a standard car, which has a clear resemblance to the well-known mini cooper and the default track. As in many races, the essence of the missions is that of all the cars that crossed the finish line, yours was the first. Winning rivals also take into account advances in speed. The faster you get to the finish line, the more points you get. Each time, the leading place gives 3 stars (in a total of 252). For a certain amount of accumulated points, it is possible to paint a car, buy new parts for it, or even buy a new car. For example, Mustang, Audi TT, Subaru wrx and others. The state of the machine must be periodically monitored. As in reality, it tends to break in the game. By the way, a separate fee is charged for repairs..

Graphics in Real Super Speed ​​Racing performed with high quality. Something like the first part of NFS. In the settings there are three levels of graphics that the game itself has little effect. Auto movement smooth. Physics is average. Cars correspond to real analogues, which can not but rejoice the true motorists. There is no music as such, there are typical sounds of cars driving at full speed. The application suffers from periodically pop-up advertising, you can get rid of it only with special software.

Game features:
1. Do not get rid of annoying ads
2. Not quite realistic physics
3. Large selection of cars
4. There is a paid content
5. Prizes for visiting
6. The game weighs little
7. Many tracks

When you play for a long time, the commentator’s speech in the background starts to bother you and you want to end the race more quickly. The application does not have its own chips. Sometimes there is a flaw in the project. This race will definitely appeal to lovers of speed and drive. The application maintains a constant craving for victory. The player always wants to quickly earn coins and pamper his car with something new. Hurry up download Real Super Speed ​​Racing on your Android and dilute your leisure time with interesting races and unexpected prizes.

Version APK: 1.0.0
File Size: 24.45Mb
Android Version: 2.3 and higher
Type of License: Free

Download Real Super Speed ​​Racing (1.0.0) .APK Free

Real Super Speed ​​Racing Download for Free APK File (24,45 Mb)

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